How can you cut a jigsaw circle

Often there are questions how to cut a circle with a jigsaw, as many craftsmen face only straight cuts of the material. But cutting out various degrees of curvature only at first glance seems difficult.

Features of the device electric jigsaw

Features of the device electric jigsaw.

For cutting out you need:

  • jigsaw;
  • plywood or other material;
  • special purpose files depending on the material;
  • marker;
  • template;
  • working surface;
  • clamp.

There are various ways of cutting with a jigsaw. Cutting a circle can be both manual and mechanical jigsaw. A hand tool is a simpler fixture than an electric one. It is not suitable for thick layers of material and for long cuts. Jigsaws are divided into ordinary and artistic. The difference between them in the location of the file: in the usual file is located vertically, and in the artistic role of the file performs steel cloth. An ordinary electric jigsaw can be cut into thick plywood for making headboard or other furniture. Artistic, you can cut complex elements, letters, details of puzzles.

Cutting blades are different for each type of jigsaws, and they need to be selected according to the material with which the work is carried out.

How to cut a jigsaw out of plywood?

Plywood Cutting Circle

The scheme of cutting a circle of plywood.

Before you cut a circle out of plywood, you should remember a few general tips for working with this material. Sawing can be done only on dry material. Wet plywood has an increased resistance, and when sawing, the veneer will peel off, which will lead to damage to the file or even the entire tool in the case of electrical models. At the first sign that the teeth are not sharp enough or that some part of the blade is curved, the file should be replaced.

When sawing plywood with an electric jigsaw, you should, if possible, place the main cutting lines along the veneer fibers.

This will contribute to the clean edges of the cuts. During the work as a manual fret saw it is simpler to conduct a cut across fibers. This will not save from chipping, but there will be less likelihood that the file will jam or it will go along the chip to the side of the intended line.

Before you cut a circle, you need to transfer its contours to plywood. At the same time, you should try to get the areas with defects, chips, stains and knots outside the contour to be cut. You can transfer the contour to plywood by circling it through the copy paper, cutting out the paper contour for stroking, or simply drawing a circle with the desired radius. If necessary, the starting hole in plywood is done with a thin drill.

Jig sawing modes

Cutting modes in jigsaw.

To cut a jigsaw circle, a sheet is inserted into the hole. The free end of the manual model is again fixed in place with a clamp or a fastening screw. The workpiece is pressed to the workbench with clamps, propyl is produced according to the transferred line. When the circle closes, the central element is separated from the sheet and the edges are processed with an emery paper or file.

Before you cut with a jigsaw with an electric motor, you need to install a narrow file on it. There is a special improvement for this tool, called a round cutter, it is set in the center and start working. When working on the tool should not push, it does not contribute to a faster course. As a result of pressure, the jigsaw file and even its fastenings can bend and break. If the circle to be cut has a small radius, it is better to do the work in several approaches, as sharp turns can break and bend the canvas.

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How to cut a hole in the tile with the jigsaw?

Crowns for drilling tiles have a small diameter and are not suitable for most of the required holes. When using the grinder requires masterly possession of the tool to perform a smooth hole. Therefore, using the jigsaw is almost the only way. For work, you need a special fabric of high strength. Before starting work it is required to drill a hole using a drill or a crown.

Having led a cloth inside and having fixed it, start to saw. Coated tiles are even more difficult to saw than homogeneous. After completion of the hole is processed with sandpaper.

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