How to cut a plinth for the floor and for the ceiling

The plinth becomes more and more popular in performance of repair work. Its use may allow you to mask some building materials or inaccuracies in the docking. This is a modern and practical solution that is suitable for both the ceiling and the floor. Many owners, doing repairs on their own, are wondering how to cut the baseboard so that it looks decent from an aesthetic point of view. This problem is especially troubling when it is necessary to trim the corners and join the baseboards. In this case, you will need the necessary equipment.

Trimming adjacent fillets for interior corners

Trimming adjacent fillets for interior corners.

Preparatory steps before pruning

The way the work is done is influenced by the baseboard material. Their varieties:

  • foam;
  • polyurethane;
  • wooden;
  • polyvinyl chloride species
Plinth device layout

The layout of the plinth.

PVC can be called the most low-quality of all: they easily absorb dirt and are subject to various mechanical effects. Cut the plinth need with a hacksaw. If you deal with polystyrene foam types, then they can easily crumble, especially when strongly pressed. They need to hone the knife carefully enough. Polyurethane has the best properties. It does not pass moisture, is able to restore shape, for which the fillet of this raw material is additionally appreciated. Wood is processed through the use of a notched hacksaw. These are the most massive plinths from all above listed.

The following materials will be indispensable at hand:

  • edge corners;
  • planks made of wood;
  • construction block;
  • metal hacksaw.

They will certainly be useful to the owner of the house in the case. If you use special purchased corners, then make an incision at a right angle, and insert the plinth edges into these structures. They will close all construction inaccuracies that you may have in the process.

The body looks like a plastic, metal or wooden box, equipped with openings for processing at a right angle. However, the inclination level can fluctuate, which provides a special device.

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Phased cutting

Steps for installing ceiling plinth angle

Stages of installation of ceiling plinth angle.

In order to start cutting the plinth and make the inner corner, it is necessary to make a calculation on the ceiling. Then you should fix the bar with the help of the mash, observing the data obtained in the calculations. Follow them clearly so that the result is as accurate as possible.

Take the material in your hand, and place the hacksaw with a slope of 45 °. Start cutting. Make sure that the hand does not press hard on the tool, otherwise the raw material may be deformed.

The reciprocal level needs to be cut off, making fixing of plinths by hand. The inclination of the hacksaw should be similar to the previous one. After that, start to cut, and then connect the planks together and make sure that everything is smooth.

The outer corner is cut in such a way that the size of the plank is enough to join. To do this, it is applied over the entire ceiling length and calculate the parameters.

Fix the plinth with your hand and tilt the hacksaw at a 45 ° angle. After this process, attach the plank to the wall, observing the same angle of the hacksaw. Crop. After that, it is worthwhile to connect the edges in order to ascertain the success and accuracy of the applied efforts.

When processing a floor plinth there are some distinctive features of the process, which are worth getting acquainted with.

For example, the external corner is separated first. Then you need to make a fixation on the left with the same requirements and start cutting the floor plinth. The peculiarity is that the trunk is used from the outside.

Thus, you have the opportunity to remove all the flaws visible to the eye, both on the ceiling and on the floor. This simple method is available to anyone who wants to organize repairs on their own. The technology can be mastered in a matter of days, having all the necessary equipment with you. And you can buy it at any hardware store.

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