The main stages of the assembly of a homemade plate

Self-made vibrating plate for those who like to make everything with their own hands - not a problem, but a good money saving. The homeowners are trying to improve not only the internal and external part of it, but also the territory near the house. This includes garden paths, lawns, flower beds and other landscape design elements. Keeping them in order is a simple and painstaking matter. To do this, you need special equipment called a vibrating plate. The tool is necessary, but not everyone can buy it.

Compaction of rubble using a vibrating plate

The vibrating plate is the device intended for consolidation of sand, crushed stone, the earth.

Vibrating plate with your own hands

Being engaged in construction, each owner was faced with the problem of high-quality compaction of the soil. Soil preparation is a very important stage of construction. The durability of the whole building depends on it. Therefore, as a necessary equipment use vibrotamper.

It is designed for processing small areas. These include:

  • trench;
  • ditches;
  • basements.
Vibrating plate device

Vibrating plate device.

With the help of vibrotamping, you can lay out walkways, create sidewalks and small platforms near the house, tamp the soil for water and sewer pipes, organize basements, supports, columns, drainage systems, poles.

Rammers come with a gasoline engine, electric and diesel. Each type of engine has its pros and cons. Electric vibrotamper can work only where there is a network. It creates little noise. The gasoline engine vibrating plate works with a lot of noise and preferably in well-ventilated areas, performs more complex work.

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Elements and knots of the vibrating plate

If you have decided to make a vibrating plate with your own hands, you need to purchase the necessary materials. The main unit is a motor vibrator. You can use IV-98E, which is called a pad vibrator, with a capacity of 220 watts. Its price is from 600 to 900 rubles. With it, you can adjust the power of vibration. For the base fit a metal sheet, the thickness of which does not exceed 8-10 mm. The length of the sheet is about 80 cm, and the width is 50 cm. The price is 700-800 rubles. Here you can see the plate for the sole plate. It will be mounted on the back side. The weight of the metal sheet should not exceed 50 kg.

Principle of work of the vibrating plate

The principle of operation of the plate.

In order to attach the engine to the base, you need to purchase two channels, bolts M10 and nuts. To move on the surface you need a handle and a pair of plastic wheels from an ordinary cart. For the manufacture of handles fit pipe, a length of 120-150 cm. To prevent vibration on it, use the automobile silent blocks.

Some craftsmen weld on the base plate and the water tank. A hose is attached to it, through which water enters the sole and wets it. This feature helps to compact the soil and sand to a depth of 5-10 cm, level gravel, rubble before pouring asphalt. The vibrating plate turns into a vibro rammer.

Can be used as materials for the manufacture of a vibrating plate and a drum from a woodworking machine, from a washing machine — a motor, various rubber supports from automotive equipment, freon cylinders.

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Assembly stages of the vibrating plate

Materials purchased, you can proceed to assembly. The first step in the assembly is considered to check the health, adjustment and installation of the engine. Remove the covers from the vibrator to adjust the vibration force. To do this, make a loop of strong rope on the handle and try to hold on to it, and not for the metal.

If the motor is three-phase, then with the help of capacitors it must be redone to single-phase. For this there is a special scheme. It shows three MBHF capacitors of 10 microfarads per 400 watts each. They are soldered in parallel. Wires from the motor winding need to be connected with 220 W and for the remaining third drive from the engine attach the second wire of the phase. The fourth wire is ground. It is attached to the ground. It remains to attach the starting capacitor.

Vibrating plate motor

If you decide to assemble a vibrating plate with your own hands, then you need to buy an engine.

Getting to the formation of the foundation. To do this, with the help of the grinder, make two cuts in the sheet of metal approximately 10 cm from the edge 5 mm deep. They should be symmetrical. They need to be bent by 20-30 degrees so that the plate does not dig into the ground when working.

Now we need electric welding. It is used for brewing cuts and fixing the position of the ends. With the help of two channels we fasten a vibrator on the stove. They are welded by electric welding across the plate. This work must be done accurately and efficiently. We attach the vibrator bolted to the base.

The pipe, which is used for the handle, is fixed with a pair of soft elastic pillows. They can be purchased at the tool shop and building materials. With their help, vibration will not act so much on your joints.

For convenience of movement, it remains to attach a pair of bolted wheels. It is best to fix them with a segment of a small pipe, which is welded to the bottom by welding.

Already directly using the mechanism made, you can see the positives and eliminate shortcomings.

If the ballast is loose, it can be fixed with the help of hose clamps.

The plate can be moved and unassembled. To do this, make the removable upper part, where the ballast and water tank. The ballast itself is placed in the middle so that when cornering the plate does not burrow into the ground when cornering.

It is better to put a vibrating drum into the casing so that small rubble and sand do not get into it, and then with great speed they do not fly back and do not harm the owner.

Every 40-50 minutes of work it is necessary to stop and cool the vibrotamper. As an option - attach a cooler or axial fan for self-cooling.

It is a little sharpness and persistence - and the self-made vibrating plate is ready. You will spend no more than ten thousand rubles on its production and, watching its work, you will not be able to find any differences from the factory one. Now you can confidently start making other household items.

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