How can cut glass without glass cutter

It so happens that urgently needed a piece of glass. A glass cutter in the foreseeable space is not observed, or it just came into disrepair. Below we describe how to cut the glass without a glass cutter. And this can really be done. After all, the glass cutter as a widely available tool appeared relatively recently. In the old days, this tool was not widely available.


Glass is usually cut with a glass cutter, but there are other ways to help cut it at home.

Cobalt-tungsten alloys, which are notable for their high strength, were not invented, and there was no mention of technical diamonds. A simple knife for this job is no good. And only wealthy craftsmen could afford to use even a small piece of natural stone for cutting glass. It is now a relatively cheap artificial diamonds and cutters of high-strength alloys allow almost without effort to cut hard materials, which include glass.

The easiest way to get the result of the desired shape and size is, of course, cutting the glass in the manufacturing process - smelting. But few have the opportunity to keep on hand the necessary materials and equipment for melting, and this process is not at all as simple as it seems. And we will leave the production of window glass in an artisanal way for numerous heroes of the books about "popadans", written by technically illiterate authors. But there is a way out, besides, there are even several of them. Below we will talk about how you can cope with this work with the help of other tools and ingenuity.

We cut the glass with ordinary scissors

Glass cutting with scissors

With the help of ordinary scissors and water you can easily cut not very thick glass.

The glass is immersed in warm water, and under it it is simply cut with scissors into pieces of the desired size. Do not believe? Try it yourself. Take a small piece of glass, immerse it in a bucket of water and cut it with ordinary tailor's scissors. Did not work out? So you are dealing with tempered glass. And the usual should succumb to the scissors blades like cardboard.

If you need to cut a piece from a large plate, then it can be immersed in a full bath or in a large basin. Mark with a marker on its surface and proceed: draw along the marked lines with the tip of the scissors, and then just break off the excess. To avoid accidentally cutting yourself with sharp edges, wear gloves. Yes, and it is desirable to protect the eyes from fragments.

This method is suitable for cutting materials with a thickness of no more than 3 mm. But then you can cut out any shape you like, but with only straight contours. For shape cutting will need to prepare a template in advance. Glue it to the glass with any glue, put it in water and start cutting. The more water will be above the glass, the easier it will work.

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Fire, water and twine

You will need:

  • natural twine (flax, wool or cotton);
  • flammable liquid (gasoline, alcohol or kerosene);
  • a vessel of cool water (an ordinary plastic bottle will do).

You make a markup on the glass, limiting the dimensions you need, then you soak the string well with flammable liquid, put it on your markup and set it on fire.


With the help of ordinary twine, you can easily melt the glass to the desired part.

As soon as the flame goes out, immediately pour a thin stream of water along the line. Glass is simply obliged to crack in this place. Well, and then everything is trivial: break off the glass on the crack and clean the edges with sandpaper. If the crack does not appear, then you have to start the whole process again.

By the way, if you put the string in a figure, then you can end up with a rather complexly shaped plate. And for cutting bottles, this method is simply irreplaceable. After all, glass cutter to apply on a curved surface is difficult.

A little practice, you can cut and the specified shape of the hole. The technology is exactly the same. Only instead of breaking off the cut piece, knocking is applied:

  • glue the crack along the contour with adhesive tape or adhesive plaster;
  • Carefully tap the contour with a wooden stick or a cloth wrapped with a hammer;
  • extrude the cut piece.

If you do not have the opportunity to mess with the strings, you can cut the glass and a soldering iron.

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Soldering iron and file

You can also cut glass without a glass cutter using such common tools as a file and a soldering iron.

You will need the file in order to make a small file along the edge of the glass, marking the beginning of the cut. Then take a heated soldering iron and slowly but firmly guide them along the glass surface. If you are not sure about the hardness of your hand, then use a metal ruler. Directly behind the tip of the soldering iron, a crack forms on the glass surface, along which it will easily crack and then crack.

There is no file in the household? No problem. Scrape the edge with an ordinary steel nail or gently grind it with a grinder. Well, the missing soldering iron will successfully replace the electric burner. Well, or the same nail, but only red-hot. Of course, you will have to tinker, since the nail will need to be constantly heated up anew.

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