How is sharpening fugovalnyh knives with their own hands

For sharpening planer and planer types of knives, special machines are used. The work can be done by hand, the machine, if necessary, is assembled independently. Sharpening is carried out according to certain rules, several options are used. It is required to show attention, not to break technology.

Methods of sharpening fugovalnogo knife

Ways sharpening fugovalnogo knife.

Otherwise, the knives for planes, planers and planing machines will be processed poorly, they will not be able to fully perform their functions. In addition to special equipment, grinding stones can be used for sharpening, but a small grinding machine that has cooling is best suited for working.

Preparatory work

Anyone who has a planer or jointing machine faces the problem of sharpening knives. Constantly buying new ones is expensive, especially since the knives can be easily sharpened with your own hands, using special machines or grinding stones. If the planer is used frequently, like other woodworking equipment, it will be inconvenient to constantly give knives to the workshop for sharpening. It is better to assemble the machine yourself. To the jointer was always in working condition, sharpening is recommended at home. The easiest way to do this is the usual sharpener. It is necessary to take only sharpened with low revolutions, its quality should be high. Water cooling must be available.

Scheme angle sharpening jointing knife

Scheme angle sharpening jointing knife.

You can use the grinding stone, but it must first be leveled with a special device. Usually it comes with a small grinding machine, so it is no longer necessary to look for such devices in addition. After editing is done, it is necessary to smooth the stone, for this is applied the bar. Sharpening a jointing knife without this stage will be problematic.

What to do next? It is necessary to set the angle of inclination. Special screw will allow you to properly strengthen the blade relative to the position of the grinding stone. With the help of this screw in the future you can set any angle of inclination of the knife. Next, take the holder, which comes with the machine. In it is established a jointing knife. Experts advise starting sharpening knives with a minimum width of 13 mm.. The length is not critical, if necessary, in the holder the knife can be rearranged to any position.

In the holder, the knife must be fastened securely, otherwise the sharpening will be done with a skew, and this will worsen the quality of the jointer work. How to fix the knife in the holder? While holding the blade in the desired position, tighten the clamping screws all the way. To control the angle of sharpening it is necessary to use a marker, they mark the sharpened chamfer of the knife. It is with this simple method that you can easily control the quality and progress of work. Sharpening will turn out right, if the angle of the knife will touch the stone. You must rotate the stone manually to determine if there is a need for further adjustment.

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The process of sharpening and work rules

Scheme of the machine for sharpening knives

Scheme of the machine for sharpening knives.

The holder moves to the right and left, movements are made relative grinding wheel. The blade should not be allowed to go beyond the edge. It is best to immediately install the holder in 12 mm from the edge of the working circle. If sharpening is performed, water cooling should be applied. Water in the tank will have to fill up, you need to ensure that it does not end. It is necessary to ensure that water does not accumulate on the floor near the legs. This is done for security purposes.

When performing work, it is necessary to ensure that the stone always remains clean, as it is salted quickly enough. A special bar is used for cleaning, it is often recommended to carry out this procedure, since only clean stones can be used for sharpening. The choice of the stone itself depends on what kind of knives are used. Today, manufacturers produce fugging knives made of soft or hard tool steel, so the working conditions will vary.

Sharpening takes about 20 minutes, then finishing is done. For this special paste is used. After polishing, no burrs should remain on the surface, otherwise the jointer knife will not be ready for operation. The check is simple; a finished knife with excellent sharpening should easily and smoothly cut a sheet of paper by weight, leaving a neat cut.

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How to make a machine with your own hands?

The scheme of sharpening the knife on the machine

The scheme of sharpening the knife on the machine.

To sharpen jointer, you need to use special grinding machines. This is especially important when jointing, planing and other woodworking equipment is used frequently. Sharpening machine has a compact size, it can be installed even in the garage or a small shed at the dacha. Before assembly, it is necessary to prepare the appropriate tools that will be used during the assembly of the grinding machine:

  • table on which work will be carried out;
  • faceplate;
  • a vacuum cleaner;
  • engine;
  • casing for the machine.

It is necessary to start the assembly of the machine by searching for a suitable faceplate. It is one of the most important parts for a grinding machine. All jointing knives are quite narrow, so they can be sharpened only with the help of a faceplate of a suitable type. Then the work on sharpening will be high quality, safe, fast. The washer occupies the bulk of the cost of all equipment. To make a grinding machine independently more profitable, expensive parts will not be required for it. Production will be fully justified if it is necessary to frequently carry out woodworking.

The plates must be purchased new, it is recommended to take elements of the American or German production. They have the highest quality, and the cost hovers around 25,000 rubles. Next, you need to choose the engine for the future of the grinding machine, it is best to take the motor at 1-1.5 kW, you can even use a used element. Motors from old washing machines are great for the machine, but first you need to make sure that the engine is working.

The motor is mounted under the table top, the faceplate is mounted to the moving part.

It is imperative to provide a button to turn on / off the machine. It should be located in the reach of the hands. The plate on top is covered with a casing, which is made in the form of a square. One corner of the casing must be cut off, since on this side, the jointing knives will be sharpened with their own hands. A hole is made in the lower part of the tabletop; it will be intended for the vacuum cleaner tube, by means of which all impurities that occur during sharpening will be removed. In addition to sharpening fugovalnyh knives, a similar machine can be used for other work, for example, for processing ax blades, saws and other tools used in the summer cottage.

Sharpening fugovy knives can be made by various methods. Special grinding stones are suitable for this. However, a compact grinding machine can be assembled by yourself. It will be used for sharpening a variety of tools, including saws and axes.

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