Homemade practical miter saw

Basically, a miter saw is the most common circular saw mounted above the table. Due to some features of the tool, it is possible with great effect to cut different materials at a specific angle.

Miter saw design

Miter saw design.

Such a homemade miter saw can cut:

  • wood;
  • plastic;
  • aluminum;
  • various colored alloys.

The most important features of a miter saw are:

  • compactness;
  • low weight

Machine weight can fluctuate and reach a maximum of 30 kg. It all depends on the specific model, its functional abilities. Crosscut saws are widely used in the woodworking industry. With their help, you can solve a variety of tasks.

The use of miter saw allows you to make the connection in the "mustache" Such machines are called "trimming-trimming". This tool is widely used masters of framing workshops, it is used in the manufacture of furniture.

Crosscutting machine

Scheme tortsovochnogo machine.

Tortsovochny saws allow to saw the details made of the most different materials. In cutting models, replaceable discs are used that allow cutting the appropriate type of material. Almost all types of miter saws are made in such a way that it is possible to install the tool at a certain angle and specific size due to the rotation of the table.

On some models of saws, it is possible to rotate the tool only in a certain direction. Usually the cost of such a saw is low enough. When the saw can be turned in different directions, the machine receives many additional benefits. However, the cost of such a device is very high.

Rotating the saw 360 ° allows you to process workpieces of any complex shape. The saw head is inclined relative to the working table. Adjusting the turn of the saw is easy.

Each master who has conceived to perform home-made trimming must take this crucial moment into account. To determine the required angle of rotation, he must determine which materials and workpieces will be machined with a miter saw.

Normalized is considered to turn the saw at an angle in the range of 45-55 °.

Making and assembly tortsovochnogo machine with their own hands

Diagram of miter saw blade

Diagram of the miter saw disk.

To make a bed, you need a thick metal sheet and steel corners. An old bed is perfect for this purpose.

Using a welding machine, a hole is made in the steel sheet, the edges are made with a file.

For work the electric motor of small power will approach. 900 watts are enough. It is mounted on the base using an additional spring. It plays the role of a stabilizer.

Such a design to tilt the system requires some effort. To shift the handle has to apply considerable force. The result is a smooth movement of the saw mechanism.

Device Parameters:

  • cutting disc radius - 100 mm;
  • spindle speed - 1500 rpm

These characteristics make it easy to process wood with a maximum thickness of 70 mm.

If the bed is not at hand, the bed can be welded from metal corners.

Adjustable feet and racks should be provided. The basis of the pendulum rack is a channel, based on a metal base.

As a result, the installation gets additional strength, its weight is added. On such a machine is very easy to do homemade trimming.

Manual miter saw

Manual miter saw.

For work, you can use a three-phase electric motor, with a capacity of 2,200 watts. As a support mounted swinging plate, which hold the hinge connection. The belt of an electric motor pulley is tensioned by a folding device. The pendulum is made from the material that was used for the frame.

Saws with a diameter of 420 mm are suitable for use. The number of spindle revolutions must be at least 2800 rpm. With such parameters it is possible to process wooden bars with a width of 70 mm.

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Advantages of miter saw

First of all, it concerns small financial investments. The cost of all components is quite accessible to every craftsman. Thanks to high savings, an original and multifunctional trimming machine is obtained. However, such high savings can occur only if each component can be purchased very quickly.

For example, the absence of an electric motor of a certain power can affect the efficiency of the whole structure.

Table of angles of miter saw

Table tilt miter angles.

The advantages of such a homemade miter saw can be attributed to the fact that it fully meets the needs of the manufacturer. He can choose the desired machine parameter, make a table of a suitable size, set the speed of rotation of the saw.

Of course, the dignity of such a machine is the master’s knowledge of all the details and assemblies of the facing device. He will very quickly be able to fix the damage, carry out the necessary repairs. Such self-made trimming can be considered a real competitor of factory analogues.

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additional characteristics

Since many parts were used with low quality, it is very difficult to guarantee long-term work. In this case, the factory performance can call the life of the machine. It usually ranges from two to three years. In addition, manufacturers are responsible for the quality of the product and its work.

Performance suffers. It is difficult to create equipment of high power and proper quality from limited resources. For the miter saw to function successfully, an exact selection of certain components is required.

It is safe to say that not everyone is well versed in the characteristics of electric motors and various mechanical devices. If you make the wrong choice of equipment, additional financial costs will follow. Very often, they far exceed the cost of factory equipment.

It should be noted that the miter saw, made in the factory, having the same characteristics with a homemade, has more functionality. For example, the machine brand STROMAB RS-40 allows the processing of boards, whose length reaches 400 mm with a width of 65 mm. It is possible to get cuts at an angle of 45 °. Homemade miter saw is not designed for such parameters. She can perform only rectangular cuts.

The characteristic disadvantages of such a "homemade" include security. It is rare to find homemade trimming, which has protective covers. Sometimes parts have minor defects, due to which the worker injures his hands, sometimes even cuts off his fingers.

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