Self setting spray gun

The airbrush is a special device designed to paint various surfaces. Consumption composition economical that most beneficial effect on the conduct of all work. For the device to work exactly as needed, spray gun adjustment is required.

Electrostatic Spray Gun Scheme

The scheme of electrostatic paint sprayer.

The airbrush is a compact equipment that even a schoolboy can handle. The device consists of:

  • containers for paint, which has a special filter, usually the volume is 100-250 ml;
  • paint nozzles;
  • a regulator designed to supply paint and control the quality of the torch;
  • handles, ensuring the seizure of equipment;
  • air supply regulator, i.e. pressure control;
  • spraying spot adjustment mechanism, the breakdown can be round and flat;
  • nozzles with a steel needle inside;
  • double type pneumatic diffuser.

The paint is added to the container, after which it is necessary to perform adjustment work. It is necessary to prepare the paint itself. It is necessary to follow the rules of operation, the equipment after each use is cleaned, washed, no blockages should remain. Otherwise, the device will not function normally.

How to set up the spray gun

The correct position of the spray gun when painting the surface

The correct position of the spray gun when painting the surface.

In order for the setup to be done correctly, attention must be paid to the preparation of the paint itself. It is important to observe exactly the level of viscosity, which will most closely match the desired result and the quality of painting the surface. To prepare the paint of proper quality, it should be mixed with a special activator, all proportions are indicated by the manufacturer on the package. It is always the proportion, not grams or milliliters, that is required to be taken into account. If the 2: 1 ratio is indicated, then it is necessary to mix 2 parts of the paint with 1 part of the activator, but in no case the opposite. To carry out such work it is necessary to use a special measuring line or containers with the same volume.

After the paint is diluted with an activator, it still retains a very high viscosity, that is, it is not yet ready for use. To obtain the necessary consistency, the mixture should be further diluted with a solvent. It should be extremely careful, since there are no clear proportions here, you must rely on your own attentiveness. Some experts recommend adding about 10% solvent. As practice shows, this amount is quite enough. The paint is diluted until it becomes liquid. Too viscous composition for the spray gun is not suitable.

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Pressure setting

The principle of using the spray gun

The principle of using the spray gun.

When deciding how to set up a spray gun, attention should be paid to pressure. This is the most difficult step of the entire setup. The density and composition of the paint can be different from each other, and the spray guns produced differ in parameters. To perform the adjustment, you should take a sheet of drywall, then make a couple of test strokes of paint. Pressure should be added smoothly, follow the result of the surface paint. After the first print, you need to inspect the surface for the size of the droplets, the presence of cavities or protrusions, the uniformity of staining. If necessary, the parameters are changed, followed by a second test.

How to set up correctly? If large stains, drips remain, this means that the pressure is low and should be increased. When an ornament in the form of a figure of 8 appears on a sheet, it is a sign of a great pressure of paint. The prints can take the form of a banana, pear, crescent. They indicate that the air cap, nozzles are dirty or faulty. Test staining is performed from a distance of 25-30 cm, it is necessary to achieve a uniform band without drips and splashing drops too much.

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Paint adjustment

Scheme device spray gun

Scheme of the device spray.

Before use, it is necessary to properly adjust the paint supply, since surface staining depends on it. During the adjustment, the torch size is adjusted. To perform this stage, you need to tighten the screw until it stops, then gently loosen it 2 turns. During the adjustment it is impossible to immediately give a large supply of paint, the adjustment should begin gradually, especially if there is no relevant experience. Experts recommend adjusting to produce not on the working wall, but on a piece of drywall. So you can not only adjust the flow, but also determine the thickness of the paint layer on the surface.

If you immediately make the pressure significant, it is possible that the spray booth and spray head may be contaminated. On the surface during further work, there may be strong drips, influxes, then it will be difficult to fix them. The surface will turn out painted unevenly. The adjustment mechanism of the gun operates in such a way that the screw acts as a stop for the steel needle.

The hole for the paint does not overlap completely, the user has the opportunity to act.

By pressing the trigger, you can adjust the flow, the screw can be fully opened.

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Operation Tips

The scheme of use of the spray gun

The scheme of use of the spray gun.

For the equipment to work properly and accurately, it is necessary to provide conditions for its operation. After each use, the spray gun must be washed, so that the nozzles are not clogged with paint residues. All vents in the tank must be blown out, check that there is not the slightest trace of contamination. Clogging leads to an uneven supply of coloring mixtures, the paint comes in intermittently, the torch can strongly deviate from the axis.

After cleaning it is dried, if there are drops of water. Pre-spray gun must be disassembled, so that no traces were inside the nozzles. Soft non-abrasive products are used for cleaning, metal brushes cannot be used. If you break this rule, the nozzles and pneumatic heads may be damaged. During cleaning with a solvent, you should never immerse the spray gun in liquid completely and leave it there. Store equipment only in a dry place. Before each use it is necessary to assemble and check the spray gun. The correctness of its setting depends on the state of the device.

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What to do in case of breakage

The layout of the elements of adjustment of the gun

The layout of the adjustment elements of the gun.

The spray gun during operation can fail. If the paint starts to do badly, then this indicates damage to the air cap.

To eliminate the defect, you need to replace the painting head. You can try to clean the hole. A needle is used for this, it must be carefully inserted into the nozzle. If after cleaning the paint is still bad, then the air head must still be replaced.

If the side heads are defective, you should also try to clean them first. The reason for this is poor care, lack of equipment rinsing after use. If the lever is tight, it is necessary to clean the channel stem and try to loosen the nut tension. If this does not help, then the stock is better to replace. If when painting the torch is offset from the axis, the cause of the defect are clogged heads, it is necessary to clean them. In rare cases, replacement of pneumatic heads is required.

In general, the spray gun is reliable equipment that is difficult to break. It is easy to work with it, coloring is made in the shortest possible time, qualitatively and easily.

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