How to cut tiles with an electric jigsaw

When facing walls or floors with ceramic tiles, it is often necessary to cut them. Cutting the tile can be done with an electric cut over the tile. When performing repairs in the bathroom and kitchen tile - an indispensable material. With it, you can decorate the walls or the floor, as a wide range of design solutions allows you to achieve an attractive appearance of the premises in this way.

Ceramic tile laying methods

Ways of laying ceramic tiles.

This material is durable, its luster is maintained for many years. His laying can be done by the owners of the apartment on their own, even an aspiring master can handle this work. When laying the extreme elements or for laying tile in the form of a mosaic, you must cut it. You can use various tools for this:

  • cutter;
  • Bulgarian;
  • tile cutter;
  • jigsaw.

Basic tips and tricks

Jigsaw is convenient to use for those craftsmen who do not do tile laying professionally, so do not purchase professional tools for its processing. In this case, you only need to purchase special files that are suitable for this purpose. The peculiarity and main advantage of the jigsaw is that it can be used to cut almost any material, if you choose the right file.

Tips for cutting tiles

Cutting ceramic plitoks using devices for direct cutting by size (a) and for cutting at an angle (b): 1 — cut tiles, 2 — ruler, 3 — cutter, 4 — square.

For the processing of ceramic tiles it is necessary to use files intended specifically for tile. With their help, it will be possible to easily perform an even or shaped cut. When performing tile cutting with a jigsaw, it is necessary to wet its edges. This will help avoid chipping and excessive dust generation. It is especially important to take this into account when processing glazed material.

Cutting ceramic tiles is performed with abrasive files. With their help, you can not only cut off the desired piece of tile, but also make the necessary holes in it, for example, to output the outlet. Other tools do not provide this feature.

It is not necessary to cut a tile intended for laying on the floor with a jigsaw. Tile for facing the floor, much thicker. Cutting it with a jigsaw will quickly dull the file and make it unusable. Floor covering of this kind is best cut grinder with a diamond disc or tile cutter.

If at any site it is required to make a curvilinear cut, then it is recommended to use a manual jigsaw.

An electric tool will not provide enough room for maneuver. To this end, you will need to insert diamond wire in the jigsaw. In this case, the cutting process will be longer.

Thus, it is known how to cut a tile with an electric jigsaw. When working it is very important to perform all actions carefully. The cut line needs a little wetting. It is recommended to use personal protective equipment throughout the process. To obtain a quality result, the most important thing is to choose a suitable file.

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