The principle of making a homemade corner clamp

A clamp is a clamp that can be used to fasten certain elements. In fig. 1, a schematic depiction of a wooden clamp can be seen. If you decide to make such a construction, it is better to choose the angular type, since with its help you can fasten almost any workpiece, even those that have limited access.

A schematic image of a wooden clamp

Figure 1. Schematic representation of a wooden clamp.

Preparatory work

Oak or beech should be preferred as the basis for the design. The moisture level of the material should not exceed 12%.

For the work to be prepared 2 wooden plates with a length of 20 cm, while the width of the blanks should be 15 cm, the thickness of the elements - 2 cm. Another 2 blanks should have a length of 25 cm and a width, as well as a thickness equivalent to 2 cm. In order to give the wood the specified dimensions, you should use a jigsaw.

For the work should be prepared some materials and tools:

  • wood;
  • jigsaw;
  • steel nuts;
  • drill;
  • self-tapping screws.

As soon as everything can be prepared, you can proceed to the assembly stage.

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Homemade wooden clamp

Tools for making wooden clamps

Tools for making a wooden clamp.

On the surface, two long slats are to be positioned: one of them should be turned upwards with an edge, and the other - vice versa. In the blanks by means of a drill it is necessary to make holes that will become fixed with the retaining parts.

Now you can proceed to the plates. One of them should be securely fastened to the bottom rail, and the holes in the rail should correspond to future holes located in the plate, this is necessary for the installation of the adjusting screw. Then parallel to the first plate you need to install the second one through the screw. This element will allow you to adjust the clamping intensity by twisting and unscrewing.

In order for the corner clamp to take on the final correct shape, it will be necessary to arrange holes at the ends of the rails, where it is necessary to reinforce one or two plates with self-tapping screws, which can be replaced with slats.

Before you strengthen everything finally, you need to analyze the correctness of the right angle. Through the screw, which is located between the plates, you can adjust the clamping force.

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Steel Tool Making

If you intend to make a corner clamp of metal, then in fig. 2 presents its detailed scheme. This tool will help with high accuracy to strengthen the elements at an angle, the degree of which is equal to 90. We make such a design that will eliminate the need to use it with extreme caution, since it has high strength characteristics and a long service life.

Angle clamp assembly scheme

Figure 2. Angular clamp assembly scheme.

For work, it is also necessary to prepare two elements represented by steel strips. In addition, in addition, you need to buy two factory-made clamps with screws. To assemble such a structure without using a welding machine, mittens and a plumbing angle bracket will fail.

The square must be strengthened by applying welding, two strips, before that an equal distance from the corner should be retreated, the pitch should be 2 cm. or detail.

In the space between the clamps in the role of an additional fixing base, you must install a strip of steel, this should be done by means of a welding machine.

In the course of the work, it is recommended to ensure that all elements welded to the square are separated from each other at the same distance. This requirement is extremely important for the reason that this approach will extend the life of the installation. Adjust the intensity of the clamping will be possible by scrolling the screws, which are located on the finished clamp.

At this time, the manufacture of the steel clamp is completed. If you still have not decided on which model of the above to choose for manufacturing, it is worth considering some points. Wooden installation will be cheaper, unlike the second. If you use the tool quite often, then you should choose the steel version, since it is more durable.

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