Face saw

The end saw is a tool that is designed to cut materials of varying complexity: wood, plastic, laminate and soft aluminum. Often it is also called tortsovochnoy in everyday life. Such a tool for sawing has a very high degree of accuracy, which makes it indispensable for professionals.

Miter saw

The choice of a miter saw is influenced by the type of material being cut, for which it will be used, be it wood, plastic, or soft aluminum.

Saws of this type are used in different workshops, but there are also cases that people buy a machine only for domestic purposes. This is not surprising, since the main element is a special disk with which the work is performed. That it provides accuracy and relative ease of implementation.

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Today there are two main types of face saws on the market. Some are purely sawn construction for its intended purpose, while others additionally include the function of a trimmer. Accordingly, the device and their cost are significantly different.

A conventional miter saw is a system of saw blade, motor and footboard, on which there is a start button and a handle for holding the saw. The saw blade will always be made of a fairly durable material, which makes the saw applicable almost everywhere on the farm.

As for the engine, it can be both collector and asynchronous. Collector engines do not require constant maintenance and lubrication of its individual mechanisms, but asynchronous engines can serve much longer without breakdowns. In addition, they make much less noise during the operation of the tool.

End Saw Design

The design of the end saw.

As for the miter saw, its basic device remains the same. At the same time, the tool is simply retrofitted with a small special sawing table for work. In the end, this makes the whole process faster and more accurate, which is important for many.

So, the device saw briefly considered. Now is the time to consider the main selection criteria for which you need to navigate. Due to the fact that face saws are very expensive, you need to know how to choose them correctly when buying them.

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Determine the purpose of the saw

So, the main purpose of miter saw. Since the purpose of this tool is direct, it is important to consider only two factors - the frequency of use and the need for a table for cutting materials. And another degree of need for high-quality cutting of soft metal.

If tortsovochny machine is required, then it is better to buy a universal saw with such a function. The same applies to the need for frequent and accurate metal cutting. But do not forget that the saw with the function of such a machine is much heavier in weight. And this suggests that it may not be so easy to work in everyday life in some cases.

Technical characteristics of face saws of various manufacturers

Technical characteristics of face saws of various manufacturers.

Now for the frequency of use. This parameter is essentially total, that is, it includes all other characteristics. So, if you intend to use the saw not so often, but only as needed, then there is no point in buying expensive trimming. It will be enough to be an ordinary inexpensive household saw.

But for frequent use it makes sense to purchase professional trimming. Naturally, at the same time it will cost more, but it will serve for a long time. And you, in turn, will be able to independently select and configure the necessary modes for operation.

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Choosing a dusty disc

The next very important parameter is a dusty disk. From his right choice will depend on the quality of work and the degree of capacity utilization. Here it is important to consider 2 factors: the size of the disk and the quality of the facing teeth.

So, the size of the disk. High-quality trimming has a disc, in which the diameter of the cutting part is about 20 cm. At the same time, it is necessary to take into account the outer and mounting parts. The landing part should be close to the level of 3 cm, and the outer circle usually varies from 21 to 30.5 cm.

In order not to completely get confused in all these quantities, experts advise to pay special attention to the proportionality of the size and width of the disk. The wider its diameter, the better for work. But then the thickness of it should be appropriate. Otherwise, damage will not be avoided.

Dusty wheels

The quality of the dusty disk depends on its size and the quality of the facing teeth.

Particular attention should be paid to match the size of the disk engine power. With strong power, it is inappropriate to use a very large disk, since the result of the work will not be of high quality. This often indicates the presence of a factory marriage.

Another important point is the quality of the teeth of the disc. Special attention is paid to the degree of their sharpening. Good teeth will not have large uneven chipping visible to the eye. Their surface should be smooth and sharp enough.

The best is considered to be such teeth, on which there are small cuts and smooth waves. As a rule, then, during operation, the temperatures of the contacting materials are equalized, as a result of which the risk of possible deformation is reduced several times, and the noise from saw operation is much reduced.

