How to cut ceramic tile with a glass cutter

It is considered practical and durable to finish walls and floors in rooms with tiles. Having made the calculation of the required amount of finishing material and purchasing it, proceed to work. Measure the area of ​​the finished surface. Often, ceramic tile is not included completely and it is cut off. You can cut a special device - tile cutter, but if it is not, you can try to make it a glass cutter.

Glass Cutter Types

Varieties of glass cutters.

Cut it can be about the same as cutting glass. Since the material is quite fragile, it is better to first consult with the master finisher and get advice on how to cut the tile with a glass cutter. For cutting tile, you can use a roller tool with a diamond tip.

Considering that the glazed surface of the floor ceramic tile is more durable, it is better to cut it with a tile cutter. The glass cutter will only spoil the material. And for the porcelain tile suitable Bulgarian.

Tile Marking


  • glass cutter;
  • ruler;
  • marker;
  • clippers;
  • roulette.

Cutting a ceramic tile with a glass cutter does not pose great difficulties if you follow certain rules.

And above all - it is the marking of the material according to predetermined dimensions, taking into account the thickness of the seam.

The scheme of cutting tiles with glass cutter

The scheme of cutting tiles with glass cutter.

Putting it on a flat surface, mark 2 points with a thin marker, and draw a line of the intended cut. To do this, use a ruler or flat rail. It must be put on the line and you can begin to cut it. It is important to hold the glass cutter correctly. It should be in an almost vertical position. Clicking on it with the force of the index finger, you need to draw a line from the opposite side of the tile to yourself. Accompanying weak crackling sound and a thin line indicate that you cut the ceramic tiles correctly. If the glass cutter is blunt or it was incorrectly held, then small fragments will appear on the line. Before starting work, it is better to practice on small pieces of material and understand how to cut ceramic tiles.

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Figured cutting

In the places of exit of water and sewer pipes and installation of the mixer cut the tile more difficult. Knowing the diameter of the pipe, you need to cut glass figured holes. To do this, it is recommended to cut the tile to the place of their entry into the bathroom. Prepare a pattern of plywood. Try to accurately measure. If, say, a pipe with a diameter of 20 mm, then it is necessary to cut off 25 mm. Attach the template to the tile and mark the outline of the oval. Then draw the cutting line in one motion. In order to facilitate the breaking out of unnecessary material, master-tilers recommend to draw several radius lines inside the delineated oval.

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Fracture on the cutting line

To break the tile, you need to put it on a flat surface with a sharp angle. The line must fall on the corner. This may be the edge of the table, workbench or stool. Sharply press on the edge. Fracture should be tidy. If there are irregularities, then they can be cleaned with a needle file or fine-grained emery paper. This method is suitable for dividing a tile in half or ¾. If you need to remove a few centimeters, it will be harder to break.

Draw a cutting line. If you need to remove more than you can take at one time with pliers, then several lines are made. First, the material is removed along one line, then along the other.

In figure cutting with nippers, the material is selected in small pieces, broken off from different sides of the desired shape. Then you need to use files and gently align the edge.

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