How can i make a band saw

When building or repairing a cottage or a country house, works with the use of such material as wood usually take the main place. At the same time, the size of the board or timber that may be needed in the next stage of such works is almost impossible to predict. The place where they can be purchased is rarely within walking distance, so the services of such a unit as a sawmill, where you can produce lumber of any size as needed, become a vital necessity.


The band sawmill is necessary for the manufacture of lumber of all sizes and shapes.

It is much easier and cheaper to buy logs and disband them yourself to the parts that you need. However, the band sawmill factory production costs a lot of money, as well as a similar disc power-saw bench. Their purchase becomes profitable only in the case of the production of lumber for sale. If you use this unit only for personal needs, it is much more profitable to make the sawmill itself.

At the same time, it is somewhat easier to make a circular sawmill, but the work on it is more laborious and it is most convenient to make slats and bars on it. In order to dissolve the log on the boards, the band sawmill is structurally adapted best of all, and the boards take the first place in terms of use in the house. You can make a band saw yourself yourself from scrap materials that can be easily found in the countryside. To do this, you will need a welding machine, an electric drill and the services of a turning and milling machine. With their help, a fully functional sawmill is being assembled for personal use.

Device of a band saw

Sawmill scheme

The scheme of the band saw.

If the disk power-saw bench has a fixed sawing disk, and you need to move a tree to it, then the power-saw bench itself moves in a horizontal plane along the fixed tree along the guides. Sawing tape is installed on the leading and driven pulleys and is tensioned with effort, which ensures a smooth cutting line. The design of this unit is based on the principle of individual blocks, which can be supplemented and expanded. On a simple basic device with a manual principle of material supply, you can put various additional mechanisms, up to an electronic control system that does not require human participation in the process. The band sawmill consists basically of such parts as:

  1. The frame having two guides for the movement of the sawing tape.
  2. Mechanism with mechanical, spring or hydraulic drive, with which the sawing tape is stretched.
  3. The holder for the sawing tape.
  4. Screw lifting mechanism for sawing tape.
  5. The wheels are driven and driven, one of which is fixed and the second is moving.
  6. Belt drive with wedges.
  7. An electric motor with a capacity of at least 15 kW or a gasoline engine of similar power.
  8. Eccentrics for fixing the log.
  9. Tank with tap for wetting fluid.
  10. Rail track to move the structure.

In addition, protective enclosures and stops are required for safe operation and graduated strips for adjustment and adjustment. The log itself is placed between two guides and rigidly fixed, and the thickness of the board is determined manually by lifting the tape above the level of the fixed guides with the help of a lifting mechanism.

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Materials for the manufacture of band saws

Drawing of the production of band saw

Drawing manufacturing band saw.

To assemble the band sawmill itself, you must first select the appropriate materials for its installation. U-shaped channel is used as guides along which the structure will move. Sleepers are cut from a metal water pipe with a diameter of 25 mm. Pulleys can be removed from the old combine, they must have a diameter of at least 300 mm. Such as there were on combine harvesters brand "Niva". They will have to grind off a little on a lathe to such an extent that the tension belt protrudes slightly over the edge of the pulley. Rails for fixing the logs can be made of half-inch iron pipe. The mechanism for tightening the sawing tape is perfectly made of a spring from a motorcycle shock absorber. The frame is assembled from an iron corner or channel. As clamps for fixing the log, you can put the movable stops.

The sawing tape itself is best to buy a brand, designed for band sawmills, because not only the performance of the unit directly depends on it, but also the safety of whoever will work on it. It is desirable that its width does not exceed 60 mm. The electric motor can be removed anywhere, as long as its power is at least, and preferably more than 15 kW. A gasoline engine from a motorcycle or moped can replace it. As a tank for wetting fluid, a portable cylinder for liquefied gas in which a tap is inserted is ideal.

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How to make a band saw with your own hands?

Sawmill Adjustment Scheme

The scheme of adjustment of the sawmill.

Installation of the structure must be carried out in a suitable room. In order to work comfortably with logs, the space should be at least 18 square meters. It is desirable that the dimensions of the room were not less than 6 x 3 m.

Two channels are laid along the room, and holes with a diameter of 15 mm are drilled through them every 100-150 cm. Sleepers with a length of 25 cm are made of a water pipe and fastened with bolts. The assembled frame is placed on racks, welded or screwed onto bolts from a channel or a corner. at the same time the number of racks depends on the length of the bed. At the bed in 6 m you need at least 4 racks. Extreme posts should be about 80 cm from the ends of the rails. To make the whole bed stand horizontally, but the supports would not go into the ground, boards are enclosed under them.

The movable platform is made of a corner with a side of 50 mm, which is bent into a quadrangular frame. Stiffening ribs are inserted crosswise from the same corner, and the platform is covered with an iron sheet 5 mm thick. The length of the platform should be 60-70 cm, and the width is 10 cm wider than the bed. Rollers or bearings are attached to the platform from below, which ensure its movement along the guides. The position of the platform is fixed clamping plate. To the lower plane of the platform is fixed stop from the corner, thanks to which the platform can move. On the platform from the corner going frame in which the motor is installed.

Connection diagram of electric power sawmill

Connection diagram of electric sawmill.

Such a power-saw bench has a frame from a channel 150 cm long, which can be assembled with bolts. Even if it is a little "play", it is not essential. At one end of it, the leading saw pulley is fixedly fastened, and on the other - the driven saw, which has the ability to move longitudinally. Since they are stowed so that the belt protrudes above the edge just to the height of the tooth, the teeth are not broken. On the driven pulley slider, one lock is fastened, and the other is mounted on the front beam of the belt machine. They allow you to remove and install the sawing tape. From all edges of the guides, side sprockets are mounted, in which the sleeve is mounted, and a chain is inserted into it, with which the platform is moved. It can be removed from the same combine as the pulleys.

The log to be sawn is laid on the guides of a half-inch pipe that has a wider pipe on. Movable rods inserted into them allow you to set the log to the desired height and are fixed with a screw.

On top of the boom mounted clamping mechanisms with a length of 15-20 mm with screw clamps. So that the sawdust flying in all directions does not stick to the pulleys and the sawing tape, periodically the working area should be wetted with liquid. The tank with it is placed at the very top of the structure, and the liquid is supplied using a faucet.

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The advantages of homemade sawmill

Minipilorma assembly

Minipilorma assembly.

Despite the improvised construction, the home-made band power-saw bench has several advantages over the industrial production model. As the owner did it himself, the sawmill responds to his specific needs and demands. Up to the point that the feed system and control can be mirrored, if left-handed work on it. In addition, a sawmill, made on the spot on their own, as a rule, is made as collapsible as possible. Such a power-saw bench is more mobile than factory, it can be transported by a less heavy truck or even a pick-up truck.

The self-made power-saw bench can have interchangeable details of a design which will allow to work most conveniently with materials of a certain type. Such can be almost all the details, if there are materials for their manufacture. The time and money spent on such a sawmill will quickly pay off. It can work no worse than the brand.

And since it is made by hand, repair and maintain this sawmill is much easier and cheaper.

And the main thing is that work on it brings moral satisfaction. After all, homemade sawmill saved the owner a very substantial money.

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