How to choose a convenient and safe chain saw

The design features of the chain saws make this device an ideal tool for performing small amounts of work at home. It is not suitable for felling trees or working in the field.. But when sawing indoors or in hard-to-reach places, the electric saw is truly indispensable. Its indisputable advantages are ease, efficiency and environmental friendliness. Even women will cope with such a tool, because the average weight of electric saws is 3-5 kg.

Chain saw

Scheme chain saws.

If you are sure that you need an electric chain saw, then when you try to find a suitable option, the range of these products will seem to you rather large. There are many brands on the market, and each has a wide range of products available for selection. To decide on the device, you need to clearly understand what advantages each of the characteristics of the saw will give.

Motor power and location

The main characteristic of any electric saw is the power of its motor. It is always indicated both on the packaging and on the instrument itself. The range of use of a saw first of all depends on it. Motor with a capacity of 1.5 kW can be used only for repair or garden work.

Types of power saws

Types of electric saws.

For processing thick tree trunks and long-term operation, motors with a minimum power of 2.5 kW are needed. The maximum power of household electric saws is about 4 kW. More productive tools are already classified as professional.

It would seem better to take a more powerful saw, even if it was not originally planned to heavily load it. But do not forget that power, price and weight are always interconnected. A relatively compact powerful chain power saw will cost much more than a device with the same power, but large dimensions. A heavy saw is very difficult to work in the garden, where it often needs to be kept above chest level. Therefore, before buying, try to analyze all use cases. This is the only way to find a compromise between power and size.

In addition to the performance of the saw, its power also affects the stability of the engine. The fact is that in the Russian electricity grid voltage tends to constantly drop. Therefore, the motor has to increase the input current. Because of this, it is constantly overheating and may even fail if the saw does not have a temperature control system. Therefore, if you do not have a voltage regulator, it is recommended to take a power saw with a power reserve.

Regardless of the power of the motor in an electric saw can be located longitudinally or transversely. More simple and cheap is the design with a transverse arrangement. Its disadvantage is low ergonomics.

Comparison table of characteristics of chain saws

Comparative table of characteristics of chain saws.

Due to the imbalance in the weight of the electric saw with this type of motor arrangement, it is quite difficult to keep the tool on the weight. In addition to keeping the weight of the tool itself, it is necessary to spend a lot of energy on maintaining balance and constantly looking for the center of gravity. Such a saw is well suited only for vertical processing from top to bottom when it rests on the object being sawn. For other cases it is better to use a saw with longitudinal placement. It is more expensive, but it has the perfect balance and can be used without problems even in the most unusual positions.

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Chain and bus specifications

In addition to the motor, when choosing a power saw, you need to pay attention to the characteristics of the saw headset, which consists of an asterisk, a tire and a chain. Special attention should be paid to the length of the tire, because the maximum thickness of the cut depends on it. If you plan to work with large trees, then you need to choose a saw with a long tire or with the possibility of replacing this part.

The chain should be made of quality material, because this part of the saw is subjected to the greatest load. In the conditions of the store, it is difficult to determine the quality of the chain, so it is better to give priority to proven brands that will not risk their reputation by installing low-quality components.

Chainsaw classification

Chainsaw classification.

Attention should be paid to the mechanism of tightening the chain. Usually this procedure is performed using a wrench, but now more and more devices are found in which a special convenient handle is installed. If you plan to work with electric saws for a long time, it is recommended to choose a model with such a knob for adjustment. It will allow you to quickly restore the correct level of tension, not too distracting from work. The result of a poorly tensioned chain may be its displacement from the tire, after which it will have to spend a lot of time to get it back in place.

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Power saw safety

No need to explain how dangerous a working chainsaw can be to a person.

In order not to expose yourself and relatives to danger, it is recommended to choose tools equipped with the maximum number of protective functions.

First of all, look for the power lock button on the power saw. She must be present necessarily. Its main function is to prevent accidental inclusions of the saw, because they can have disastrous consequences. Such a button is on the saws of all self-respecting manufacturers, so its absence may indicate a low quality of the entire device.

Most well-known manufacturers also equip their electric saws with inertial brake function. It is designed to prevent injury in the event of a tire colliding with a hard surface. In such situations, usually the saw is sharply thrown back, and if the chain continues to move, the operator may be seriously injured. To protect against kickback, a special shield is used, which is located behind the saw handle. During a strike, the arm flying off the holder presses the flap, including the brake mechanism. Its response time is about 0.1 seconds. which prevents severe bruises.

Another important function for safe use is a smooth descent of the engine. It allows you to start the engine gradually, starting at low revs. This will help to avoid injury if the saw has been started accidentally. Also, the presence of such a system significantly prolongs the life of the motor, protecting it from large overloads at the start.

After you finally determine the goals, it will not be so difficult to choose a chain saw. If it can meet your requirements and the sawing becomes comfortable and safe, then working with such a tool will bring only pleasure!

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