How to choose a circular saw

How to choose a circular saw? This tool is familiar to almost everyone from early childhood - and those who are constantly doing something, creating and building, and those who are far from such actions. There are types of work in which the circular saw will become the most invaluable and indispensable assistant. If you are planning a grand building, then you should think in advance not only about purchasing the necessary materials, but also about the tools designed to significantly reduce and facilitate human labor. With use of a saw "Friendship" your building can be stretched for many years. Therefore, you need to purchase something more modernized, modern and efficient. It is necessary to get acquainted in more detail with this tool, to determine what kind of circular saws are, as well as what works they are intended for.

Circular Saw

Circular saw is indispensable for high-quality cutting and wood processing.

The circular (circular) saw is a hand tool that is moved along and across the workpiece in order to get a perfectly even and neat cut on a tree, plastic or even metal. This saw is a saw blade with many teeth. The depth of cut depends on the diameter of the disc. Saws are of different power - from 500 to 2200 watts. The depth of the cut is also different - from 30 to 130 mm. At saws the speed also varies - from 2,200 to 5,500 per minute.

How to choose a circular saw

Circular saw operation

Circular saw operation.

The phrase “Support domestic producer” in this case sounds unconvincing and irrelevant. The fact is that the Russian-made tool is losing much to its Western counterparts in many parameters and functions. Many of these functions will never be needed in practice, but still the performance of an imported product is much higher, and working with such saws is more comfortable and more convenient.

The price, of course, is also higher, but the excellent quality is worth it. It is necessary to find out in more detail what you are buying this thing for. If you just need to cut trees in a country plot, then there is no point in overpaying, you can be completely satisfied with what is offered by local producers. But if we are talking about some more intricate work, then save in this matter will not work.

Circular Saws Anatomy

Anatomy of circular saws.

So how to choose a circular saw? This tool is one of the most dangerous, with very heavy weight. Therefore, to begin with, you need to visually determine your option in the store, then hold it in your hands. So you will understand whether it will be convenient to work with him. Hold at least 10 minutes. If at the same time you have not experienced any discomfort and inconvenience, you can proceed to the technical specifications and available functions of the selected model. There are the most famous and recognized worldwide manufacturers of such a tool. Buying their product, you risk nothing and are guaranteed to get one of the best representatives of circular saws.

And if it suddenly seems that the price is unreasonably high, then think about the fact that this thing will last for many years. Moreover, qualitatively and without any hitches in the work. A huge assortment of this product of an ignorant person can put in a light stupor. To avoid this, you need to familiarize yourself with some models, firms and characteristics of such saws.

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Top Common Models

Circuit saw health check circuit

Circuit saw operability test circuit.

Attention deserves the legendary firm BOSCH. Model - PKS 40. Excellent tool. Very attractive saw, has good characteristics and properties. To hold it in your hand is a pleasure because of the maneuverability and light weight of the unit. Relatively small power - 600 watts, but this is enough to cut the board into 3 cm, without making any effort. This is a quality and reliable product. Saw will cost 3,500 rubles.

The Japanese are famous for the quality of their goods. Their products have a huge demand and excitement. Buyers trust the Japanese product, and mostly for good reason. The company HITACHI has released a model - C13U. Diameter of a disk is 335 mm. The number of revolutions - 3500 per min. Depth - up to 140 mm. This is a more professional option. It is necessary to be a large man in order to manage with such a device with ease. The weight of a saw makes 13 kg. The cost of another - 15 thousand rubles. Only you decide whether to spend such money on the saw, but this product will not let you down.

Circular Saw

Circular saw device.

It is worth returning to the company BOSCH to consider the option that is recognized as the best of the now existing ones: GKS 190. This is one of the easiest and most ergonomic models. But, despite the frivolous weight, its capabilities are amazing. Power is 1400 W, saws preparations with thickness of 7 cm. Weight is 4,2 kg and 5500 rpm. For such an excellent unit cost is small - 6100 rubles. Of course, there are more budget options.

For the home workshop perfectly suited saw company Skill, model - 5866 AF. This saw has an attractive ergonomic design and excellent technical characteristics. Compact and miniature, it has a rubberized grip. This will allow the device not to slip out of hands during operation and will significantly reduce vibration. The engine is very powerful, versatile saw blade. The diameter of the disk is 190 mm, 5500 rpm. Cutting depth - up to 6.5 cm. This model is equipped with a wonderful addition - a laser pointer. Due to this, you will achieve a perfect and even cut, without any flaws. It is possible to connect to an industrial vacuum cleaner. The cost of about 7,000 rubles.

