How to drill tile and how to choose a drill

Is it easy to drill tiles? The main difficulty is to make the necessary holes and not to split the tile itself. In order to avoid such consequences, it is important to decide on how to drill tiles.

Patterns for drilling tiles

Patterns of drilling tiles.

To do the work you need tools such as:

  • electric drill;
  • screwdriver;
  • hand drill;
  • masking tape;
  • felt-tip pen

Use drill

The selection of the tools needed to drill the tile depends only on one indicator - the size of the hole you want to get as a result. If you need to make a small hole, then you can use a hand drill. It is with its application that you can easily control the speed of turns. If you do not have this tool, then a screwdriver with a small amount of turns is quite suitable. At the same time, it is necessary to drill tiles with such devices carefully and with a minimum number of vibrations. Otherwise, you will not be able to prevent damage, even when making a small hole.

Drill device

Device drill.

For drilling large holes, you can use a hammer drill. Since the main difficulty in this process is not in the tile itself, but in the glaze with which it is covered, it is important to carefully cut through it. Therefore, before using the impact drill, you can use tools such as a pointed dowel and a hammer (rubber). These tools will make the process of erupting the glaze easy and help avoid unnecessary damage.

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The choice of quality drill

When searching for the answer to the question of how to drill tile, the selection of a drill plays a very important role. This is due to the fact that you need to drill tiles with the use of cutting tools with increased strength. Thus, it is possible to choose one of the specified drill groups:

  • tiled;
  • with diamond sealing;
  • with pobedit soldering;
  • diamond-coated crown;
  • with a spear-like end.

In order to drill holes up to 8 cm in size, a drill bit is usually used. If you compare it with a drill with diamond sealing, the latter will differ in a higher price and, consequently, better performance. Diamond are classified as professional and are often used by experienced builders during repairs.

Tile Drilling Pattern

The scheme of devices for drilling tiles.

They allow you to make the perfect hole in the ceramic plate in minutes and correctly drill any type of tile.

How to drill tile without damage? When searching for a tool a special role is occupied by drills with pobedit soldering. Despite the fact that they cost much less than the previous ones, their performance is just as good. Such type of a drill with ease will overcome concrete or a brick. This reduces the cost of acquiring any additional tool.

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Diamond crown use

It often happens that after a tile is laid, you need to make a sufficiently large hole in it, where the tap (or socket) will be located. In this case, it is best to drill tiles using a diamond-coated bit. This type of drill is also often called “ballerina” because of its similarity to the drawing tool with the same name. Ballerina will help create a hole with a diameter of up to 8 cm.

In order to drill tiles at home, many people choose spear-shaped drills. They allow you to make a hole and not damage the tile. This type of drill requires a minimum of force. If you need to make drilling up to 1.2 cm, then the use of special crowns, which have one-sided sharpening, is useful.

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Useful tips and tricks

Before starting drilling, make sure to mark a place for the future of the hole on the tile with a felt-tip pen.

To avoid crown slipping during drilling, this place is taped with masking tape or tape. Do not use high revolutions when drilling, they should not exceed a figure above 180. At the same time, the tool you chose for this task should be held at a right angle.

It is not recommended to press on the tile before the top layer (glaze) is drilled. This can cause splitting. For the same reason, in the first stage, the shock function is not used. To overcome the glaze, you can also use a pointed dowel. With the formation of a small hole, you can add a little bit of speed. Only after drilling the tile can you proceed to drilling the wall behind it. This applies to drilling small holes.

In order to make a larger hole, it is best to use diamond drills and work on a tile removed. This method will help to make the process more convenient and will allow aligning uneven edges in case of their formation after removing the cut circle.

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