Features cutting tiles grinder

It is no secret that when laying tiles of various surfaces in various houses and buildings it often turns out that the total area to be covered is not a multiple of the size of the tile. From one, and more often from two edges, there are places where the whole tile simply does not fit. And then cutting the facing tile into pieces of a more suitable size becomes a must.

Tile Cutting Patterns

Tile cutting patterns.

It is impossible to simply detach fragments from a whole tile, since in this case it is almost impossible to predict in advance the shape and size of the fragments. Professional facing tilers use special tools for this, but if the tile is put on its own and access to such tools cannot be obtained, then an electric sander, better known as a Bulgarian, will be used for cutting.

Necessary equipment and safety measures

In general, the tile is cut by the grinder in the same way as cutting bricks, paving slabs or facing stone. First of all, you need to take a special diamond-cut diamond blade designed for dry cutting on ceramic tiles and stone. The quality of the cut line directly depends on its quality. It is even smoother and cleaner, the more diamond inclusions in the composition of the substance from which this disc is made. The discs made by the German company "Bosch" are considered to be the best, almost no chips of enamel coating appear on the edges of the cut-through line, but they cost about $ 20 per piece with a diameter of 12.5 cm.

Scheme device grinders

Scheme device grinders.

At the same time, Chinese disks of a similar purpose and size cost 4 times less, and the cutting quality is not much worse. Cutting a tile with a metal cutting disc is by no means possible; it can be dangerous.

It is worth remembering that cutting tiles with the help of the grinder may be accompanied by the risk of injury. To avoid them, there are simple security measures that are best followed strictly. First, particles inevitably fly away from the tile during the cutting process, and given the speed of rotation of the disk, their acceleration in flight is extremely high. After contact with eyes, they enter so deeply that it is almost impossible to remove them without surgery. Therefore, goggles or a transparent mask should be on the face necessarily. Secondly, the disk should go into the surface of the tile only by a third of its diameter, at least half. Otherwise, the grinder may jerk and fly out of the hands. This is fraught, at best, with damage to the tile, and at worst and with a serious hand injury. Traumatic safety measures must always be remembered.

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Features of the cutting process

For the layperson in the veneer business, it is worthwhile to communicate several useful rules, subject to which cutting tiles with the help of a grinder will be fairly easy.

Diagram of correct tile cutting

Diagram of correct tile cutting.

  1. The cut line should be carried out on the front side of the tile. This significantly reduces the size of the sheared fragments of the enamel coating.
  2. In the process of cutting the grinder should be kept so that the direction of rotation of the disc is in the opposite direction from the working side. Then the fragments will not fly into it.
  3. After some time, in the process of cutting, particles of molten metal form on the cutting face of the disk, and it begins to slide along the surface of the tile. To remove them, you need to walk a little working grinder on the concrete surface. Then the melted metal will fly off, and the surface with diamond dust will be exposed again.

To avoid the appearance of fine ceramic dust around the drifts, or just to facilitate the process, you can take a plastic canister with a capacity of 5 liters and cut off one of its walls. Then on one edge you can lean the body of the grinder, and on the other tile that you want to cut, and send them towards each other. The direction of rotation of the disk should be down into the canister, where all the dust and debris will fly. However, for this movement must be accurate, otherwise the tile just burst. If the necessary skill for such work is absent, then it is best to set the grinder motionless, and to make all maneuvers with a lighter tile. In addition, it will release the second hand for them.

The body of the grinder can be wound with adhesive tape vertically to the leg of the desktop so that the cutting portion of the disk rises above its surface. Then, a remote tabletop is made with a slot for the disk on which the tile will be placed. It turns out some constructive similarity of a circular saw.

In another case, the grinder is placed on the table horizontally and fixed with the help of two clamps. The cutting disc must extend completely over the edge of the table. The tile will be brought to it on weight with two hands. The cutting process will be much safer and save a considerable amount of tile if you take for it a grinder, which has a function for switching speeds.

Then the Bulgarian can quite effectively replace a special tile cutter.

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