How to cut glass with a glass cutter

How to cut glass with a glass cutter? Any glass product was popular at all times. It can be pieces of furniture, decorative elements, frescoes and stained-glass windows, dishes and other decorative elements. Objects made from this material always look elegant and elegant. Some things cause a feeling of delight and the question of how this can be done. In order to create complex objects, in addition to the necessary equipment, you need to gain experience that comes with age. But do not be upset, in order to make a simple glass object, you only need to prepare the material and glass cutter. How to cut the glass with a special device correctly, you need to check with the professionals or get acquainted with the necessary information.

Glass Cutter Types

Types of glass cutters.

How to cut glass: preparatory work

The quality of the subsequent process will depend on the preparatory work carried out. Preparation of material for cutting will directly depend on what kind of glass is used.

Ways of cutting glass

Ways of cutting glass.

If glass is only purchased and has not been used anywhere before, preparation may be limited. It is only necessary to wipe it and for this purpose it is best to use a newspaper. It does not leave streaks and small villi on the surface.

To properly cut off the glass that has already been used, it is worth preparing it well. To begin with, such glass must be very well washed, it is recommended to use special means for cleaning glass surfaces.

The next step is to degrease the surface, for this you should use a special tool or kerosene. The final stage of preparation is the complete drying of the glass surface.

Glass Cutting Tool List

The list of tools for cutting glass.

For the preparatory work is also cutting canvas. If you carry out all the preliminary calculations and correctly cut the canvas, you can minimize the amount of waste. In order to carry out this stage, it is recommended to make patterns from paper or cardboard. Then they are laid out on the surface as close as possible to fill all voids. If waste remains, you do not need to immediately throw them away, they can be useful when carrying out further work.

Most people believe that glass can be cut only with a glass cutter. But there is a method by which you can perform this operation in extreme conditions. Everyone has such a tool in the house - these are ordinary scissors.

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Using glass cutter for work

Cutting glass with this tool is quite simple, the main thing is to follow a certain sequence. In addition, you need to find the right type of tool. Today in the hardware store you can find a fairly wide selection of such devices. Properly selected inventory will turn glass cutting into an easy and exciting job.

Diamond tools are the most common and popular today.

Glass Cutting Tables

Tables for cutting glass.

To perform minor work at home, it is worth buying a tool with a bevelled working edge. With this glass cutter you can cut up to 10 km of material, moreover, the thickness of the blade can be completely different. In order to sharpen such a tool, you should use a special bar.

Roller tool. Already from the name it can be understood that the mechanism by which the cutting is carried out is made in the form of a roller. Such a roller is made of a cobalt-tungsten alloy. The number of such rollers can also be different and comes to 6 pieces.

Oily version of a glass cutter has a design, like a roller. The difference lies in the tank, which is built into the handle. This tank is filled with oil and in the process of cutting is automatically fed to the rollers. This device is ideal for cutting thick glass.

The cutting process can be started after a suitable inventory is selected. Preparing the surface and making the necessary markup, you can start cutting the canvas. To make an even cut, it is recommended to take a ruler that will allow you to draw a flat line. It is very important that the line was drawn the first time, since repeated ones can lead to undesirable cracks on the surface. When a line is drawn, the pressing force should be the same along the entire length; this is very important to consider.

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Method of cutting glass with ordinary scissors

Steps for cutting glass with a glass cutter

Stages of cutting glass with a glass cutter: a - cutting with a glass cutter; b - tapping; in - breaking off.

If you need to cut a small glass and there is no special device, you can take the usual scissors, it is better to use a tailor's tool. For this process, you also need to prepare a roomy tank (tank) with water. The markings are applied to the canvas and submerged under water, where the cutting process takes place. Water is recommended to dial hot.

The principle of such an action is to create a crack with scissors, which further divides the glass with a capillary effect. The edges as a result of such cutting will not be perfectly even as when using a glass cutter. But such a method has a place on existence.

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Features of working with various glasses

In order to cut ordinary glass, you can use a glass cutter or tailor scissors. With this tool you can get a straight form. In order to make a more complex configuration, it is necessary to use a special inventory, to observe some sequence.

Plexiglass cutting method

Plexiglass cutting method.

At home, it is impossible to cut the hot glass. In order to use such material, the shape and size should take care at the very beginning of its production. In order to temper the material, it is necessary to comply with certain conditions that in the home are almost impossible to obtain. All work must be done with a professional.

Corrugated glass is a material whose surface is covered with three-dimensional patterns. This type is most often used in the manufacture of doors and in some decorative elements. To cut such a cloth, it is necessary to make cuts from the smooth side, the whole subsequent process is no different from ordinary glass cutting. To perform this work it is worth using a roller glass cutter.

Plexiglass is plastic made from synthetic resins. In order to make the necessary form of such a material, no special tools are needed. The best option would be saw on metal. If the thickness does not exceed 2 mm, you can use an ordinary stationery knife.

How to cut glass, you need to study before you start. When working with glass, it is very important to adhere to safety rules. It is mandatory to carry out the work in tight gloves and glasses that will protect the eyes of the employee. It is necessary to prepare a free workplace, which will not be unnecessary items. During cutting, a large number of fragments are formed, so the workplace should be covered with material that can be subsequently thrown away.

Performing all the recommendations, you can properly cut the glass with a glass cutter yourself.

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