High-quality repair of a circular saw

The advantages of any home tool can be fully appreciated only after it fails. This axiom is known to every home master. The presence in the arsenal of a large number of devices has led to the fact that most people simply have no idea how to do this or that operation without them.

A circular saw

The circular saw is used for smooth cutting of various materials.

In the case of a circular saw, this is especially true. The fact is that it is indispensable for the longitudinal sawing of wood, it does not have a worthy analog among hand tools. With the help of an ordinary hand saw this is not done. Therefore, when the circular for some reason refuses to work, all work stops. It is urgent to do something. However, do not rush to carry it to the workshop, repair circular saw can be done and most.

Fault location

First you try to determine what is broken. This refers not to a specific node, but to the nature of the damage. It may be mechanical or occur in the electric part of the saw. In other words, if smoke comes out of it, this is one thing, and when there is extraneous noise or whistling, it is quite another. It is these two criteria that are the main ones at localizing the fault. There is, however, a third one when the saw does not make any sound at all. Let's start with it.

Circular Saw

Circular saw device.

Oddly enough, the fact that the saw is silent can be a good sign. Here it is useful to mention those faults that are usually printed on the last page of the operation manual. At first glance, they seem ridiculous, but show a little respect for them. Check if there is voltage at the outlet and if the power cord is working. If everything is fine, then there is only one chance to avoid complete disassembly - check the brushes.

On the vast majority of circulars in order to get to the brushes, you must unscrew the two bolts. This node consists of two coal elements that abut the collector. Since it constantly rotates, the brushes are subject to wear and “hang” over time, i.e. do not reach him. This should pay attention first. In addition, the carbon brushes are connected to the stator terminals. In this place the contact sometimes disappears. Check this. If everything is normal, disassembly cannot be avoided.

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Disassembly and its features

The operation itself is quite complicated, some workshops take money for it, regardless of the result of the repair. Each saw has its own device, and precise advice cannot be given. You can figure it out on your own. But what to disassemble in the first place, consider more.

Very frequent damage, regardless of the brand, is a malfunction of the switch button.

The device of a circular saw with the separate engine

The device circular saw with a separate engine.

For all models, it is located in the handle, which, when unwound, diverges into two parts.

You can’t split it to the end, it will stick to other details, but you can get to the button, but it will be a little inconvenient. Despite this, the tester probes need to check the operation of the switch.

If it turns out to be faulty, the repair is complete. However, to put in place a new one, the saw will have to be completely disassembled. But if the button is OK, you will also have to do it.

Remove the disc. Now you can remove the protection, which is what you are doing. Under it, 4 long bolts, unscrew them. The sequence and number of parts may be slightly different, but as a result, the engine with a gearbox, a handle and an electrical cord should remain in the hands. Unplug the gearbox, and now is the time to recall how the fault appeared.

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Mechanical failures

Symptoms of such faults can manifest themselves in different ways, but almost always the work is accompanied by extraneous noise. It can be whistling, grinding or clicking. Now, while the engine and gearbox are still assembled, it is necessary to establish which of them is faulty. Try to turn the engine over the shaft. It should rotate quite hard, but evenly, i.e. should not wedge.

Linear Circular Saw

Linear circular saws.

If the motor shaft does not rotate or rotates in jerks, the motor is faulty. Disassemble it and see the bearings. The first is in the engine housing, the other is on its rotor. With full confidence we can assume that one of them is to blame. It would be good to change it quite easily.

If the bearing is at fault on the engine anchor, you can safely carry it in for repair. Removing it yourself without special tools is almost impossible. In addition, all attempts to do this may damage the armature. In the workshop will not have to carry the entire saw, but only the rotor. It is easier and cheaper.

The main malfunction of the gearbox is wear gear teeth. In this case, it must be replaced. You should also pay attention to the slots of the anchor. They, too, should not be damaged.

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Armature and stator malfunctions

These faults are the most common. During operation, strong sparking unexpectedly appears in the brush area. Smoke can go out and smell like burning. Such damage is sometimes very difficult to diagnose. Let's start with the simplest and most expensive case.

Circuit saw health check circuit

Circuit saw operability test circuit.

After opening the engine, it turns out that there are traces of burning on both the rotor and the stator. It's all clear. It is necessary to change both that, and another. The option is expensive, but the probability of error is excluded. It is worse when the stator is smoked and the anchor is like new. At first glance it seems simple - you need to change the stator. Not necessarily. The rotor may also be faulty, but be “in the cliff”. Moreover, it could have caused more serious damage. Determine its failure in this case is quite simple.

  1. Disconnect the stator terminals from the brushes. In their place, fix the tester test leads, it should show a small resistance.
  2. Slowly rotate the motor shaft, if at some point the resistance increases, then the anchor is defective.

And the last, most difficult case, when visually everything is in order. Even if you apply the method described above, it will not guarantee that the rotor is in good condition. However, if the device shows a break, then you can try to change it. But mostly in this case it is better to contact the master. Without special devices can not do.

Very often a circular saw is bought for a specific purpose. In this case, a person does not even think about whether it is suitable for this. The fact is that there are professional circulars, designed for long-term work, and there are those that can work only 3 hours a day, and even then with interruptions.

Of course, if you work like a saw without a break all day, it will surely burn. After all, no manufacturer does not hide what mode of operation is provided for this saw. This is simply no one, as a rule, not interested. In addition, many, buying a saw in the store and drawing attention to the fact that she has a disk with pokavitovymi soldering, decides that it should not be sharpened. The result is smoke from the engine. Even such a disc eventually dies. Saw productivity sharply falls, and you demand from it the same return, as earlier. So she does not stand.

Therefore, before actively operating the circular saw, read the instructions and consult with experts. The same applies to the work of chainsaws and other tools. Maybe after this repair is not required. Good luck!

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