How to make a circular saw with your own hands

For the solution of various economic problems may require circular saw. Many craftsmen can easily make it yourself. A circular saw with your own hands can be made with basic metal skills. All work must be carried out with maximum accuracy and precision.

Factory Circular Saw

Factory circular saw is expensive. But you can make a circular yourself, having available: a grinder, an old electric motor and a circular saw.

For the manufacture of tools you need to prepare materials that may be needed. An important element of the future design is the engine, you can use second-hand. You will also need cuts of the profile pipe or steel corners and a table from which you can equip a workbench.

Circular saw on the basis of the grinder

If there is a Bulgarian on hand, then it is advisable to make a manual version of the device. To do this, it will be sufficient to additionally equip the design of the tool with an axial handle and a sliding stop. To create a sliding stop will need a small metal corner. On a piece of a corner, disks with teeth are mounted on both sides of the functional element. Circular disc and corners should be separated from each other at a short distance, 3-4 mm.

Barrel for circular saw

Barrel for circular saw.

The edges of the corners, located horizontally, must be rounded to prevent them from touching the parts that will be processed. For greater reliability, it is recommended that the corners be connected to each other with transverse fasteners.

The body of the grinder is placed in a yoke made of metal tape and located on the side with a screw tie down. It is necessary to attach the tin or galvanization folded in two strips to the screed. A hole should be provided in the metal strip for the fixing element of the sliding stop, which will be mounted behind the bolt.

Next, the threaded holes are made for small bolts in the tool gear housing. Previously, the places in which holes can be made are determined after disassembling the gearbox. The holes will be used to secure the axial hand grip. This is necessary to simplify the work of the device, since it will take enormous efforts to make even cuts using the side grip, which the Bulgarian is equipped with.

For the manufacture of the axial handle, you can use a metal rod or pipe cut. So that the handle does not bend when using the tool, it is very important not to spill its edges. They need to pre-drill holes for fastening to the bolts.

Circuit saw circular

Circuit device circular saw.

Then an adjustment bar is made. This will require a steel bar with a diameter of 4-6 mm. One edge of the rod should be looped, then it needs a little splash and drill a hole for the front bolt stop. The gap along the entire length of the rod should be the same width, this should be taken into account during the selection of washers on the support from the front. For a rod with a diameter of 6 mm, two thin washers from each edge will suffice.

At the free end of the rod it is necessary to cut the thread so that it can be inserted into the hole in the handle. Before screwing the first nut into the hole on the tail, and the second after fixing it in the hole. The depth of the cut of such a circular saw will be governed by tightening the nuts.

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Production of a desktop circular saw

To solve problems that periodically arise in the household, a mini circular saw is quite suitable.

You can make it on the basis of a hand saw from the grinder. An U-shaped frame of a rod or pipe with a diameter of 14-20 mm is attached to the existing structure. A swing arm should be provided on the cross member of the frame. The lower edges should be bent in the direction of the cut to get a common horizontal. After that, the bed is attached to the table with curved edges with screws or bolts. To make the design more stable, you can additionally secure it with struts.

Circular disk layout

Circuit disk for circulars.

On the transverse part of the bed, then you need to install the swing arm, which is a welded T-shaped tube. The horizontal element of the pipe must be cut along into 2 equal parts. After installation on the cross member of the frame, these elements are tightened with clamps. To the edge of the vertical part of the lever using clamps attach previously made hand saw.

If a regular cutting wheel is placed in the grinder, then the constructed device can be used as a cutting machine. However, in this case, you need to take into account the limit on the width of the through-cutting: the maximum value will be 6-8 cm, depending on the diameter of the functional element.

For craftsmen who plan to frequently engage in wood processing, including round timber and timber, which are quite thick, an improved saw design may be required. To solve more serious problems need to make a higher stationary saw.

Thus, a circular saw, made with own hands, is not such an impossible task as it may seem at first glance. If you have the necessary materials, it will not be difficult to construct such a device, especially if the master has some metal working skills.

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