How to make a circular from the bulgarians with their own

Many representatives of the strong half of humanity just need such a thing as a circular saw, but it is quite difficult to acquire it because of the high cost.

Mini Circular

The circular is a cutting tool, which is based on a metal disc with external teeth.

But experienced experts say that it is quite possible to make a circular by own forces. For this you need to have patience, a device for a workbench and a mechanism such as a Bulgarian. Of course, for this you need to have other materials, such as steel corners (enough pieces), a rectangular pipe from the profile and the engine.

The main method of manufacturing circular saws

Circuit making for circular saw

The scheme of manufacture stops for circular saws.

If you have available grinder, then the process of making such a saw is much easier. To do this, you need to focus (sliding) and the handle. First you need to figure out what is this emphasis. It consists of two pieces of a small angle, made of metal, which are located on two sides of the main mechanism, that is, a special disk with teeth. It is installed instead of a circle of abrasive. The gap on either side should be about 4 mm.

The chamfers of the corners are horizontally rounded at the bottom so that they cannot interlock with the part to be machined. These metal corners are connected both to the front and to the rear with transverse fasteners, which can be used to use nuts with bolts and a package of washers.

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The process of making a circular saw from the grinder do it yourself

Circular Saw Assembly Diagram

Circular saw assembly scheme.

The axial handle is made from an iron tube or a conventional twig that looks like horns pointing forward and upward. Perhaps it will be cross-brackets, having a certain width, usually equal to the width of the male palm. At the ends that will be attached to the gearbox, it is necessary to drill the bolt holes. At the same time it is impossible to spill them, otherwise the handle will become easily bendable. To make the handle on the circular in the form of a horn, you need to spill the far end on a horizontal surface and drill a hole for the corresponding axis (4-6 mm plus a margin of 2-4 mm).

If the handle is made in the form of a staple, then a piece of twig is fastened into the holes of the gearbox, and the extreme part splashes out and a hole is drilled in it. Next, an adjustment rod is made, for which a steel bar with a size of 4-6 mm is taken. One end of it bends with a loop, splashes out a little, after which a hole for a bolt of an emphasis in the front is drilled.

On the equipment of the grinder, or rather its body, it is necessary to put on the clamp, the screw tie of which is in the lower part. A tin strip is attached to this screed, which is folded in half. It is possible to strengthen and galvanized, which has a hole under the rear bolt for the sliding stop. The thickness of the strip should be at least 1.5 mm. Equal gaps can be achieved by shifting the pucks.

In the body of the gearbox is made from two to four holes that have a thread for small bolts.

For this, the gearbox is disassembled and the drilling position is determined. These holes allow you to attach the axial handle. At the very end of the bar is cut a thread that will enter the hole on this handle. Due to this circular has the ability to adjust the level of the cut, that is, its depth. The fact is that one nut fastener is screwed on the threaded end in advance, and after the circular is assembled - the second. If the nuts are alternately tightened or loosened, you can achieve precise regulation of the cut. Now you know how to make a circular from a grinder on your own.

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