How to make a guide for a circular saw with your hands

When working with a circular saw and wood, should follow the rules of personal safety. In order for the process to be like this, you need to pay a lot of attention to all elements of the tool, especially if it was going to be done on its own. Therefore, it is so important that the guide for the circular saw with your own hands be done according to all requirements. In addition, the canvas must necessarily contain a protective cover, and the table must have a parallel emphasis.

Scheme drawing sharpening and wiring saw

Scheme drawing sharpening and wiring saw: 1 blade saw. 2 Sharpened tooth. 4 Tool for sharpening. 5 Desktop for sharpening saws. 6-7-8 File directions, ratio to the work table and saw teeth to be sharpened. 9 The teeth bending line during a divorce.

The design of the saw and the effect of its parts on the work tool

The guide tire is the structural element that is not universal, as manufacturers produce it with specific parameters for a specific tool. This is because the profile provides for a special place under the clamp, which provides a comfortable sawing material. But if you do independent tool manufacturing, then this issue can be solved much easier. Although at once it is worth being prepared for the fact that such work will require some effort.

Circuit saw circular

Circuit device circular saw.

In many ways, this design will affect the profile of the base of the saw. The main difficulty is the binding site. In advance, you should consider the type of clamp that would be optimally suited for securing blanks.

If the saw has a small gap between the bottom of the platform and the engine with the zero position of the saw disk, this will make it difficult to manufacture the guide ruler in height, as this will affect its mounting rigidity. If you pay attention to the stiffness, then the depth of the cut will decrease. This is due to the fact that the disk will not have a zero position.

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How to make a guide for a circular saw with your own hands?

In order to make such an element under the saw, you should prepare materials and tools:

  • sheet of plywood with finished edges;
  • screws or screws;
  • glue;
  • tools for cutting wood (handsaw, jigsaw, file, hammer, drill and drill).


The device of a circular saw with the separate engine

The device circular saw with a separate engine.

  1. Plywood is made under the existing saw sawing. A strip is cut with a width equal to the width of the circular saw in the plan, but with the addition of 20 cm. They take the length, focusing on the working material, its maximum dimensions.
  2. A strip of 5-7 cm wide is cut from the received blank, which will serve as a ruler. Along it will have to move the saw. The resulting residue will be used as a base. The height of the improvised ruler should not exceed the saw frame at least 2 times, but not exceed the distance to the motor.
  3. The next step is to strengthen the line on the ground. To do this, with the help of the track (at a distance of 10 cm from the edge) it is fixed so that its location does not interfere with the use of clamps. After sizing, it is additionally fixed to the base with screws.
  4. At the last stage, the excess part of the base is removed. This moment can be accomplished with the same circular saw. All unnecessary area sawn off.
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How is the guide bar used?

Circuit saw health check circuit

Circuit saw operability test circuit.

I would like to note the moment that the density of plywood should be high. If you cut a thin sheet, it will become wavy and will no longer be able to fulfill the role of a ruler. Plywood can be replaced with chipboard, as it is perfect for this purpose.

Work with the resulting guide is quite simple. On the working material, for example, on a sheet of chipboard, fixed base with a ruler. This can be done in two ways. First, the sheet can be positioned so that its part, which will be cut off, located on the side where there is a saw blade. And secondly, the working material can be positioned under the base on which the ruler is installed.

Depending on the chosen work option, two markings are made along the length of the work item. They will mark the place of the cut. Next, focusing on the tags, set the base of the ruler, after which it is fixed with a clamp. Such a tool has a sufficient depth of the jaws so that at the end of the cut, the saw is free to go beyond the sheet.

But it is immediately worth noting that if the ruler is large, then it will be difficult to work on the transverse cutting. Therefore, to make this design too large is impractical.

This version of the guide under the circular saw is suitable for work with large material, for example, in the manufacture of furniture.

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Features of the circular hand saw

Diagram of the manual circular saw

Diagram of the manual circular saw.

As is clear from the name of the tool, it belongs to the class of manual equipment. The main characteristic to which one pays attention when buying such a device is the depth of cut. This parameter can vary from 3 to 13 cm. Depending on this, the saw will have its own power and a certain diameter of the cutting elements.

For this characteristic, the following categories are distinguished:

  • cutting depth up to 4.5 cm; power of the device will vary within 0.8-1.2 kW; diameter of the cutting elements - 13-16 cm;
  • cutting depth is up to 6 cm, the power of the tool is about 1.8 kW, and the diameter of the working discs is selected up to 10 cm;
  • the depth of the “immersion” is more than 6 cm, the unit with a power of more than 2 kW, the diameter of the disc is up to 35 cm.
Barrel for circular saw

Barrel for circular saw.

Before buying a saw, you should familiarize yourself with the capabilities of the selected model. Today's tools have a number of additional functions that may not be useful in home use, but they will significantly affect the price of the tool.

For example, the option that allows you to move the disk to a vertical plane will allow you to start work not only from the edges. A very useful feature is the ability to adjust the speed of rotation and the instantaneous cessation of rotation as soon as the device is turned off. This will make the work safe for the operator. Also, when starting the tool, there is a jump in the power grid. To minimize this effect, one can pay attention to circular saws, where there is a soft start function.

By the way, some more words about protection.

Modern technology has special protective covers.

But at the same time, in addition to protection, they add additional volume to the instrument. This point should also be considered when self-assembling the guide.

The circular saw is an expensive tool, especially if you buy it off the shelf. But this does not mean that some components (for example, a guide and a ruler) cannot be built personally. Sure you may. The main thing - be patient and necessary materials. Having dealt with all the nuances, you will repair the chainsaw. Good luck!

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