Painting of rooms

Making repairs yourself is not as difficult as it may seem at first glance. However, there are some nuances. Work needs to be done carefully. Particular attention should be paid to painting the walls. To do this, you can use two methods: painting with a brush and roller. The second option is most preferred, it is worth considering in more detail. It is very important to know how to paint with a roller. If you learn once, experience will remain for a long time.

Paint roller walls

Painting the walls with a roller is easier, as the roller distributes the paint more evenly than the brush.

Which roller to choose

Today there are many different models of rollers. First of all, they are distinguished by materials. You can choose a roller made of faux fur, sheepskin, foam rubber, mohair, or even nylon plush. Each of these materials has its own characteristics. The choice of this or that material will entirely depend on what room and covering it will be used for. Of great importance will be what kind of paint is used. Some of its types are incompatible with the materials on the roller.

Paint roller design

The design of the roller for painting.

Before you begin to paint the wall, you should consider the features of paint. If it contains synthetic resin, then it is most appropriate to use a mohair product for painting. If you need to paint a small room, then you can buy a foam roller.

When choosing a roller be sure to consider the length of the pile. If you need to paint the walls so that they are absolutely smooth, then you should choose a shallow pile. When choosing a wide pile on the wall may remain a coarse pattern. Despite this, a wide pile absorbs a large amount of paint. It will go thicker and more durable layer. Its consumption will not be too large, as it is not necessary to dip the roller in the paint too often. One of the most high-quality products is the roller, which has a long pile and a reinforced metal thread. It will be reliable and high quality. It will last a long time. If you want to paint the wall with a roller with a decorative pattern, then you should buy a product with a relief pattern. Today, there are quite a few such things.

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Preparation for work, purchase of necessary materials

Before you start repair work and start painting the walls with a roller, you need to prepare the surface and buy all the necessary materials and tools. For this you will need:

  • roller;
  • medium width tassel;
  • paint tray;
  • sandpaper;
  • construction film;
  • primer
  • putty knife.
Sanding the surface with sandpaper

Before painting, the surface of the walls should be cleaned with emery paper to remove irregularities and defects.

All surfaces that will not be painted, it is necessary to cover the building film. In this case, they do not have to be washed after all the work. This applies not only furniture. Close need and doors, baseboards, windows, etc. After that, the surface must be removed from the surface. You can do this with a spatula. Now it is necessary to clean sandpaper and make it smooth. In the case when you want to paint the wall on which the wallpaper is hung, the top layer does not need to be removed. It will be enough just to prime the surface. After that, be sure to wait until the primer dries. It is impossible to apply paint on a damp surface. She may lie unevenly or quickly lose her original appearance and peel off.

In addition, it is necessary to put in order the roller itself. If a fur roller is selected as an improvised material, then before painting the walls, it is necessary to soak it in soapy water for 2-3 hours. After that, the product should be washed under running water and dry thoroughly. In this case, when conducting paint work, the villi will not fall out and remain on the surface along with the paint. Only after all the steps to prepare the walls have been carried out, it is possible to proceed to the most important and interesting point - to paint the surface with a roller.

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Paint roller walls

Paint roller technology

The technology of painting the walls with a roller.

A small amount of paint must be poured into a special tray. After that, you can dunk in it roller. In order for the paint to lie evenly throughout the pile, the roller should be rolled along the grooved plane on the bath itself or the net. You need to do this several times. Now you need to decide how to paint the walls and where to start. It is best to do this from the corner of the room, which is located near the window. After that you can go in any direction.

In order to avoid stains and drops of paint, it is necessary to paint the walls with a roller. You do not need to press the product too hard. It is necessary to paint the entire surface evenly, leaving no empty gaps. Movement should be smooth. First you need to drive a roller from top to bottom, and then vice versa. Movement should be smooth away and slightly diagonal.

It must be remembered that the paint should be carefully infused.

To make the surface color saturated, you should apply several layers. Only paint the wall a second time after drying the first layer. Here it is already possible to act in the direction horizontally, and then vertically. Movement should be from top to bottom. As for the corners, they will not be completely painted over with a roller. Here it is better to use a brush.

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Advantages and disadvantages of painting walls with a roller

One of the most important advantages of painting a wall with a roller is the treatment of large areas in a short time. At the same time, if you do everything neatly and correctly, the layers will be smooth and smooth. Another advantage can be considered that painting the walls with this object is much more convenient than with a brush. If the surface is large and high enough, you can fasten a long handle to the roller. This will paint the entire wall, standing on the floor.

Despite all the amenities and advantages, this building item has its drawbacks. One of them will be the inconvenience of painting the corners and joints. This will help to cope with an ordinary brush. Another disadvantage is that some of the materials from which the roller is made, absorb a lot of paint. To avoid this, it is imperative to use a device to spin the paint. Thus, learning how to properly paint the walls is not difficult. You just need to have the desire and patience, then everything will work out.

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