Practical homemade gearbox

In addition to the basic devices needed in the household, and the works of various works, there are those whose use improves and facilitates the use of basic mechanisms. They also increase their functionality and economy. These include homemade gearbox, which can be assembled from the spare parts at hand.

Diagram of the device and the gearbox

Diagram of the device and operation of the gearbox: a - gas does not flow through the gearbox; b - gas passes through the reducer, 1 - fitting, 2, 3 - pressure gauge, 4, 8 - springs, 5 - valve, 7 - diaphragm, 9 - screw, 10 - chamber, 11 - valve.

Characteristic design

The gearbox is a design of various gears, shafts, transmission chains, which reduces the rotation of the output shaft and increases its torque.


  • from gears;
  • worm;
  • a combination of the first two;
  • single and multistage.
Gearbox design

Scheme of gearbox design.

Here are some materials and tools that will be needed; it is impossible to list them all, because the work can be performed in a variety of ways:

  • screwdrivers, wrenches of various shapes and sizes;
  • ruler, caliper;
  • drills, needle files;
  • pliers;
  • rubber pads;
  • hammer, vice;
  • bolts, washers, bearings, trimming tubes, pulleys, gears, shafts;
  • steel sheets or frame from the old gear;
  • self-welding apparatus (inverter).
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Reducing gear (creeper)

Its first element is the body, the location and interaction of all the parts inside depends on it. Axles and shafts, gears, support bearings, sockets for them - this is his design. Cast iron or aluminum alloys are used for industrial designs. For its self-assembly will require either the old frame, and you can weld it out of steel. When welding, it is necessary to take into account that the metal is deformed, to decrease, therefore, leave a little allowance for processing the main landing nests.

For the case and take a water angle to 2 inches. Gears taken from the old broken chainsaws, pulleys - from the washing machine.

There is another version of the assembly. Work on boring is not done, it is welded completely, and take the pipe segments as bearings. They are set as needed, and then fastened by welding, bolts.

Kinematic diagram of a conical single-stage gearbox

Kinematic scheme of a conical single-stage gearbox.

Part of the top is removable, the bottom is equipped with a hole to drain the old oil.

Axial shafts are equipped with gears. Often, in the single-stage construction only the first ones are used, and the landing is carried out in a fit with spitz, key. With such a device, gears move with shafts. The axis is used when there is an intermediate gear that makes the direction of the shafts the same. It freely turns on an axis with a minimum of a gap. From the side of the offset protect the sides, washers. The shafts are made of steel 10-45, with good processing ability.

Bearings are supports. They take all the load when moving inside the device. Their functioning and effectiveness depend on them. For homemade devices are suitable closed type, they require minimal maintenance, they are lubricated with grease. Their design depends on the effort. If the device has spur gears, then single or double row simple ball bearings will do. In case of a helical or worm gear, it is recommended to install roller, hard-radial, since the load is greater.

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Gears: some properties

They provide the engagement and change the rotation on the output shaft. They are made with special tools for metal, it is better to take them from old devices. The gaps between the shafts and the frame configuration depend on their parameters.

Diagram of the pressure reducer device

Diagram of the pressure reducer device.

Between them, you must carefully adjust the gap, it will give resistance to loads and reduce the noise of the device. Lubrication is carried out with ordinary liquid oil, it is poured to the level of coating them with the lower gear.

Outputs are formed with gland seals, this will eliminate the leakage of oil, they are usually fixed in the bearing caps.

The device uses a safety clutch and bearing caps. The first allows you to avoid destruction of the inside of the device from a large load. The second are deaf and cross-cutting.

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Motoblock angular reducer

Such devices are used for efficient docking with a chain transmission. They are used to reduce the angular velocity. In tillers they help work on heavy surfaces, for plowing and similar work.

The reduction gearbox is effective in slippage if its own power is low.

Single-stage bevel gearbox with vertical driven shaft

Single-stage bevel gearbox with a vertical driven shaft: a - kinematic scheme; b - general view.

Its components are:

  • housing;
  • bearings for flanges and shaft (2 pcs.);
  • shaft rotor;
  • flange and washer;
  • driven and driven shaft with gear;
  • shaft bearing housing;
  • fasteners for pulley and flange, pulley for V-belt transmission.

The body can be used, well suited from old Soviet motorcycles. The first is the housing for bearings, the gear with the shaft rotates on them. Here are used drills and calipers. Bearings are selected, they need 2 pcs. on the other side of the device is mounted flange with a washer and bearing inside. With a few bolts, it fastens the frame. Pre-select the leading and driven axle-gear, a key with steel. These parts are connected to the transmission mechanism and the rotor.

On the first one, the transmission pulley is fixed to the driven axle with a bolt with a spring washer.

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Gear reducer: the nuances

His transmission transmits the rotation from the motor to the wheels, changing the motor-block speed and movement. It consists of the gearbox itself, as well as differentials, gearbox, clutch. Its nodes can be with a chain, belt, with gears or combined. Gear, as the name implies, is made of gears of different shapes.

Briefly describe the appearance of the device, it is a metal box with rotating gears, shafts of various sizes inside, the output and input shaft with different speeds of rotation.

They are used not only on motorblocks, but also on snowmobiles, motorcycles, scooters. In their manufacture also use machines for metal: turning, milling, gear cutting and welding and equipment for working with metals.

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