Quality wall chaser made by grinders

Very often, when repairs are made in the apartment, it is necessary to change the wiring, lengthen the wires, and so on. For laying wires and cables it is necessary to make grooves and grooves. It will not be economical to buy a special wall chaser specifically for this purpose. You can make a wall chaser from the grinder with your own hands.

Wall chaser made of grinder

A wall chaser is used for laying wires and cables.

To do this, you can use the usual grinder, in which you need to insert diamond discs. Furrowers have a lot of weight, hard work with them. In this case, the converted Bulgarian has a big plus. It is much lighter than a wall chaser. For the laying of a single wire, you must have a flat cutting, the same depth. To get such grooves, you need a homemade wall chaser.

What is a wall chaser: features

Basically, this hand tool is very similar to the tile cutter or grinder. The principle of their work is absolutely the same. The cutting tool is a diamond disc. The only difference is the number of disks.

Device wall chaser

Device wall chaser.

The wall chaser can immediately make two slits. The tool is equipped with a pair of paired discs. The gap between them is equal to the width of the gate. Such a similarity in the work allowed the craftsmen to make the wall chaser on their own, based on the grinder. I must say that sometimes the Bulgarian has an appearance that is very similar to a wall chaser.

In order to somehow alleviate such hard work, special grinders were created, equipped with discs with which to cut concrete. This unit even adjusts the depth of the grooves in the wall.

To make the device more technologically advanced, the wall chaser is supplied with two disks working simultaneously. The gap between the discs is adjustable. Thus, one technological operation with this device makes it possible to make two furrows in the wall at once, arranged in parallel and having a fixed depth.

Protection when working wall chaser

A very important function that must be present in the wall chaser is overload protection, which will prevent the engine from overheating by shutting it down during an overload.

Another major difference between the wall chaser and the grinder is the presence of a working platform. It rests against the wall during the cutting process. Due to the high mobility it is possible to adjust the depth of the groove.

The Bulgarian does not have a dust removal system. The developers of the wall chaser took care of this. The device has the ability to remove dust with a construction vacuum cleaner. Usually, homemade devices also use a household vacuum cleaner. To do this, a pipe is made so that you can connect a vacuum cleaner.

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How does a wall chaser: the nuances

Basically, its design is similar to the Bulgarian. Many believe that a wall chaser is a cutting device. But, in comparison with the cutting machine, cutting the grooves is much faster. The speed of work is almost doubled. In addition, the quality of the groove is much higher. It turns out smooth, the edges are much cleaner. Doing work with such a device is much safer.

Basically furrowers - this is a high-power cutting machine, which has in its composition two diamond discs. The gap between them is available adjustment. In addition, you can also adjust the depth of cut. Such adjustments allow you to get the grooves of the desired dimensions.

Adjustment of the groove width occurs in steps, starting from 3 to 40 mm.

Stroborez made of grinders

To mount the second disk on a homemade wall chaser, you need an additional nut.

The most important part of the machine is considered to be a cutting disc rigidly fixed on the axis. To work carried out in safe mode, diamond discs are closed with a special protective casing. He perceives the blows of fragments of a circle and saves a person from serious injuries.

The design of the manual device is equipped with a pipe for connecting a construction vacuum cleaner. In this way, dust flies in any direction.

In addition, a special platform is made on the sled, equipped with guide rollers. Such a platform can be installed in any position relative to the spindle shaft. When the disk leaves the finished groove, the slide is lowered and fixed. Such a lock protects the person when working with this device.

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Homemade Wall Chaser

The grinder can be used for a variety of purposes. It is also suitable for wall chipping. However, its design does not provide dust suction. You have to wear a respirator. Of course, you can buy a brand wall chaser, but its cost is not available to the average consumer. Therefore, it is better to simply make such a device on the basis of the grinder independently.

Of course, the ideal device will not work, however, to make grooves in the walls, an improvised device will be quite enough. For the manufacture of the device you need to perform certain technological steps.

Drives used for wall chaser

For wall chasers only special discs are used.

It is necessary to install two disks on the grinder. Such installation will require some cash investment. Mounting the first drive is done in a standard way. To install the second disc, you need to make another nut, equipped with an additional ring. She will be the second fixer.

This second nut fixes the second disc for the first nut. When work is done on such a converted grinder, it is imperative to provide a safety cover. It will protect the worker from flying dust.

After mounting the second disc, you need to create a dust extraction mechanism. Since the rotation of the disk is counterclockwise, therefore, the suction must be installed on the back casing. The curved tube is fixed with collars, otherwise it may interfere with the rotating disk. The vacuum motor is mounted to a wall chaser. After fixing the vacuum cleaner, the tool should easily hold in your hands.

To connect the device made, you must have two sockets: one for a vacuum cleaner, the other for connecting a grinder. As a result, the tool operation time is reduced, an even seam is obtained. You can put one wire in such a groove. The groove will be an excellent screed when laying the cable for floor heating.

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Additional requirements

To perform all the work will require a variety of tools and components:

  • casing;
  • Bulgarian;
  • cutting discs;
  • a vacuum cleaner;
  • nuts;
  • wrenches;
  • screwdriver;
  • hammer;
  • pliers;
  • welding machine.

As is clear from the foregoing, everything is quite simple. The main thing is to be patient and have minimal basic skills in such work. Good luck!

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