Making vibrotamper do it yourself

Recently, the population has been actively buying land for the construction of private houses. Very often, this land must be rammed. This procedure requires a special vibration unit, the cost of which is rather high. To reduce financial costs during construction, such equipment can be assembled on its own.. Going to vibrotamper do it yourself is not difficult, for this you need to have a set of plumbing tools and skills to use it.

Tamper rammer

Vibrotamper is a construction device, which is equipped with a special plate that allows the compaction of bulk materials.

Purpose of vibrotamper

Vibrotamper (vibration press) is a device equipped with a special plate that allows the compaction of bulk materials (earth, sand, crushed stone, etc.). Such compaction occurs due to the high vibrations produced by the installation. High-quality tamping allows you later not to sink the soil from the effects of various loads and stresses on it.

Device vibrotamper

Device vibrotamping.

In addition, high-quality compaction of the soil allows you to get the maximum hitch of the earth with concrete, paving stones or paving slabs. Those. on such a soil, the probability of cracking or complete destruction of the applied finishing material is extremely small.

Using a vibration plate, you can align the land plots relative to the level of the horizon or, conversely, make them a small slope. Slopes may be needed for better flow of water after rain. Ground geo-planning with such equipment is carried out quickly and efficiently.

Also, such a seal of the upper layers of the land can help gardeners in the process of refining the backyard territory. A tamper will help make good tracks between the ridges, which will not soak even during heavy rain.

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Independent manufacture of rammers

The easiest way to make a vibratory press on the power supply. Getting to the independent manufacture of such equipment, you need to know from what basic elements it consists. Electric tamper consists of such basic elements as:

  • plate;
  • frame part;
  • Electrical engine;
  • vibrator;
  • control node.

Pig-iron sheet is most often used as a plate. The quality of the sheet should be good, on its surface is not allowed the presence of cracks and chips. If you use a low-grade cast iron billet, then when working with a large fraction of the plate will quickly fail.

The principle of vibrotamping

The principle of vibrotamping.

The important point in the preparation of the plate is its size, which should not be too large. The smaller the working area of ​​the cast iron billet, the better the compaction of land masses will occur. But too small it is not worth doing, otherwise it will lead to deterioration of the properties of the vibration produced.

Having chosen a plate, it is necessary to fix on it a vibrator. For this you need to use hardened steel grades. If we neglect the high-quality fasteners, then in the process they will quickly fail. Therefore, their choice should be approached most carefully.

The next step is to mount the motor. It will transfer energy to the vibrator. The engine must be powerful and run on 220 V, as not all owners of private houses have a connection in 3 phases.

To make it easier to perform work, the mechanism should be provided with a handle. To do this, you can use the inch tube, which must be bent in the form of a bracket. It is better if this handle will be able to turn in both directions.

On the handle you need to place the control module. This is the most convenient place, because it will always be at hand. The module must include on and off buttons. If necessary, you can place on it a reverse power switch. With it, you can enhance or weaken the level of vibration.

Having assembled the installation, you can proceed to its operation.

Such equipment will be an indispensable assistant in the construction work.

Using vibrotamper, we must not forget that it must be supplied with a long wire. Its presence will allow you to work away from the power source and provide ease of movement.

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