The technology of making homemade iamobura do it yourself

Sometimes it is necessary to dig deep holes in the backyard of a country house or a country house. This is necessary when installing poles for the fence, determining the height of the groundwater, for seedlings. If the farm has a homemade hole, then this makes it much easier to do many jobs.

Scheme of the device homemade drill

Scheme of the device homemade drill.

If there is no hole, then it can be rented, for example, from a country house neighbor. So that this tool is always at hand, you can make it yourself. Drilling equipment may be of different size or diameter, depending on the purpose of the tool. Starting the manufacture of pit, pre-carried out the calculation of its parameters.

How to make a yamobur with your own hands?

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Features of the technology of creating a tool for drilling holes

The design of the hole can be enhanced or created for drilling not too deep holes used for seedlings. The material used for making the hole will depend on the type of drill that is planned to be created. Ordinary metal can be used to make yamobur blades.

For the manufacture of the cutting blade, you can use a sharpened spring used in a truck. The spring should be equipped with a wedge-shaped sharpening in order to trim those plant roots that will occur during drilling. The created tool is suitable for drilling holes with a depth of about 1.5 m.

Borax Blade Pattern

Driving blade pattern.

If it is necessary to create a pit hole for the purpose of drilling two-meter wells, as well as having a depth of over 2, then the type of this drill should be strengthened. For this purpose, a rigid joint should be created between the gutter support rod and its blades by electric welding.

As the blades, you can use a thick pipe or a metal sheet, which is wrapped around the rod and welded to it with a welding machine. For the manufacture of drill bits, you can take and steel automotive spring, twisted along the axis. While working spring can cut the roots. Otherwise, it will bend to the side, which will allow it to level off.

It may be necessary to use a long handle for a hole, so a rotating handle should be provided. This can be achieved by attaching additional extension tubes. This type of drill will be reinforced, which will allow to drill wells, the depth of which is more than 2 m.

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What tools and materials should be used to create a hole?

The created yamobur will include the following structural elements: drive, engine, frame, included in the working part. Before carrying out work on the production of a hole, you should prepare everything you need:

The necessary materials for the manufacture of homemade drill

Necessary materials for the manufacture of homemade drill.

  • steel pipe with a round section;
  • corner with a strip for the frame;
  • drive elements;
  • Bulgarian;
  • kit (engine (ICE) and controls);
  • small wheels (2 pieces);
  • arc welding

The reinforced design of the drill allows you to drill holes with a depth that reaches 2.5-3 m. The drill in this case is driven into rotation by the cardan gear associated with the motor. The installation of the coupling between the screw shaft and the drive device is mandatory. The clutch protects the yamobur from possible overloads or damage in case an emergency stop of the system occurs.

Mechanical homemade holes should have the appearance of carts on two wheels, which are the support. On the cart arrange the engine and drive with work items. It is necessary to locate the engine from one end of the frame, and to mount the bracket from the other. This allows you to strengthen the vertical rack of the drill with a handle that allows you to control the tool.

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Taking into account the features of the mechanism of yamobur when creating it

To strengthen the wheel to the frame for easy rolling pit, should be carried out under the engine welding a special bracket. A fuel tank with a capacity of 3.6 liters is installed near the engine. When installed, the flow of fuel occurs by gravity into the engine device.

Work pattern of yamobur

Diagram of the work of the pit sink.

Belt drive (drive) has a low cost. The device is easy to manufacture and low noise. As a result of the transmission slip, an overload of the mechanical drill occurs, which contributes to its protection from breakages.

The design of the drill should include pulleys that are driven and driven. They can be found ready or made using a lathe with their own hands. It is necessary to carry out the selection of the gear ratio so that the motor can operate at nominal speeds that make up 75-90% of its maximum power level. Rotation of the shaft should be made by the motor without any strain.

To adjust the tension of the belt will require a roller. You can use a pulley with a shaft, passing through a longitudinal groove in the presence of a frame bracket. To exclude possible injuries as a result of the belt breaking or tearing it from the pulley, the structure should be covered with a wire mesh fixed to the frame.

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Description of structural elements

In the design of the drill, made by hand, there is a node safety clutch, performing a number of tasks at the same time:

  1. It is used to connect the shaft with the drive.
  2. Required to compensate for a slight misalignment of the shafts.
  3. Used to break the kinematic chain in case of emergency stop of the drill or its overload.

The following types of couplings are used:

  • friction;
  • bellows;
  • universal joint

The working position in which the hole is located is normal when the tool frame is at right angles to the ground surface.

To ensure the transmission of the torque at the required angle, the universal joint is installed immediately after the safety clutch, that is, behind it. The cardan joint from one end using a flange is connected to the coupling half. To connect the second end of the hinge and the hole of the hole, there is a need for a second end of the universal joint shaft.

When drilling holes in the ground, which is especially characteristic of the initial stage, the support wheels are most reliably blocked to fix the frame with the drill. It should not move to the side during the work on drilling holes. This can be done with wheels having an integrated brake. Under them can be planted wedges of wood.

The control of the tool should be carried out using handles of appropriate length so that the distance from the person to the rotating part of the hole is safe. The design should have an easily accessible button that allows emergency shutdown of the internal combustion engine.

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