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In any private sector there will definitely be a shovel. It is needed in winter and summer. In winter, snow is removed with its help, a garden is dug in spring and summer, and crops are harvested in autumn. Without a shovel can not do during construction and other work on the site. How to make a spade with your own hands? Or is it better to buy it in the store? The following types of spades are best known:


A shovel is commonly used for digging a vegetable garden, digging holes and clearing snow.

  • bayonet;
  • sovkovaya;
  • for snow removal;
  • plastering shovel.

A snow shovel looks a bit like a scoop, differs from it only in its large size.

Plywood shovel for snow

Plywood shovel device

The device of plywood shovel: 1 - protective element of the scoop (metal edge), 2 - plywood scoop, 3 - metal tavern, 4 - fastener elements of the handle to the scoop, 5 - end part of the shovel, 6 - wooden handle.

A snow shovel should have a good bucket. Snow in it should be easy to type and not stick to the base. The bucket must be strong enough to withstand heavy loads. According to the material of manufacture, it can be aluminum, plywood and more modern plastic. It is desirable that on its sides were small strips that perform the function of ribs. They protect the product from bucket deformation. The shovel should be equipped with a good handle, which is attached to the end of the cutting.

Snow shovel can be folding or solid. If the space for the maintenance and storage of household equipment is small, it is better to buy a snow shovel of a folding structure. But solid is more durable and reliable. Bucket shovels are chosen in accordance with their physical capabilities. The stalk is also chosen individually. The best option for this essential tool is plastic. Such a tool has a long service life, it is very light and convenient. Homemade products are usually made of three-layer plywood. This is the most common version of this tool.

To work on the manufacture of shovels will need:

  • a piece of board 40x7x2 cm;
  • three-layer plywood 40x50 cm;
  • galvanized iron or ordinary tin 50x2, 15x2, 3x3 and 40x6 cm;
  • material for cuttings.
Plywood shovel assembly

Build a plywood shovel.

A rounded blank is made from a piece of board, to which a piece of plywood joins. Plywood is preferably screwed screws. Nailed nails are quickly loosened, and the whole product becomes unusable. Screws are screwed through a strip of tin. In the center of the workpiece in the form of a segment a hole is made for the cutting. It can be round or rectangular. The cutting itself is cut at an angle of about 45 ° and also joins with screws and tin.

After connecting all the details of the finished product is processed with emery paper. The work is done. You can remove the snow. A similar scoop, only a small one, can be made for your child. He will be happy to help adults clean snow.

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Spade for tillage

Spade with a wheel from a bicycle

A shovel with a wheel from a bicycle will help not to get tired too quickly while working.

Standard bayonet and shovel shovels have a drawback: they require the use of excessive force at work. The hands of the worker are far from the metal sheet. This leads to their fatigue. The item, which is called the tuleica, often breaks. This is the part where the cutting is inserted. There are many craftsmen who are trying to improve this tool. In one of the TV shows showed the father of Gennady, a monk from the Russian hinterland, who made himself a spade of unusual design. The top of this tool was an ordinary bicycle handlebar.

Working with such a tool, a person practically does not get tired, since the back does not bend and does not experience overloads. Speed ​​of work, in comparison with a usual bayonet shovel, doubles. This design can be tried again. To work you need to prepare:

  • steering wheel from an old bicycle;
  • pieces of rubber hose on the steering wheel;
  • pipe diameter of 22 mm (preferably stainless);
  • a shovel 2 mm thick or a piece of sheet metal of the same thickness measuring approximately 480x250 mm;
  • steel pin;
  • welding machine.
Dimensions shovel from a monk Gennady

Dimensions shovel from a monk Gennady

The steel pin is inserted into the lower end of the pipe and welded or locked with a bolt. We need this pin for turning the miracle shovel. The remaining parts are cut, bent and welded according to the drawing.

The work of the tool is as follows:

  1. The blade of the shovel is pushed into the ground
  2. Hands with the help of the steering wheel, he turns around the pin.
  3. We step back a step, rearrange the instrument and everything repeats again.

A great tool, although it has flaws: it is not suitable for digging trenches and holes and is afraid of virgin.

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Homemade Tips

  1. The strength of a snow shovel will be increased if you attach a part of a heating battery that was made of iron to its edge instead of tin.
  2. To fix the cutting, you can additionally use a piece of iron 10x10 cm, which can be used to fix the sawed end of the cutting on plywood. This is done with a hammer and rivets
  3. Store winter shovels need in a dry place in the absence of heating devices.

Shovel all use in the winter and summer. Many try to make an attempt to improve this tool. As a result, all kinds of shovels, rakes and forks are born. In stores, they can be purchased under the names "Volber", "Excavator", "Mole", "Plowman", "Superlopata", "Supervily", "Tornado". But only Mole and Plowman work normally; other tools do not compensate for the costs.

The simplest and most efficient construction is the invention of the priest's father, Gennady, which is quite simple to repeat at home.

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