Qualitative hair dryer for soldering do it yourself

Do not confuse a soldering dryer with the usual household, which women dry their hair and do the styling. Appearance may have similarities, but the main difference lies in the temperatures that products produce. When heated, a blowtorch can heat up to 800 degrees Celsius inside. It is worth noting immediately that for soldering it is enough to heat the device to a temperature of 250 degrees. A household hairdryer, even at maximum power, is not capable of working at this level. It is quite easy to make a hair dryer for soldering with your own hands from scrap materials.

Soldering iron design

The design of the soldering dryer.

In order to make such a tool, you must use an old device. Externally, the design will remain the same, the main changes will be carried out with the heating element. Additionally, some modifications will be made to the design that will significantly increase the functionality of the device.

The process of operation of such a product is no different from the domestic option: the air that is captured by the fan, will pass through the heating element and dial the desired temperature, which is able to melt the flux. The device for soldering is very often used by radio amateurs who perform various works with processor technology.

Soldering device design

The main elements of a soldering dryer

The main elements of a soldering dryer.

In order to make a hairdryer for soldering, you must use a second-hand product. You can use the old machine, which is at home, or buy in the store, you can also use a steel tube. The aluminum tube will not work, and the copper element can make the product very heavy, since copper is much heavier than steel. It is worth noting a flaw that unites all the options, it is the heating of the element, as a result, it will be impossible to hold it in the hands. In addition, the metal tube will make the soldering iron very heavy, and it will be inconvenient to work, especially for a long time. As an option, you can consider ceramic heat-resistant fabric that can withstand temperatures up to 1000 degrees Celsius.

The soldering device can be made stationary, that is, it can be installed on a fixed stand and, while the board is in operation, move near the directional air flow, while the instrument will be stationary. But, unfortunately, this design has its drawbacks, especially in the method of use. To eliminate them, it is necessary to use heat-resistant fabric.

Motion air flow soldering dryer

The movement of the air flow of the soldering dryer.

In induction melting installations, this fabric is used to cover the heating coil and thereby protect it from red-hot billet. In the case of a hairdryer, heat resistant fabric is wound outside. Using several layers of such material, in the future the device can be held in the hands of an ordinary kitchen oven.

The advantage of old household hair dryers is the presence of mica plates, which easily withstand the highest temperatures. For such plates, it is necessary to prepare a special base that will withstand a huge load. In this case, you can use those elements that already exist inside the device. As for the heating coils, they should be made of soft nichrome. Options from fehral not fit, because this material is quite hard.

A lot of attention should be paid to the power of the product.

This is due to the fact that with insufficient heating the flux will not melt. On the other hand, a very high heat can damage the microchip itself. And in order to clear such a chip from excess elements, it is necessary to melt a large number of legs, which takes a long time. Therefore, subject to prolonged exposure to very high temperatures, the chip may be damaged, after which it can not be restored. Therefore, the power of the dryer must have certain indicators.

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The main characteristics of the hairdryer for soldering

The hair dryer for soldering on average should have such technical indicators as:

  1. Power 450 W consumed from a normal network of 220 V.
  2. Productivity of the internal fan is no more than 30 l / min.
  3. Temperature range 100-500 degrees Celsius.
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Making a soldering dryer from an old soldering iron

Assembly drawing of a soldering dryer

Assembly drawing of a soldering dryer.

An alternative replacement for household hair dryer can be a regular soldering iron, from which only the body is required. Observing the order of work, such a device can make a good product, which is useful in the radio industry.

As the base is used the most common soldering iron, which should work on alternating current.

Carefully remove all internal filling of the soldering iron, while it is very important not to damage anything. Leave only the handle and metal clip.

Next you need to prepare the following elements.

Electrotechnical terminal block

Knot of fastening of an electrotechnical terminal block.

It is necessary to take a tubular halogen lamp, which is usually used for spotlights. The power of such a lamp is 1.5-2.2 kW. With its help, you need to make a quartz insulator. For this purpose, you can use not only a new lamp, but also a burnt one. On a diamond machine, tapered ends are cut from it. In the end, it turns out a quartz tube with a technological nipple on one side.

It is very important in this area to make a hole that will be used to output one heater.

As a heating element will be used nichrome, whose thickness is from 0.3 to 0.7 mm. A wire with a larger diameter will be slower cooled by air flow.

In order to regulate the process of work, it is necessary to install a regulator. The length of the winding of nichrome will depend on the size of the parts.

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Assembly construction: recommendations

Pulse Power Supply for Miniature Soldering Hair Dryer

The scheme of the pulse power supply for a miniature soldering dryer.

In a quartz tube, you must put a spiral, which was made by hand. The end of such a spiral must be extended with a wire that will be passed through a hole prepared in advance.

In order to reduce the temperature of the heating cage device, it is recommended to wrap the tube with a layer of foil.

After all the manipulations are performed with the tube, it can be placed in the holder, it should be done very carefully.

It is worth connecting the wire to the cage itself, it will be located on the handle side, this will become the power source for the heating element.

The prepared structure will be inserted directly into the handle, in case it is plastic, it will need to be expanded.

In order for the quartz tube to be located strictly in the center of the soldering iron holder, it is recommended to wrap it with an asbestos cord, which will perform the coding of the inner element.

The front terminal of the heating element should be clamped with a clip. Before you start soldering, you should equip the device with one more element. In the handle, you must install a hose through which air will be supplied. If the fixture handle is disassembled, this stage can be postponed to the very last moment.

Such a product for soldering can be made by hand, using a similar device. Replace the quartz tube can be any inventory from the chemical laboratory. True, halogen lamp is much easier to get. As for the air source, they can be an ordinary compressor, which is used in aquariums. It will be quite enough to heat the air quality.

What to do tools for soldering depends on personal preferences. This can be either a household hair dryer or a regular old soldering iron. The principle of operation of the two devices is the same.

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