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Other specifications and brands

Device homemade circular saw

The device is a homemade circular saw.

For creative and positive people, Black&Decker has released a bright and beautiful in all respects model - XTSI660KA. But this saw is distinguished not only by a catchy, non-standard design, but also by excellent qualities. The tool weighs only 2.2 kg. However, light weight does not prevent it from competing with more bulky options. Disk 190 mm, speed 5000. Depth 6.5 cm. Laser pointer and cast aluminum platform. The price is about 8000 rubles. But this model is definitely worth the money, the saw is so comfortable and easy that even a woman could handle it. It may be worth spending once and get a faithful assistant in household chores for many years.

Circular saws MAKITA. The name of this company speaks for itself. Buying such a tool, you can be sure that money is not thrown to the wind. These units are time-tested and have so many enthusiastic positive reviews that all doubts can be safely cast aside. But here, of course, there is a surcharge for the brand.

Very interesting model 5604R, it is distinguished by the minimum weight and decent features.

The device of a circular saw with the separate engine

The device circular saw with a separate engine.

Nothing extra. Simple but cute design, smooth and beautiful cut. This saw can work with a variety of materials. It can easily cope not only with wood, but also with plastic, as well as soft metal. Sound during operation will not cut the ear, the lowest possible level of noise and vibration. The cost of 5500 rubles.

Such goods are presented in the widest range and variety. Any color, various functions and prices.

In order not to overpay many times and not to purchase a poor-quality product, it is necessary to become familiar with the additional features and capabilities of the circular saw.

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Additional information about the tool

Saws have different power, rotational speed, depth of cut, adjustment of the inclination of the cut, some additional functions. For example, the function of immersion, blocking random start, laser pointer, soft start, collecting sawdust, etc. The price of the product directly depends on the presence or absence of these additions. Therefore, before purchasing a circular saw, it is very important to familiarize yourself with the information and determine the requirements for this product.

Circular circular saw device

Circular circular saw device.

If you are looking for a tool for private, home use, then 600 watts is enough for you. The higher the power, the higher the cost and weight. And in order to cut a tree in the garden, there is no need to acquire something extraordinary and expensive.

Rotational speed - it depends on what material you can cut with a saw. The higher the rotational speed, the more dense the workpiece under the force of the tool.

Cutting depth is a very important characteristic. For professional work - 60-70 mm, for semi-professional - 50 mm, and 40-45 mm is enough for household household needs. Here you should realistically assess for what works you need a tool, and on this basis make a choice.

Adjusting the inclination of the cut - with the choice of this function of labor will not be, because almost all modern saws have this ability. And it is useful or not, evaluate for yourself.

Rules sharpening saws

Rules sharpening saws.

The dive function is, of course, a very convenient and good opportunity. Really can be useful in business. It allows you to start cutting material not only from the edge, but also, for example, from the middle of the workpiece.

Blocking a random start is an absolute guarantee of your safety. In order for the device to become operational, it is necessary to press not one button, but several at once. This is not always appropriate and convenient, but it will save from ridiculous and tragic accidents.

Laser pointer - with certain skills and dexterity, you can use this function for its intended purpose. In the manufacture of complex, high-precision, perfectly-smooth parts, this addition will help you a little. Few masters use the laser pointer. Suitable mostly for beginners.

Smooth start-up - reduces the load on the network. Designed to extend the life of the tool. At the time of start-up, the saw starts its work very gently and smoothly, without a sharp and strong jump.

The collection of sawdust - this is done with an industrial vacuum cleaner, which is connected to a circular saw. Most often, this function is provided in professional devices. Makes indoor air cleaner and better visibility.

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As a conclusion

So, the most important and basic functions of the tool were considered. All this must be taken into account, because the circular saw is not the cheapest thing. It can be useful only a couple of times a year, so when you buy you need to carefully weigh everything and think about it.

But in the arsenal of the home master, she still will not be superfluous. Albeit occasionally, but work for her is sure to be found. It will effortlessly carry out heavy tasks, cut wood, plastic and metal. But remember that this model is a dangerous tool, especially if you are new to mastering work with such a saw. Safety first. With proper operation, it will become a faithful assistant. Before you choose, consider the information received. Enjoy the shopping!

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