Independent compaction of soil with a vibrating plate

The vibrating plate - rather useful type of equipment for building. Of course, for one-time tamping of the soil under a shed at the dacha there is no sense in buying such a tool. If construction is underway, then the vibrating plate is simply irreplaceable. The compaction of the soil by a vibrating plate is due to the shock force that is formed in the engine, transferred to the paw (working surface) and rams the ground in a very high quality.

Vibrating plate layout

Vibrating plate scheme.

Seal features

The plates are mainly distinguished by the weight of the unit, the sealing force of vibration, the area of ​​the working foot and the engines. The quality of work on different surfaces depends on the weight of the vibrating plate. For example, the light will not go over large rubble, and heavy will break the paving slabs.

By weight vibrating plates are light, versatile, moderate and heavy. The first weighs about 75 kg. They are suitable for pavement, thin layers of sand. Usually used in agriculture and cottages, as well as for landscape design, with the device tracks, flower beds. Universal weighs up to 200 kg. They take thin layers of soil and asphalt.

Moderate weighs about 400 kg. Such devices take quite large layers, gravel, rocks. But the heavy machines are already small rollers. Weight (more than half a ton) allows you to achieve incredible success in the construction of highways.

Another difference vibrating plates - this is the type of engine. It can be powered from the mains, be petrol or diesel. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Vibrating plate device

Vibrating plate device.

Control of vibrating plates can be manual and remote. With manual speed is usually small. It should be remembered in order to ensure the safety of the person leading the slab: you must be at the rear when working.

The electric type of rammer is best suited for simple and light chores. First, it requires an energy source that will be difficult to carry with you. Secondly, it is usually small and is used on thin layers or soft ground.

Remoteness from the source of energy makes the gasoline unit very convenient and virtually universal. Its cost is slightly higher than the price of electric. Due to the weight and power of the engine running on gasoline, work is done twice as fast.

Diesel is cheaper than gasoline, so diesel vibrating rammers has its advantages. Its engine has greater potential for operation due to durability. In addition, they are quite reliable.

Reverse vibrating plates have a good feature: they can turn and go where no other device goes. However, devices with translational direction and one unbalance last longer.

The vibrating plate consists of an engine, electric, internal combustion or diesel, eccentric unbalance - a device that gives vibration and paws of the working surface ramming the ground.

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Practical recommendations

Soil compaction scheme when backfilling trenches

Soil compaction scheme when backfilling trenches: 1 - zone above the pipeline, where soil compaction is prohibited, 2, 3 - thickness of the soil layer compacted by manual mechanisms, 4.5 - soil layer.

When choosing a plate, it is necessary to take into account the characteristics indicated in the documentation attached to the unit. The smaller the size of the base plate, the greater the power of vibration. And we must bear in mind that if there is a wide plate on a powerful unit, the equipment will fly quickly, because the generated power will be very large. And if you put a smaller work surface, you get a powerful and durable unit.

The quality of the result depends on the frequency of vibration. Depth of execution, when the soil is compacted, is the thickness of the layer that the vibrating plate is capable of tamping. The amplitude of vibration is the force of impact to the surface. The higher the amplitude, the stronger the aggregate. Naturally, its economy and payback depend on the consumption of fuel or energy. Documents often state performance. These figures are approximate for the purchased unit. It is possible that it will far exceed these figures.

Those devices that are able to ram asphalt and make a good compaction of the soil, most often come with an irrigation system. It does not allow viscous asphalt to stick to the foot of the plate. It is necessary to remember about the working surface. If it is embossed and heavy, it is preferable to work on the ground. If the weight is small, the surface of the paw is smooth and the vibration amplitude is low, then asphalt is needed.

Doing soil compaction (rubble), you need to remove all debris from the site. Sand, gravel and fine crushed stone are left. Clay, too, must be removed about half a meter. Compacted sand and crushed stone well hold large loads. Therefore, it is an ideal cushion under the foundation, under the floor in warehouses and other large structures.

Characteristics of vibrating plates reverse course

Characteristics of vibrating plates reverse course.

The site is held three times. If for these passes the desired result could not be achieved, then it is necessary to reduce the layer. The total thickness of the compacted surface, sand and gravel is not more than half a meter. After the desired compaction of the soil has been achieved, a new layer is put in and again subjected to vibro-ramming. You also need to consider: sand and any soil should be slightly damp.

A large amount of water will lead to poor quality tamping, as the liquid will accumulate in the voids. And the dry material will not be held together. In this case, the water goes as a cementing agent. The main thing is to know when to stop.

In order to make the compaction of the soil under the slab and the paving slab itself, a damping plate is put on the working surface of the vibrating plates. For such works, a weak, lightweight unit is needed, possibly an electric one. In the power supply of such a plate there is enough voltage of 220 - 380 V, depending on the engine power. The weight of the plate in this case is 50-100 kg.

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Features care device

Technical characteristics of self-moving vibrating plates

Technical characteristics of self-moving vibrating plates.

Soil compaction with a rammer is very convenient in cramped places: near foundations, pipes, wells, trenches. In general, it is usually used where the rink does not pass. If the construction does not make a good compaction of the soil, after a certain time it may begin to subside.

Before the construction of the road canvases need tamping land. From above it is necessary to make a pillow before asphalting. If the compaction of the soil is made uneven or poorly executed, then self-shrinking will cause pits and voids inside the web. It is dangerous enough for pedestrians and motorists.

It is also convenient when laying the foundation.

A sand cushion is always required before pouring concrete.

The bottom of the ditch is carefully rammed. It is desirable that the nozzle on the rammer was already at the bottom of the ditch, that is, in size. After compaction of the soil, a thin layer of sand is poured in, slightly moistened with water, and rammed again. Over the entire cushion again you need to go with a vibro rammer. High-quality pillow is ready, you can put reinforcement and pour concrete. For this work, suitable apparatus weighing from 100 to 200 kg.

Vibrating plate self-moving

Self-moving vibrating plate: a - with reversing mechanism, b - with tilting vibration exciter.

It must be remembered that for the quality work of any device or mechanism, you need the right care. Dirt, not replaced in time, small parts reduce the life of any equipment. Tamper raiser needs timely care. First of all, it is important to monitor the state of the filter. Since it is of only two types (paper and foam rubber), it is not difficult to care for it.

The paper filter just needs to be shaken off, but the foam rubber should be washed in warm soapy water, dried and put back. The more often you wash and clean the filter, the longer the equipment will last. Do not forget about the oil in the gearbox and engine. It must be regularly changed for high-quality work of vibrotamping.

Before starting work, the engine is definitely warming up. You need to do this for about 5-7 minutes, after which you can safely get to work. For full operation of the vibrating plate, the presence of an anti-vibration handle is desirable.

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Soil compaction: conclusion and debriefing

It is important to watch how the rammer stands in relation to the ground. The working surface should run parallel to the ground. All work with such equipment should be done at a distance of no more than 2 m from areas where there is a possibility of an explosion or fire.

The device on gasoline need to monitor the condition of the candle. Regular cleaning and replacement of parts will prevent unexpected failures and untimely stops. The electric drive engine needs a short rest every 2-3 hours. Transportation of units with an engine operating on liquid fuel is carried out in the upward position of the opening of the fuel tank.

In general, it makes sense to buy such equipment. However, for one-time ramming, it is too expensive, and such a purchase would be irrational. It can be taken for the construction team or landscape designer.

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