There are also teeth that have a specific purpose. So, some are needed for the most accurate cut, while others are able to provide the highest speed in the transverse or longitudinal type of cut materials. But in case of emergency, these characteristics will make it easier for you to buy an additional special disk, it will be cheaper in any case.

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Safety, size and ergonomics

Safety is one of the most important characteristics of a face saw. As a rule, all tools of this type provide protection measures during operation. However, you still need to check everything again during the purchase.

Adjustment options for some miter saws

The ability to adjust some miter saws.

The saw must have a special protective cover, which is usually made of genuine leather. It will completely cover the spinning disc so that it does not cause you any damage. This does not interfere with the work process itself.

In addition to such a casing, some expensive types of face saws are equipped with a special bag in which the tool is stored. This, in turn, ensures the safety of storage of the saw, which is important especially when there are small children in the house.

Ergonomics and dimensions of the saw. This data has a huge impact on the work process. As a rule, all these listed parameters are inextricably interconnected. Ergonomics represent the degree of convenience of working with a saw, which directly depends on the weight and size of the tool.

For this reason, if you are going to work not in one place, but constantly being in motion, if everything else can do your work at a height or in non-standard conditions, it is advisable to give preference to a lighter and smaller tool. Moreover, it can have no less power than a massive heavy end-saw.

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The number of revolutions and power

Important characteristics are such as power and number of revolutions during operation. These characteristics are very related. Accordingly, the greater the power consumed from the network, the more revolutions the blade will make.

First, consider the power parameters. High power allows the saw to work much longer without interruption, while the disc can be used in almost any size. 1.6 kW is a standard value of this indicator, which is enough to perform any work. But modern units can have a power of 1.8 kW.

When choosing the power parameter, please note that more power entails a significantly greater weight of the unit. And this may not always be convenient. Even with a high power tool, good wiring is required, otherwise short circuits or power outages may occur.

Now for turns. As a rule, the more turns a disk can make, the cleaner your cut will be. But now produce such miter saws, in which you can easily regulate the number of revolutions independently. This is very convenient, since it is precisely revolutions that determine the quality of cutting of a certain type of material.

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Choice of saw brand

An extremely important parameter in the selection is the manufacturer of the end-face saw. Usually, even tools that have absolutely identical characteristics can differ significantly from each other in their work. Why is this happening? It all depends on the manufacturer. Each manufacturer uses its own materials and assembly principles.

Various possible technological improvements

Various possible technological improvements.

Makita is the first manufacturer of face saws to date. These tools are extremely secure. The tool of this brand has an additional parameter - the presence of traction function. It allows you to increase the width of the maximum possible cut. With the most modern saws, the thrust can even be adjusted. That is, you can independently choose the approximate width of the cut, which is most acceptable for you.

Makita usually has two rods at the base, on which the working unit is installed. This block represents either a small table with the basic basic configuration, or special folding stands. In the event that you do not want the saw to take up a lot of space during storage, it is better to purchase a tool with stands. Especially during work, you can not lay them out, if the nature of the process does not require it.

The second is quite well-proven manufacturer of miter saws is the company Bosch. The main advantage of the tools of this brand is that they are equipped with special circles, which make it possible to independently adjust the angle of cut. This is called a bed.

The most reliable are beds of magnesium alloys or of pure aluminum. In addition to the fact that such materials provide the most convenient and safe cut, they are fairly light, which gives the saw greater mobility and convenience when working.

Metabo saws have a unique feature - the ability to arbitrarily tilt and rotate the disc. Due to this, you can do work even in hard-to-reach places and not worry about the quality of the work produced. For this, the saw has a special regulator, which is usually installed near the desktop or layout.

This brand is distinguished by the presence of a projector, which is able to create a shadow from the disk. As a result, during the work, the projection of such a shadow will make it possible to make the cutting as accurate as possible. But not all types of saws of this brand have a projector. But the brand Dewalt it is available in almost all models.

So, the main parameters by which you can choose a face saw, fully considered.

To choose a quality tool for yourself at a reasonable price, it is important to consider all of them, without neglecting anything.

Therefore, carefully study the characteristics of the passport and see if this particular model is right for you or you should look for another option.

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