How to cut a tile tile cutter

When undertaking the laying of tile, the dresser must possess certain skills and qualifications. Especially skills come in handy when the need arises to cut the tile in order to fit it to the required size by means of special tools (tile cutters, grinders, etc.). Most of all the tile deteriorates when the tool cuts through it. How to cut ceramic tile and at the same time correctly use tile cutter?

Tile cutter

The tile cutter is a tool that is designed for cutting tiles up to 1.5 cm thick.

What to look for when choosing a tile cutter?

Regardless of what kind of tile will have to be cut (floor or wall), and the directivity of cutting, the sides of the cut elements must be distinguished by perfect smoothness. The unevenly trimmed tile, when it is applied to the surface, will immediately stand out.

The best option is to cut the tile with a tile cutter, while observing some rules. Its purpose is precisely to cut tile. Therefore, working with him is possible even without much experience.

Electric tile cutting machine

The scheme of cutting tiles by electric tile cutter.

Electric tools are much more expensive than usual. And if the repair involves laying tile (and in the future it is not planned to work with tile), then it is better to get a manual cut tile cutter.

Externally, the device is similar to a platform with installed tongs. But with his manner of acting, he is more like a glass cutter. As in the latter, the main working element in the tile cutter is a wheel made of durable alloy. In contrast to the glass cutter, it is much more voluminous here, since it is necessary to process a different kind of surface (for example, to cut floor tiles). But the essence of his work is the same: a scratch is applied to the tile by means of a wheel along the straight line where the break will be made.

When choosing a tool, look for its carriage to be equipped with bearings. Do not miss this important nuance, because you can buy a model from which the carriage is mounted on the guides. Their price is lower, but the move is hard. There may be backlash, which will lead to the need to regularly change the impeller.

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How to properly cut tile tile cutter?

Before actually figuring out the question of how to properly cut a tile with a tile cutter, it’s worth taking some time to adjust it.

First check whether the cutting wheel is ready for operation. Blunt detail change. The stores have wheels for all models of the tool.

Electric tile cutter with longitudinal focus

Electric tile cutter with longitudinal focus.

Also check the reliability of its fixation and the clarity of rotation along the axis (whether it is not loose in the sides). When reeling the wheel is fixed by tightening the bolt. Before starting the process, the wheel and guide frame (2-3 drops) are lubricated with engine oil.

Before cutting tile, experienced craftsmen always adhere to the rule: the denser the material, the narrower the strip can be cut. However, cutting a strip of less than 5 mm if using a tile cutter is not possible. For very thin strips need special nippers.

How to properly cut tiles?

On the tile, measure the required distance and mark a landmark for cutting with a felt-tip pen (marker).

By marking the tile and will be cut to make the cut straight. The tile is placed on the base of the fixture with the label marked upwards so that the latter is aligned with the wheel.

Hold the tile with one hand, and lift the handle with the wheel with the other, so that it is in the upper area of ​​the element in relation to the master (that is, at the beginning of the future fracture). Having established a detail, pressing a little so that there is a risk, the handle move to itself. Perform the passage once. If you try again, you will not get the exact passage in a straight line, which will affect the evenness of the fault.

Automatic tile cutter scheme

The scheme of automatic tile cutter.

The notched element is divided into parts by means of stops that resemble wings. When ceramic tiles are cut, the roller does not allow the stops to push on the surface. But when cutting risks, they become valid. To do this, reinstall the bar downwards so that the stops put pressure on the third element from below (near the base of the handle) and on the bottom of its surface.

The stops must be equipped with pads, allowing to make marks on the base. In the absence of those, winding the ends of the supports with several layers of adhesive tape or adhesive tape is performed. Having strengthened the element, hold the lever with the left hand, and with the right hand strike it from above with a small effort. The element should split into two parts. But if this does not happen, it is too early to panic, because you can hit a second time.

With a well-made notch, the fault will be flat. But when you receive a not very smooth fault, you can correct it by using a grinding stone or sandpaper.

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How to use grinder and glass cutter for cutting tile?

If the volume of work for which it is necessary to purchase a special fixture is small, then a Bulgarian and a glass cutter can help out.

When working as a grinder, it is important to bear in mind that the equipment is of increased danger. Especially it is necessary to take into account when cutting tiles, because this operation is not included in the obligatory functions of the grinder. Because cutting tile grinder without a special protection cover is prohibited. Eyes and ears should be cautioned by hiding behind goggles and headphones.

Diagram of a mechanical tile cutter

Diagram of a mechanical tile cutter.

For cutting tile, apply a diamond disc. The metal circle will not master this task. Tile for this securely fastened. After switching on the instrument, wait for the wheel to accelerate. Then, pressing a little, carry out a circle on a marking. The circle leads away from you.

In the process, the grinder is kept flat so that the circle is constantly located at an angle of 90 ° relative to the marking. In comparison with a sharp tile cutter, the cut made by the grinder is not so high quality. However, all the flaws are quickly repaired with a grinding wheel.

If at hand there is neither one nor the other tool (and nowhere to take), then it is possible to use an ordinary glass cutter. But in this situation it is necessary to soak the material for an hour in water to begin its processing.

Technically, cutting with this device is no different from cutting glass. Tile laid on a stable and straight surface. Next to the drawn line put a ruler. Then the glass cutter is carried out along the designated line, while not trying to make the cut very deep. Cutting the tile is shifted to the edge of the surface so that its end and the cut made coincide. Now they press on both sides, and the product is cracked exactly at the incision site.

For cutting the tiles used carbide blade jigsaw. Acting is tiresome. To trim one element takes up to 10 minutes (despite the fact that many such procedures are carried out for laying).

Today the tile is rather demanded material for finishing of different rooms. If you intend to put it on your own, you will definitely have to learn the rules for working with it with special tools.

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