How to choose the right circular saw

Circular hand saw is one of the tools that is often used during repairs, in the construction, construction of fences and for other works at home and in the suburban area. This tool, characterized by its compact size, is useful in various situations, and its functionality is perfectly combined with the cost. Just buy your favorite model is not quite right.

Diagram of the manual circular saw

Diagram of the manual circular saw.

To choose a hand-held circular saw for the home, you need to pay attention to certain parameters. This data such as power, operating conditions, the presence of certain functions that will make the use of the tool safe and convenient.

Today, manufacturers offer a variety of options, among which there are ordinary household saws. For more intensive work it is best to purchase professional equipment, the functionality of which is much broader.

Circular hand saw selection options

All circular hand saws can be classified by their engine power. A significant level of power will ensure stable operation: performance will be higher. To choose equipment, you must first decide on what kind of work it will be used. Today, this division has been adopted:

Circular saw blades

Circular saw blades.

  1. Household saws, which are used for simple work on the dacha, in the house. Their engine power is up to 800 watts.
  2. Universal models that can be used to perform most jobs. They can be used to perform complex work and frequent use in construction. Engine power is 800-1200 watts. Their cost is higher, but it is easier to use this equipment, and the quality of work is much higher.
  3. Professional equipment has a motor power of 1200 watts. It is rarely used for domestic purposes, it is usually used by professional craftsmen. The weight of such equipment is large, it is difficult to work with it.
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Availability of electronic protection system

Any circular saw that is produced today is equipped with electronics. Important here is the presence of a protective electronic system. It is these systems that ensure the safety of equipment use, prolong the service life, and ensure the quality of the cut. Save on this function should not be, because it affects the absence of injury.

A circular saw

To use a circular saw at home, you should choose a tool that gives a cut to a depth of 55 mm.

The mechanical part of the tool will be perfectly protected from shocks, loads, accidental damage and failure.. An overload protection system must be in place to protect the engine from accidental damage. In this case, the saw will work smoothly under almost any operating conditions.

Quite often, a situation arises when a hand-held circular saw jams during operation. This is an unpleasant phenomenon, as it can lead to negative situations. For example, the motor can easily fail: a backstroke is possible, and this will already lead to injuries. That is why, to prevent such situations, it is necessary to choose models with protection.

This is a reverse slip function, which allows you to cope with the situation when the motor is wedged. The clutch frees the motor shaft, it starts to rotate further. The windings do not burn out, and the motor will remain in working condition. Such a system is important, since even accidental jamming can lead to damage to the engine, and this is a significant repair cost.

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Features of the base plate

Hand circular saw selection

When choosing a circular saw, one should pay attention to the disc rotation speed: the higher it is, the denser the material can be cut.

For circular circular saws, the presence of a support plate, on which the control mechanisms, regulators, fasteners are located, is also of importance. The plate is usually made of metal pressed plate or cast. Cast plates are used for professional models.

For household saws are stamped plates, but their quality remains high. With the help of a quality base plate, you can easily change the angle of inclination. Usually use fixed values ​​of 30, 45, 55 °. With such a plate, you can guarantee the accuracy, reliability of cutting, fixing the workpiece.

Some models can be equipped with a special mechanism for stationary work, the result is a semblance of a convenient machine. But usually it is used for heavy and massive units, for professional equipment. For household equipment, this function is rarely used.

Attention should be paid to whether there is a possibility of straight cutting: for this, the kit is supplemented with special equipment.

For example, it may be a special stop to provide a parallel arrangement of the edge of the material. Some types of equipment for straight cutting need to be purchased separately.

Ergonomics is important when using any equipment. This parameter allows you to understand how easy it is to operate the tool, whether your hands will get tired. The circular saw is designed to make work faster and easier, but the cutting process itself is quite labor-intensive in itself, therefore, high demands must be placed on the choice.

Work as a hand-held circular saw

An important for the normal operation of the circular saw is a smooth start, which significantly prolongs the life of the tool and does not allow sudden changes in work.

The ergonomics of the equipment plays an important role, it is necessary that the tool be as convenient and easy to use. Attention should be paid to the handle and its position. For each such position and shape will be individual, therefore during the selection of the model, the instrument should be taken in hands, literally “try on” it. If the work is simple and convenient, then the model is great, but if there is any doubt or not comfortable to hold the saw, then it is best to abandon it immediately.

The front handle of the circular saw can have a different shape:

  1. Direct, with a perpendicular arrangement to the plane of the material being processed.
  2. Mushroom, which provides more freedom to work.

There are special models for left-handers to make work extremely convenient. Some jobs require the use of rubberized arms. Attention should be paid to weight balancing the saw.

It is important that the visibility of the working field was excellent. The power cable, if any, should not interfere during operation, its length should be sufficient. It is desirable, if there is a bag, a vacuum cleaner for collecting sawdust. This allows you to clean the work surface, to facilitate the work.

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Recommendations for choosing a hand saw

Buying equipment for cutting various materials is a responsible task, although the process is not too complicated. It should immediately determine for what purpose the tool is bought, and then get acquainted with the proposed range. To choose the right circular saw, you need to pay attention to such parameters as:

Circuit saw health check circuit

Circuit saw operability test circuit.

  1. Engine power. The higher it is, the greater will be the performance of the equipment. The surface may have a considerable thickness and hardness. Power also influences how fast the cut will be. But considerable power has a negative effect on the weight of the saw; it is not so convenient to handle this tool.
  2. The material of the hull. Much depends on this parameter. The hull should be as durable as possible, withstand vibration, constant loads on it. Most often, the equipment is made of durable plastic, but there are models of metal.
  3. The design of the handle of the circular saw. From what will be ergonomics, depends on the usability of the design. Before buying, you need to literally “try on yourself”, hold it in your hands, imagine how it will be used, how much its weight and grip will help to increase work comfort. It must be remembered that if there are doubts about convenience, it is better to select another model at once. Otherwise, the hand will be tired quickly, productivity and quality of work will become quite low.
  4. Type of equipment. Today there are cordless and network circular saws for sale. In the first case, the power is supplied by the battery, i.e. the special battery. In the second case - from a fixed electrical network, but you must have such a connection. Cordless saws have more weight, but they can be used in any situation, and network equipment has less weight, but for operation, the presence of an electrical network is required.
  5. Replacing a disk. It is necessary to consider exactly how the disk will be replaced, whether it is necessary to use 2 keys for this at once, or there is a simpler method.
  6. Type of disks that can be used for work.
  7. The presence of built-in electronics.

Circular hand saw is an equipment that is used to perform various kinds of work. Such equipment is necessary during construction, repair work, in the construction of fences, car repairs.

But in order for performance and quality of work to be on top, it is necessary to make the right choice of tool. For this purpose, a set of specific parameters is used, which allow us to accurately determine how the equipment is suitable for a specific task.

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