Basic knowledge of sawing with a manual jigsaw

Using the applied art: cutting out with a hand fret-saw on a tree, chasing or burning, each person seeks to make his house beautiful and cozy. Especially noticeable in the settlements look like houses in which the skates, platbands or cornices are made with openwork wood carvings. For sawing jigsaw small, elegant crafts used plywood. The process of cutting out is simple: it does not require any additional space or a variety of tools, but it requires assiduity and firmness of the hand. The workplace should be equipped with a table-machine.

Hand Jigsaw

Manual jigsaw can carry out openwork carving on wood and other materials.

Required tool:

  • clamp;
  • hand jigsaw;
  • drill;
  • plane;
  • scalpel;
  • a set of files;
  • ruler;
  • gon;
  • hacksaw;
  • awl.

Initial sawing knowledge

Jigsaw toy

Beginners better hone skills on simple products.

Those wishing to master this applied art and acquire the necessary skills are best to start with the implementation of simple products - toys, i.e. do contour sawing.

It is necessary to properly prepare the tool, check the attachment and tension of the nail file. If its tension is weak, then the cutting will be uneven, which will significantly reduce the quality of the product. The reciprocating movement of the jigsaw should be smooth and without pressure. The workpiece is moved if necessary movement in the picture. If the figure shows a sharp turn, then it is cut at the turning point several times. To cut the openwork pattern, it is enough to make a puncture with an awl in the plywood and cut from the center to the edges. The hole made by the awl must be small so that you can stretch the file through it. To speed up the work, you can use a drill with a small drill. Sawing pattern is on its inner side.

For this kind of work a thin plywood sheet of hardwood is suitable. The joining of parts of a plywood product is made with wood glue, which is applied to spikes, dowels or brackets.

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Polystyrene cutting out

Jigsaw cutting vase template

For the manufacture of more complex patterns draw patterns.

For cutting with a manual jigsaw, not only plywood is suitable, but also plexiglass, which is the basis of the lining under the sawn pattern of polystyrene. Products made from this material are attractive because of ease of manufacture and practicality: they can sometimes be washed, which is not quite suitable for plywood. In order to make a polystyrene craftwork openwork, its thickness must be no more than 5 mm. Connect the parts with glue. Surplus can not be left: they eventually turn yellow. After gluing, they are removed with a scalpel or other sharp object. Very well suited solvent for automotive nitro. To cut off the required amount of material, the product will need a hacksaw. The irregularities of the cut cleaned with a file or fine-grained sandpaper.

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Drawing pattern

The implementation of a more complex pattern must begin with a template that is made full-sized, with an indication of the attachment points of the parts and taking into account the thickness of the material.

Patterns can be increased by epidemiology or on the grid. Polystyrenes with a glossy surface, poorly preserve the patterns applied in pencil, so its surface must be carefully rubbed with fine-grained emery paper, but the gloss will be disturbed.

To preserve the glossy surface of the material, it is necessary to cover it with gouache paint, apply the picture. At the end of the cutting pattern is easy to remove. You can use another method of applying a pattern on this material. If it is not very complex, then make a stencil and cover its surface with dark gouache paint. This method is more convenient for repeated repetition of the pattern. When sawing, the painted details of the pattern will fall out.

To put a pattern on plywood, it is best to use a pattern printed on the printer: cut it out and stick it to the surface. This will not affect the quality of the product, but the lines of the pattern will be exactly followed.

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