How and what to cut porcelain tiles

Due to the fact that not everyone knows how to cut ceramic-granite tiles with their own hands, such material, despite the beauty and good performance, is chosen by only a few.

Porcelain Cutting Tools

Tools for cutting porcelain: tile cutter, Bulgarian, machine for wet cutting.

Laying tiles is not an easy process, even for professionals. Difficulties await at each stage, especially with regard to cutting the tile, because to get quality pieces of the right size, you must first prepare using recommendations and expert advice.

What is the best cut?

Properly cut ceramic granite tiles can only be subject to the following factors:

Tile cutter

The device tile cutter.

  • correct tool selection;
  • accounting procedures.

When choosing a tool you should be aware that they are all divided into:

  1. Glass Cutters Despite the name of this group of tools, they are quite realistic to cut tile and tile, although they are not considered effective tools.
  2. Professional tile cutters. Highlight electrical and hand tools.
  3. Bulgarian and wet cutting machines. They are considered the most effective and accurate instruments.

When choosing such a durable building material as a porcelain stoneware tile or natural granite, it is important to remember that at the same time their strength and disadvantage in terms of the need for cutting is strength. It should also be borne in mind that granite tiles are not recommended for cladding indoors because of the ability to increase the background radiation, and granite, despite the strength, is a rather fragile material.

For cutting, craftsmen generally prefer tile cutters, if the matter does not concern curved cuts or at an angle. But for home use such a choice is not rational, since the cost of the device is far from small, and the need for it will arise a couple of times. Therefore, it is better to consider an alternative - Bulgarian.

Cutting with a glass cutter

If you do not need to cut large volumes of tiles, you can choose a glass cutter.

Of course, working with such a tool will lead to a lot of dust and heat, but cutting ceramic-granite tiles and especially granite will not succeed without using an electric grinder with diamond discs, otherwise the whole process will take at least a week to complete. In addition, granite tiles can be cut at different angles, while the grinder also carries out the correction of the cut edge.

It is important to use quality circles for the grinder, which depends on the number of diamond inclusions. This largely affects the integrity of the tile when cutting, as well as the lack of metal licking areas on the circles. It is recommended to pre-check the tool - cut a little concrete or plaster.

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How to cut tiles: a brief instruction

For tile cutting you will need the following materials:

Special tool for cutting tiles

Even the figured holes can be cut with a special tool.

  • Bulgarian;
  • circles with smooth edges (diamond or for cutting concrete);
  • gloves;
  • mask;
  • protective glasses.

Before proceeding with the procedure, prepare a well-ventilated room. The surface for cutting need to pick a flat, for example, you can put a drywall.

It should be remembered that the longer and longer you need to cut the strip, the more difficult it will be to do, while cutting across is much easier than lengthwise.

Measure the exact distance from the last tile to the wall and mark it on the tile. To do this, you need to remove the value equal to the width of the 2 seams, and add an additional 1 mm. The main thing is to cut it horizontally, carefully paving the furrow, gradually deepening it.

Turn on the grinder and after the device has gained momentum, carefully, without pressing, start cutting along the marking in the opposite direction. The edges compared to the middle must be cut as deep as possible. Cutting a tile by the grinder, it is necessary to watch tool speed not to exceed 3,5 thousand revolutions per minute.

In the case of an unsuccessful cut, you can use a pair of pliers to break off sharp notches, work the edges with a file, and then sand the sandpaper. You will have a smooth and smooth edge. The video clearly demonstrates the procedure for cutting porcelain tiles.

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