Unusual crafts with glue gun

Glue gun - this is a device that is actively used in construction for connecting parts. Recently, this attribute has become actively used in needlework. Hand-made crafts with a glue gun will be remembered for their originality, strength and exciting work process.

The scheme of the glue gun

Diagram of the device glue gun.

This item is distinguished by its ease of use, the substance used does not adversely affect the human body, the glue has no unpleasant odors, the process of adhesion of parts takes a short period of time.

What surfaces can be glued together in such a composition?

  • wood;
  • leather;
  • paper;
  • the cloth;
  • plastic;
  • ceramics;
  • metal.

Varieties of glue gun

Depending on the purpose of this device, they distinguish between thermopistols for construction work and handicrafts. Tools of professional value have a large weight and impressive dimensions. The second option is more compact and less powerful, it can be used to connect any small parts.

Advantages of the glue gun

Advantages of the glue gun.

The thin nose of such a glue gun allows you to link very small parts, without leaving a visible track. Due to the positive characteristics of the considered device is actively used in the design of packaging, decoration products, is involved in a small repair.

When buying this tool should pay attention to the rods with a transparent and elastic base, then the connection will be stronger and more flexible. Choosing such a device, you should determine exactly: for what purposes it will be used.

As an option, a pistol used for needlework, special samples are taken with a minimum level of power. This indicator determines the speed of melting the glue and the time of its heating. Refined work requires the use of less powerful samples.

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Adhesive: features

Glue mass for such devices is presented in the form of a solid rod inserted into the body of the gun. It is quite normal that its tip will protrude from the back of the device. In the process of heating this rod melts, taking the form of a liquid adhesive substrate.

The glue in the liquid state hardens almost instantly, therefore, working with it, you should be extremely careful, acting clearly, accurately and accurately. So that the substance does not leave visible traces, colorless variants are most often used.

Main parts of glue gun

The main parts of the glue gun.

Non-professional glue guns are equipped with solid rods with a diameter of 7.2 mm and 11.2 mm. These parts with a thin base are suitable for less powerful tools, and thick ones are meant for stronger instruments.

Rods must be selected correctly.

Otherwise, the adhesive in liquid form may spread in the case of the device itself, and then the device will become unsuitable for further use.

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Basics of safe work with a gun

Handle the glue gun should be very careful, strictly following the basic rules of interaction:

  1. The length of the electrical wire must be sufficient, the tension is completely excluded.
  2. Before starting its operation, the surface of the table should be covered with an oilcloth, so you can avoid the appearance of drops and damage to the base.

The spout of the device at the time of connection to the network is very hot, so touch it is not allowed.

  1. The powered gun should not be turned upwards; the product may become unusable.
  2. In the process, you should use a special stand, which is equipped with the device.
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Features of working with glue gun

The scheme of work with glue gun

The scheme of work with a glue gun.

  1. The required diameter of the core of the glue gun is selected and inserted into the hole until it stops.
  2. The device is connected to the network and is fixed on the leg-stand. Within a few minutes, the glue begins to melt. The time of transition to the liquid state is determined by the power of the device. It takes 3-8 minutes to get started.
  3. Full warming up of the glue can be determined by the drop that appears on its nose, after which it is possible to begin work. As a result of the use of the trigger, you can independently determine the dosage of glue. By pushing the trigger, you can get a new batch of liquid substance. The pistol needs rest, for which it must be periodically placed on a special stand.
  4. Upon completion, the device is disconnected from the network. Do not operate the product for more than 1 hour.

This device allows you to create jewelry in the form of brooches, rings, earrings. Use glue gun can be in almost any field. So, using it creates original crafts, for example, decorating a glass bottle, decorating its neck with leaking drops of wax. Such smudges are applied by the above device. The result is a non-standard product.

As soon as the long tracks of wax are applied, you can proceed to the priming of the surface with the subsequent implementation of the painting of the surface. Here you need to show a maximum of imagination and creativity. It turns out the New Year decoration.

With the help of a glue gun, you can make inscriptions or draw ornaments on any surfaces.

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Original figures from glue

Making a vase with a glue gun

To make a vase from branches, you will need: a glue gun, a base of a vase made of papier-mâché, finely chopped branches.

Crafts using a glue gun can be presented in the form of figures of animals, birds, silhouettes of flowers. Snowflakes look interesting and original. Making them is very simple. What you need to take?

  • glue gun with a colorless rod;
  • rugged plastic bag;
  • PVA glue and brush;
  • scissors;
  • sparkles;
  • the tape.

So, the manufacturing process consists of the following steps:

  1. Preheat the appliance.
  2. On the prepared package to draw the silhouette of snowflakes. To give it the appearance of smooth features under this base should put a pre-made stencil of paper. Glue is applied with a thick layer.
  3. The snowflake should dry out completely.
  4. To separate the product from the film, it is placed under a stream of cold water, after which the existing irregularities are simply cut off.
  5. The resulting product is coated with glue, which sprinkles are poured on. The surface should dry well.
  6. The ribbon is tied to one of the sides.

Similarly, you can make other crafts. For more vivid models it is possible to use colored rods. Give the product flexibility, pouring glue on the wire.

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VAZ decoration: recommendations

Crafts made with a glue gun are interesting, unique and unusual.

With the help of such a simple device you can decorate a vase. What attributes are needed for this?

  • glue gun with a colorless rod;
  • old vase;
  • paint of any shade in the form of an aerosol.

Manufacturing process:

  1. Preparatory work, consisting of cleaning, degreasing and drying the base.
  2. Warming up the adhesive substance and applying any ornaments on the base of the vase.
  3. Drying the surface and coating it with spray paint. Similarly, you can decorate flower pots, bottles, giving them a new look and freshness of colors.
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Contemporary Stained-Glass Stained-Glass Window

Such crafts resemble a wonderful and carefree vacation at sea. As an ornament, you can use any attributes: natural material, fabric, beads, buttons, ribbons, creating thematic panels with their help.

Panel of seashells

Before gluing the surface of the shells must be degreased.

For the manufacture of such a picture you need to prepare:

  • glue gun with colorless rods;
  • sprigs from a tree 5-6 mm thick;
  • tight rope;
  • needle;
  • burlap;
  • wrapping paper;
  • shells, pebbles, decorative ornaments in the form of fish, sea creatures, algae.

Manufacturing process:

  1. The branches of the tree are tied in such a way that the result is a square frame.
  2. Burlap is cut, its size should be slightly less than the borders of the frame. From each edge you need to retreat 1.5 cm.
  3. Insert the rope into the needle and sew the fabric, making circular movements around the frame.
  4. Wrapping paper is taken, and a figure of any size is cut out. This part is glued to the fabric.
  5. Any objects are glued to the prepared base with a glue gun. In this case, it will be seashells. The arrangement of the figures can be arbitrary.

The presented examples are only a part of the variants of handicrafts made independently. With the help of the named device you can create many interesting, non-standard samples.

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