Corner sawmill

Timber is one of the most traditional and widespread building materials. Not always the end consumer is satisfied with their quality and range. The disk corner power-saw bench with the hands allows to solve this problem. With fine tuning, you can get boards and bars of the required quality and size.

Circular sawmill scheme

Circuit sawmill.

Features of the angle sawmill

The sawmill in general consists of two elements:

  • device for fixing the log;
  • movable frame with a motor on which the saw blade is attached.

Corner circular power-saw bench, as the name implies, can change the position of the cutting tool.

The principle of operation of this design excludes the presence of idling in the processing of timber. In the direct course of the frame with the engine, wood is cut at one angle. As the log passes, the engine with the disk fixed on it rotates at an angle of 90 ° and is reversed.

The classic scheme of sawmills

The classic scheme of power saws angle sawing.

There are options that include in their design two disks. In this case, they are installed perpendicular to each other and produce processing of the tree in one run. To reverse, the position of the discs is shifted horizontally by an amount corresponding to the thickness of the required lumber.

Thus, a circular power-saw bench with two discs, in one cycle of the frame stroke, receives two finished beams or planks (depending on the horizontal displacement of the cutting element).

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Preparatory work

Before you start to make a sawmill with your own hands, it is necessary to determine the place of its future placement.

To ensure convenient and safe work and to obtain a quality final product, it must meet the following requirements:

  • the ground must be level;
  • preferably a canopy, protecting it from the effects of precipitation and direct sunlight;
  • the site should be chosen taking into account the convenience of delivering roundwood to the place of processing and the convenience of storing lumber.

To make a circular sawmill with your own hands, you will need the following materials:

Sawmill guides assembly scheme

The assembly scheme guides the sawmill.

  • guides for the movement of the saw frame, rails are ideal for this purpose; in the absence of such, two channels of the required length can be used;
  • channel bars or metal (steel) angles for the manufacture of a movable frame;
  • engine to drive the cutting disc;
  • directly the disk itself and its mounting system on the shaft;
  • if necessary, two auxiliary electric motors, toothed chains and guides for moving the cutting tool.

The circular sawmill will require for its manufacturing the availability and ability to handle a number of tools:

  • grinder for cutting corners and channels;
  • welding machine (in its absence it can be used instead of a welded joint to fasten parts with bolts);
  • electric drill;
  • fitting tool.

A disk power-saw bench is started to be made from the installation of rails (guides) on the chosen platform, along which the frame will move.

When sawing on the log are significant mechanical effects.

Therefore, it is necessary to take care of its consolidation. Fixation can be done in different ways. One of the most common and simple ones is the similarity of a vice or clamps with teeth attached on them.

To ensure complete immobility of the material being processed, fixing devices are welded to horizontal bars, which, in turn, are rigidly connected to the rails.

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Manufacturing of a mobile frame

The most difficult in the manufacture of a sawmill with their own hands will be the manufacture of a movable frame and an accurate fit of all parts that ensure a uniform and smooth supply of the cutting tool.

From the corners of the cooked frame. Two corners parallel to each other and the rails are welded to the base of the frame in a plane perpendicular to it. These corners will play the role of the chassis, where four wheels are installed.

An additional transverse frame is fastened to the frame, on which an electric motor with a saw blade and a turning system are mounted. The design of the rotary system should provide for rotation of the engine and the disk by 90 ° and fixation of the entire system in the selected position.

The simplest turning system is an engine mounted on a pivot bearing, a lever for turning. Fixing in the simplest case can be done with bolts. To facilitate the work with the bolts on their heads, you can weld on additional plates, allowing them to be unscrewed by hand without using a wrench.

Changing the position of the engine vertically and horizontally relative to the belt being processed is carried out by means of a worm and chain transmission system.

The drive for them can serve as a handwheel, and auxiliary electric motors mounted on the frame. The implementation of the design of the programs depends on the specific case and the requirements for the final products, the knowledge and skills of the contractor and the availability of certain materials.

When the power-saw bench with the hands collected and debugged, you can begin to work on it. It should be remembered that a rotating disk can cause serious injuries. Therefore, in this case, more than ever, you should strictly follow the safety rules with cutting electric tools and woodworking machines.

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