Making a homemade airbrush compressor

How to make a homemade airbrush compressor? To restore the coating of the car, an airbrush is used, which qualitatively applies an ink emulsion. The airbrush works due to the action of a stream of compressed air, which is supplied by a compressor. You can make your own airbrush compressor.

Airbrush device

Airbrush device.

Making a homemade compressor

For work you will need materials and tools:

  • fire extinguisher;
  • motor from the fridge;
  • pressure gauge;
  • valve;
  • check valve;
  • pressure regulator;
  • filter;
  • hose;
  • hose clamps;
  • adapters;
  • fittings;
  • fum-tape;
  • switch.
Scheme of the compressor with gear

Scheme of the compressor with gear.

The airbrush compressor can be made from a fire extinguisher and a motor from the refrigerator. The self-made compressor made with use of the motor from the refrigerator has the following advantages:

  • works without noise;
  • has high durability and reliability in operation;
  • when overheating is turned off automatically.

The disadvantage of a homemade compressor is that it is necessary to constantly change the oil. This procedure should be performed 1 time in 2 months. The oil is used semi-synthetic.

Before assembling the compressor it is necessary to prepare the necessary materials. First of all, you need to pick up the appropriate motor from the refrigerator. For the compressor using the motor type "pot". First, cut the copper wire and wiring motor. Wire cuts on the motor and refrigerator must be wrapped with insulating tape.

Then you need to purchase a fire extinguisher. It is better to use carbon dioxide fire extinguisher, which is designed for high pressure. If you have not found a carbon dioxide device, you can use a powder one, which also withstands great pressure.

Compressor circuit

The scheme of the compressor.

If you are creating a device for small works, then it is enough to use a fire extinguisher with a cylinder capacity of 5 liters. If the amount of work is large, it is desirable to use a cylinder with a volume of 10 liters.

You must purchase a pressure gauge to determine the pressure. The pressure gauge must have a regulator to supply the required pressure to the device. The pressure in the device should be about 20 atmospheres.

A check valve is required, which is used so that when the device is turned off, the pressure inside the cylinder does not affect the device.

It is necessary to purchase a valve that will serve to reduce the pressure in the hoses that go to the cylinder. For the device you will need to install a filter to separate the moisture.

It is necessary to prepare a hose whose inner diameter is 6 mm. This hose must be designed for a pressure of 20 atmospheres. It is necessary to buy 2 m of such a hose.

In addition to these elements, you will need filters, a switch for the motor and adapters.

The device will also need a pressure switch in order for the motor to turn on and off automatically.

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Device assembly process

Compressor device DH-1010

The device compressor DH-1010.

After preparing the necessary materials proceed to the assembly of the device. First you need to assemble the engine. When removing the motor from the refrigerator, copper tubes should be eaten. If they are cut, the garbage can get into the motor. This may impair the good condition of his work.

The motor has 3 tubes. One tube will serve as an oil change. It should be clogged.

It is necessary to turn on the motor for a short time. This is necessary in order to determine where the air enters and where it comes from.

After switching on from the outlet tube, oil will splash. Therefore, you need to take care not to stain the surrounding objects. To do this, they are closed with plastic wrap.

The motor may not immediately turn on. Then you need to connect wires to it directly. The outlet tube must be made at least 10 cm long.

When the motor turns on, you can proceed to the next stage. Now you can perform an oil change. For the compressor you need to use semi-synthetic oil brand 10w40. First, it is necessary to drain the oil in the engine through a tube that was plugged. You need to gently bite this tube and drain the liquid.

Then pour 250 ml of semi-synthetic oil into the motor. To fill the oil, apply a flexible hose and a medical syringe with a volume of 20 ml.

When the oil is poured into the engine, it is necessary to block the tube. You can do this with electrical tape or screw the screw into the tube.

Then mount the fuel filter on the inlet tube. You must first shorten the inlet tube to 1 cm. Using epoxy glue, a herringbone with a diameter of 10 mm is glued to the body. In order to firmly fix the filter, it is strengthened with electrical tape.

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Receiver manufacture

Then proceed to the manufacture of the receiver. First of all, discharge the fire extinguisher. Then it must be washed and dried. The handle of the fire extinguisher is removed, as the device will be screwed to the cylinder.

After that set on the hose from the former fire extinguisher, a Christmas tree socket. Then on it fix the remaining elements.

The internal diameter of the hose is 10 mm, so the diameter of the nozzle must correspond to this size.

Membrane Compressors

Diaphragm compressors: 1) diaphragm, 2) stem.

Thus, the entrance to the receiver was made. The output is performed using a tube having a length up to the middle of the cylinder. Outside, the tube should extend 10 cm.

When the compressor is operating inside the cylinder, condensation will appear. Thanks to this, cleaner air will flow.

The exit tube is glued with epoxy glue. You need to make sure that the glue does not get into the inlet. This tube can be taken from the motor or purchased for sale. It should have a diameter of 5 mm.

After making the receiver you need to connect it with the motor. When connecting set filters. Fix elements.

Then next to the receiver set the check valve. When installing, use adapters, as the thread of the nozzle and valve has different diameters.

Then a special valve is mounted between the check valve and the filters, which is designed to release pressure. When you turn off the motor, this valve should open.

After that you need to attach the elements coming from the receiver. Fix consistently filter, pressure gauge, pressure regulator, hoses.

The pressure regulator is set as follows. First, a pressure gauge is attached to the metal T-profile. Connect it with hoses. After that, mount the pressure regulator. Install a special valve designed to relieve excess pressure. It is installed between the check valve and the filter.

After assembling the compressor, it can be installed in the same frame. This is where the manufacture of the airbrush compressor ends. The device, made by hands on this technology, will work efficiently and regularly for many years.

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