How and what to cut floor tiles

Tiles are the most common material for flooring, as they are easy to maintain. It has an attractive appearance and is considered highly resistant to chemical and physical effects, which makes it an indispensable material for flooring. Despite all the advantages, problems always arise with it during installation.

Tile cutter stop

With the help of the stop tile can be cut at any angle.

In the process of laying it is necessary to cut certain parts of the tile, since each room has individual dimensions of the area. Floor tile has a fairly rigid structure, which is often very difficult to cut. Below is a detailed discussion of how to properly cut floor tiles without damaging its surface.

Basic methods for cutting floor tiles

Most of the people who do the laying of the floor tile themselves are faced with the problem of cutting and want to decide which method is the best. Wall tile can be easily processed with a glass cutter, but this tool is completely unsuitable for the dense structure of ceramic tiles laid on the floor. In this situation, the problem can be solved by a tile cutter, a grinder or a stone-cutting machine.

Tips for cutting tiles

Work techniques when cutting tiles.

Each of these tools has certain pros and cons. For example, working as a grinder, you can cope in a relatively short time, which is an undoubted advantage. But It is worth noting that in the course of the work dust pillars are formed, which cause discomfort. In addition, the Bulgarian makes a rather loud noise.

The tile cutter, on the contrary, has a low speed of execution of all the work and does not produce excessive noise at all. It should be borne in mind that when cutting with a tile cutter, it will be necessary to replace its cutting element more than once.

The process of cutting tiles with each of these tools is described in detail below so that you can familiarize yourself with all the nuances of the upcoming work and decide which equipment to choose for processing the floor material.

For high-quality cutting of floor tiles, the following accessories will be required:

  • ruler or centimeter;
  • pen or pencil for marking;
  • gon;
  • safety glasses, respirator and gloves.
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How to cut a tile grinder?

Electric tile cutting machine

The scheme of cutting tiles by electric tile cutter.

Cutting with the help of such a tool is made by a special diamond wheel, which rotates at high speed. When operating the grinder, you must follow certain rules, since this equipment is a high level of danger to the person working with him. In addition, careless handling can easily damage the material being processed.

Before you begin, you need to make a neat layout on the tile. After that, you need to securely fix it and perform a cut.

The tool must be turned on before presenting it to the material being processed, otherwise there is a risk of the disk jamming. Before operating, make sure that the power cord is in a safe area so as not to damage it. The Bulgarian must be equipped with a protective case, otherwise chipped and sparks can get on the human body. It should be remembered that, when cutting floor tiles, it is necessary to wear protective glasses, gloves and a respirator, since in the process of work there is a lot of concrete dust that can get into the eyes or penetrate the respiratory tract.

Cutting tiles with the help of the grinder is not a very time-consuming process. It only requires you to comply with safety regulations in order to avoid undesirable consequences.

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How to cut floor tile tile cutter?

Such a tool can be purchased at a hardware or hardware store.

The tile cutter is equipped with a sharpened disc, which is designed to speed up the process of cutting ceramic tiles.

Cutting Tile Glass Cutter

The scheme of cutting tile glass cutter.

In addition to mechanical devices, there are also hydraulic ones, but for masters without relevant experience it is best to use the first option, since such a tile cutter is mastered much faster. You will quickly see this by working with him for only 10-15 minutes.

As soon as you make a notch tool on the marked line, you need a slight movement to break the tile with the help of an iron pin, which is included in the equipment with the tile cutter. Such pins are most often placed on the tongs of the device.

In addition to the pins, the tool is equipped with a special ruler, which facilitates the process of measuring tiles, since it is possible to fix the necessary length on it. This allows you to cut all the other tiles, making them identical. This is adapted extremely useful in cases where you need to cut a large amount of material, creating high-precision tile copies.

Manual Tile Cutter Application

The scheme of the manual tile cutter.

When handling the tool, it is necessary to do all the work carefully and without sudden movements, because there is a risk of damage to expensive material. Also do not forget to fix the tile, so that at the time of cutting it was completely motionless. It is recommended to use any reliable design, for example, a metal table.

The main advantage of this cutting method is the uniformity of the cuts, which is achieved due to the sharpness of the cutting elements. In the role of the deficit is the inability to perform rounded cuts. Therefore, for such works it is recommended to use the grinder.

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How to cut a tile with a stone-cutting machine?

In addition to the mechanical knife, you can use a special stone-cutting machine. It should be borne in mind that its cost significantly exceeds the price of a simple tile cutter. When purchasing such a tool, it is necessary to pay attention to the speed of rotation of the cutter, since performance and effectiveness of the work carried out depend on this indicator.

Getting to work with a stone-cutting machine, it is necessary to make a small notch on the surface of the tile to indicate the marking line. It should be ensured that the line was as even as possible. The notch is made by lightly pressing on the machine in the process of marking the line. This method should be used to perform cutting in a straight line, that is, without bends and rounding.

As is clear from this manual, cutting tiles is not a particularly difficult process. It will be necessary to take into account only certain features of the upcoming work and select the desired method of cutting.

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