How to choose a quality saber saw

In the arsenal of some home craftsmen there is a saber saw. This is a tool that many have not even heard of. A saber saw in many situations can replace a chain and circular saw, electric jigsaw and a regular hacksaw. How to choose a saber saw for those who want to buy it? It is used to work with wood, plastic, metal and some other materials.

Reciprocating Saw

Reciprocating saw is used to work with wood, plastic, metal and some other materials.

I really like this saw women for its small size. It also weighs relatively little, it is completely safe to use.

The use of saber saw

This tool, which is not quite usual for many, is used for:

  • pruning branches of garden trees and shrubs;
  • construction and repair work;
  • sawing wood, drywall, plastic;
  • work with metal and aerated concrete.

In all cases, a reciprocating saw replaces an ordinary hand saw, only it is more convenient to work with it. For work with large-sized workpieces, it is recommended to choose tools designed for a cutting depth of up to 240-255 mm with a blade stroke of 28-32 mm.

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Advantages of a saber saw

Abroad, these tools are very popular. They are used even by women and children in garden plots. Among power tools, they rank in the top three best-selling, because this tool:

The use of saber saw

With the help of a saber saw, it is easy to cut old frames, door and window frames, dismantle the old heating system, cut out the necessary openings in partitions.

  • simple and easy to use;
  • universal;
  • able to work in a limited space;
  • can work on weight;
  • used for pruning trees;
  • used for figure cutting;
  • indispensable for dismantling structures;
  • does not leave behind dust and sparks;
  • does not overheat the material.

The tool has no extra buttons and switches. He looks more like a regular hacksaw. It is used in their work joiners and plumbers, decorators and roofers. With it, cut wood and metal pipes, steel parts and non-ferrous metals, stone and foam blocks, plastic and ceramics, composite materials and glass. To do this, you only need to choose the cutting blade. You can perform work in a very limited space where it is impossible to use another tool.

With the help of a saber saw, it is easy to cut old frames, door and window frames, dismantle the old heating system, cut out the necessary openings in partitions. At the same time you should not be afraid of nails and screws, which can fall under the canvas. Processed blanks do not overheat and do not change their structure.

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Choosing a saber saw

Technical parameters of saber saws

Technical parameters of saber saws.

When choosing this tool, you need to find out for yourself what it is supposed to cut with it, how often you have to do it. If you have to use the tool from time to time, it makes sense to buy a cheap household model. For daily use you may need a professional saw. The household tool every 10 minutes of work should rest 10 minutes. Professional models are designed for long-term work. When choosing a model, it is necessary to pay special attention to:

  • instrument power;
  • blade stroke length;
  • speed adjustment;
  • the presence of the pendulum stroke;
  • vibration protection device;
  • smooth start;
  • web brake;
  • start blocking;
  • degree of electrical insulation.

Engine power of such a tool is 500-1500 watts. The more powerful it is, the more the saw weighs. For domestic use, an ideal version is considered to be about 1000 watts. Such a tool can cut the branches of garden trees, cut thin materials from wood and plastic.

Work with the main bar of saber saws

Work with the main bar of saber saws.

The length of the stroke of the working web for processing wood should be longer than for metal. Well, if the adjustment of the stroke. The standard stroke on different models can vary between 19-32 mm.

Virtually all electric hacksaws have a speed adjustment feature. In some cases, it depends on the force of pressing the start button, in other products it is adjusted using a special wheel or slider. Saws with a speed of 2500-3000 blade vibrations per minute are most in demand.

The function of the pendulum stroke is needed when performing a direct cut. With its inclusion it is possible to achieve a higher rate of sawing wood. If necessary, this function allows you to make a reverse movement. This is necessary in cases where it is necessary to slightly change the path of the cut, to free the working area from sawdust. When cutting out curly parts it does not apply. Not available in all tool models.

The system that protects the operator from vibration, most often consists of various rubber pads on the arms of the device. Less commonly used complex system of balances. In any case, hands when working with such a saw get tired much less.

The soft starter ensures the inclusion of the tool without any extra jerks. This makes using the tool more secure.

