Many people who own their land plots very often have to work with wood, since it is the main building material. The process of working with this raw material continues all the time: you need to attach an extension, chop firewood or upgrade the fence.


Band saw is commonly used for cutting wood.

Various power-saw benches are excellent assistants in this matter, as they have several advantages. But since such products are expensive, the band-saw with their own hands is not such a bad idea.

It is worth mentioning at once that it is difficult to make a band saw for handicraft. It will take a lot of different components, a lot of welding and turning work will be done, and you need to sharpen the saw in a special way, but the most important thing is the adjusted work of the whole tandem.

Detailed description of the process of making a band saw with their own hands

Drawing homemade band saw

Drawing homemade band saw.

The first thing that needs to be done is to decide on the room in which the structure to be manufactured will be located. The optimal place - 18m2 (6x3m).

Then you need to start making the working surface of the table. Standard sizes - 420x720 mm. The table should be cut out of plywood, whose thickness should be at least 20 mm, then paste the textolite on the resulting rectangle. Next, you should make a table edging with slats made of solid wood, this is done around the perimeter. Grooves should be provided in the table, their purpose is to support the sawing wiring. Upon completion, the desktop should look like a box with dimensions of 420x720x500, which is glued from plywood 20 mm thick.

After all operations with the table, it is required to attach a carrier bar to it - section of channel 8, whose length is equal to 680 mm, it is best to cut the shelves to 20 mm in order to be practical. It is recommended to attach the rod with a bracket, from an angle of 40x40 mm, it should be fixed with M8 bolts in the amount of 4 pieces. The saw drive pulleys need to be turned out of 20mm plywood. Their surface should be glued with sheet rubber, for these purposes polyurethane glue is required. After the pulleys are covered with rubber, the wood should be impregnated with epoxy resin, sanded and painted.

When the band saw is made with your own hands, you should not overlook that detail that the working surface should be in the form of a barrel, it contributes to the best work and retention of the saw band.

Band Saw Pulley Alignment

Alignment of band saw pulleys.

It is necessary to take an epoxy resin, with its help to glue a sleeve of duralumin, in which a special slot for a ball bearing is machined.

After that, the pulley (bottom) should be mounted on the axle of steel. The lower pulley is fastened to the axle with 3 5x20 screws. After that, the axis is mounted in the bush, in which there are 2 ball bearings, it must be mounted in the lower end of the rod.

The driven belt drive pulley should be mounted through a spacer bushing at the other end of the shaft. After that it is necessary to balance the belt pulleys.

The feed ratio of the belt drive from the engine is i = 1, which means that the driven and driving pulleys are identical, except for the mounting hole, since on the driving pulley it will depend only on the motor shaft.

To make the saw with your own hands do not have vibrations of the sawing tape, it is necessary to install a damper. It is made from textolite parts on M6 bolts. The fixed element of the vibration damper must be fixed under the working table, and as for the mobile bar, it helps to choose the necessary gap.

Band Saw Damper

Damper: 1 - base, 2 - M6 bolt (2 pcs.), 3 - slat, 4 - nut with washer.

When assembling a band saw, one should take into account that the upper damper is also provided on it, but its installation is necessary only if the upper pulley “hits the diameter”. In the other case, such a damper can only increase the friction of the tape. It must be fastened with M5 bolts, a special bracket, 105 mm above the working surface of the table.

After that, you need to install a guide that will feed the timber for cutting. It is made of steel angle 100x100 mm. Perpendicular to the plane of the steel angle is recommended to grind on the machine. The edges of one shelf must be provided with 2 slots, this will allow you to adjust the gap between the guide and the tape, and in the middle - the cutout. It is necessary to increase the stroke of the strap. For safer operation, the upper pulley assembly, the tape from which is visible only if it is located in the working area, should isolate the protective casing.

Telling about how to create a band saw with your own hands, you need to pay attention to the sawing tape itself. The product must be flexible and durable. Best of all, the sawing tape is operated if it is made of cold-rolled steel sheets of such grades as U8, U10 or 65G. It should be 0.2-0.4 mm thick, if it is necessary to work with soft woods, if with hard woods, then from 0.4 to 0.8.

1600-1700 mm - the length of the workpiece, which is required for the described dimensions of the machine. Before bending the tape into the ring and soldering, it is necessary to cut the teeth at intervals of 3 mm. After this, the place to be soldered should be sprinkled with borax and heated on a gas burner. In order to prevent the brittleness of the metal, in the place where the spike was made, you should apply PSR-40 solder, and then squeeze the seam tight enough with pliers, if you wish, you can grind the place of soldering. Teeth need to sharpen and slightly dilute, it contributes to a more productive surface of the cut.

Band saw tooth profile and its designation

Profile tooth band saw and its designation.

The saw, collected by the hands, is used for sawing such types of wood as linden, spruce, pine, aspen and other soft woods. For sawing hard wood such as oak, mahogany and the like, you must install a tape thickness of 0.8 mm.

This is one of several possible ways to make a band saw in an artisanal way.

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The difficulty of hand-made

In order for the design to fully comply with all established requirements, it will be necessary to use welding, various power tools and a milling machine.

The band saw should be as stable as possible, since the load will be very large.

The weight of the log can be 300 kg. Moreover, the whole process of sawing wood will occur in the dynamics. Particular attention should be paid to the sawing tape, namely the correct sharpening.

Well, and, of course, the most important thing is to ensure safety during operation of the device. When the sawing tape bursts, it tends to fly away in a certain direction, left or right. Therefore, in no case should you stand next to a device that is made by your own hand when it is functioning.

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As a conclusion

Making a band saw with your own hands is advisable only if there are free materials. Therefore, before proceeding to the production of sawmills, it is necessary to calculate the cost of all materials, the amount of time that will be spent on the creation process, and the possible benefits that can be extracted.

For the manufacture of the sawmill will take a lot of patience, because you need to manually debug the many functions that the purchased band saw performs.

Work on a homemade band saw is almost no different from working on the purchase. The method remains the same: the wood is fixed on the bed, the engine is turned on, and the device starts working.

It is worth noting that the engine can be both electric and gasoline.

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