Making vibrating plates with their own hands

Rising prices for equipment, tools for construction and repair have led to the fact that many owners of private houses and personal plots took up the independent production of the necessary devices.

Compaction of rubble using a vibrating plate

The vibrating plate is a device intended for compaction of sand, rubble, earth; this allows the soil not to sag under loads in future.

For example, you can find a device such as a vibrating plate, made by hand.

Why may need a vibrating plate?

Principle of work of the vibrating plate

The principle of operation of the plate.

A vibrating plate with a simple construction is necessary in order to compact crushed stone, sand and other bulk materials. The soil subjected to vibration will not sink under loads. This is important in order to achieve a good adhesion to paving stones, concrete mix or paving slabs. If the work is carried out in a small area, where the use of special equipment will be difficult, this type of tamping seems indispensable. Most of the work on the upgrading of the territory is performed using a vibrating plate.

With the necessary skills, a vibrating plate can be made with your own hands in about five hours. The operation of the device will be safer, since the master will independently isolate vibrations to the required quality.

With self-manufacturing device, it is possible to install an uninterruptible power supply. The vibrating plate independently carries out tamping, it is required only to direct the movements.

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Vibrating plate device

Vibrating plate device

Vibrating plate device.

Before manufacturing the vibrating plate it is necessary to make a drawing of the future device. To do this, you should know what parts this technique consists of:

  • working stove;
  • vibro node;
  • frame;
  • transmission;
  • engine;
  • control mechanism;
  • suspension system.

Cast iron is mainly chosen for the working plate. Performance of the device will depend on its quality. For example, when working with sand or gravel, low-quality cast iron is covered with cracks, this is responsible for small particles of soil, which have a point effect on the surface.

The size of the surface is also important: with the correct geometry, the pad is cleaned independently, and there is no soil on it.

When building a device with your own hands, the area of ​​the slab is better to do not very large, if it does not affect the vibration properties.

Attach a vibro node to the plate. All attachment points, all connections should be made as carefully as possible. The gland of the vibrounde should be designed in such a way as to completely eliminate the flow of grease or the ingress of contaminants.

To make the work of the vibrator better, you can use an internal combustion engine: its power allows you to perform tamping in almost any conditions.

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How to make a vibrating plate with your own hands?

Vibrating plate motor

The engine is the main component necessary to create a vibrating plate with your own hands.

According to the type of engine used for the construction of the device, there are electric, diesel and gasoline plates.

To build a device to perform small amounts of work, it will be enough just a simple pad vibrator with a capacity of 220 V. You can buy a new engine or remove it from any system that is no longer in use. For the bed, that is, the basics, you will need a metal sheet, which is easy to find in companies selling metal products. Sheet thickness should be chosen at least 8 mm, length - 80 cm, width - 45 cm.

The bed should be flat, weight - up to fifty kilograms. A metal plate should be attached to the bottom to perform the function of the sole, 5 mm thick.

The vibrating plate should not be buried in the ground during operation. Her edges will need to bend. Make with the help of the grinder sections with a depth of 5 mm, 10 cm from the edges. It is necessary to bend back with a hammer, kicking the edges 25-30 degrees inwards, reinforce the cuts by welding.

On the base, select places for drilling bolt holes to attach the engine. In the drilled holes need to perform the thread and insert the studs. Install the channel and motor.

On the base, reinforce the handle, with which you can move and adjust the device. To do this, weld the bolts, put a handle on them and fix them with nuts.

In order to get better tamping, also weld a pair of tubes to the bottom. Place a water tank above the stove and connect one of them to it. Connect the hose to the other and lead it to the sole. So before you start tamping, you can moisten the sole. But it is necessary to ensure that water does not fall on the engine and does not create a circuit.

When the machine is assembled, check its work. Inspect all parts of the mount, check for damage. Connect the vibrating plate to the network and carry out a test ramming. Using the resulting device, you can compact the soil to a depth of ten centimeters. Work can be carried out without interruption for about three hours. Try to clean the plate in a timely manner: dirt on the surface and cuts filled with soil can cause the engine to overheat.

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