The blade brake instantly stops the movement of the saw blade when the start button is released. Random start of the device is blocked in various ways. The electrical insulation of a quality product must necessarily be double. All of these devices are designed to provide greater security.

If you are allowed to drank something in the store, it is very good. If there is no such possibility, then at least hold the tool in your hands, imitating the work.

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Saber saw blades

Universality of use of the unit depends on the correct selection of the cutting blade. The main purpose of the tool is to perform a direct cut. For curved threads, there are special narrow canvases. But the quality of the cut in such a canvas is somewhat lower than normal. Depending on the material to be cut, files are for:

Work with the main bar and saber saws nails

Work with the main bar and nails saber saws.

  • hard wood;
  • wood with nails;
  • chipboard processing;
  • cutting hardboard;
  • plastic;
  • sandwich panels;
  • fiberglass materials;
  • ferrous metal;
  • non-ferrous metal;
  • bricks.

Difficulties with the acquisition of paintings should not occur, since their shanks are basically unified. The usual length of files is 100-400 mm. Consider the best size of 120-160 mm. On the canvases there is a marking that means:

  1. HCS - high carbon steel web. Ideal for sawing chipboard, plastic, rubber, wood and other soft materials.
  2. HSS - a product from tool high-speed steel. The main purpose of such canvases is metal processing.
  3. BIM - bimetallic canvas from HSS and HCS. Such a cutting element is characterized by increased strength and flexibility, a very long operational period.
  4. NM / ST - canvas of hard alloys, designed to work with hard and abrasive materials. These include steel, tile, fiberglass, brick. The canvas has a high degree of resistance to wear.

There may be other markings describing the products of a particular manufacturer.

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Most common models

Quality tools of this kind for sale there are many. The following are very popular in our country:

  1. AEG USE 900 X. Very handy tool, fits well in your hand, does not slip. The case has a rubber pad. The canvas is replaced without additional tools. This allows you to speed up the process of work. The file is protected from jamming with a special safety clutch. There is a system for adjusting the frequency of the stroke using a sensitive trigger button, a support sole that is not adjustable. Pendulum system is missing. This is a household model with low weight and high precision sawing.
  2. Interskol NP-120 / 1010E. It is convenient to hold the tool in a hand even in the absence of rubber slips. Equipped with a system of replacing paintings without the use of additional keys. There is an adjustment of the frequency of the stroke with the help of the wheel located on the trigger button. The saw is equipped with vibration protection. There is a pendulum stroke and a safety clutch, which protects the web from jamming.
  3. Skil 4900AA. Cutting speed is regulated by a wheel mounted in the handle of the saw. You can adjust the depth of cut. Toolless replacement of cloths. The level of vibration in working condition is quite high. Engine power - 1050 watts. This is quite enough for cutting metal pipes having a diameter of up to 100 mm. The model is the best option for working in the garden.
  4. DeWalt and Makita. These tools are made in the USA and Japan are of high quality. They are equipped with a universal clip that allows you to mount any canvas. The file changes without the use of additional keys and screwdrivers. Elektrozhivki have a system of stepless regulation of the number of strokes of the web, a special protection from dust.

Black brand tools are also very popular. & Decker, Bosch, Hitachi, Ideal.

For the smooth operation of a saber saw of any brand, it is recommended to drip a few drops of oil every 15-20 minutes into the holes located on the guide tire. If the electric hacksaw is not used more than a crescent, you need to fully lubricate the canvas.

Reciprocating saw is a great acquisition for the household.

The purity of the cut, they are somewhat inferior to the circular counterparts, but they benefit from the safety of use. Such a saw is not quite suitable for harvesting a large amount of firewood, but in repair work it may be an indispensable tool. The choice of products is very wide. For use in the household is enough to have a household model. In its functional abilities, it does not differ from professional tools, it only requires a more frequent stop for rest.

Some models include tools that turn a tool into a rasp, file, brush. These nozzles make it possible to remove rust, traces of old paint from blanks, to smooth the corners of parts from different materials.

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