How to replace the cartridge on the drill with your own

Modern drill is a technically complex device, which is one of the main tools in the arsenal of any master. The main element of any drill is a cartridge for fixing drills or bits. Any master may sooner or later face a situation where the chuck on the perforator loses centering, as a result of which the drill begins to walk to the side. In this case, the holder must be replaced with a new one. Next will be discussed how to replace the drill chuck.

Diagram of the device drill

Diagram of the device drill.

The main types of cartridges

Before you replace the cartridge on the drill, you need to figure out what type of holder is installed directly on your tool. Today, there are 3 types of chucks for drilling equipment: cam, fast-locking and SDS. The main advantage of the 2nd option is that they allow you to replace the drill very quickly and without using any additional tool. Also, such holders can be single-footed and two-footed. One-piece products are equipped with a special locking mechanism that allows for the replacement of the drill with one hand. In two-coupling holders, when replacing a snap, one clutch is held by one hand while the other is clamped with the other.

Types of drill chucks

Types of ammunition for the drill.

Cam-type cartridges are more reliable, so they usually equip them with more powerful semi-professional and professional drills.. In this case, the fixture snap-in is carried out using a special key.

The narrowly focused equipment for the electric drill is the SDS collet products (a special guide system). They are attached to the shaft of the tool itself and are intended for more accurate drilling work.

Collet clamps are able to fix the drill, whose diameter is from 0.1 mm. The use of such power tools requires lower punching speeds, so that in the process of work small drills do not overheat and break.

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Ways of fastening the cartridge to the drill

Diagram of the device chuck

Diagram of the device clamping cartridge.

Once with the type of holder you understand, you need to carefully study its attachment to the punch, which can be tapered or threaded. To understand what fastening is used exactly on your drill, you can look at the marking placed on the chuck. In accordance with GOST, tapered attachments can be of the following types: B7, B10, B12, B16, B18, B22, B24, B32 and B45, where the number after the letter indicates the diameter of the cone.

For threaded fixing clamp to the punch can be used as an inch, and metric thread. Russian manufacturers produce their products with metric thread, and foreign - with inch. In the first case, the cartridge will have a marking of the type: 1.2-15 M10x1.25, where 1.2-15 is the cross section of the shank; M - metric thread; 10x1.25 diameter and thread pitch. Today, such markings are quite rare. A more popular option is inch thread, for example, 2-10 mm, ½-15UNF, where 2-10 is the diameter of the shank that fits this holder; ½ - thread diameter; 15 - the number of threads per 1 inch.

Knowing the type of cartridge and the method of its attachment to the drill, you can go to the power tool store and buy a suitable holder.

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How to replace the cartridge on the punch?

Independent replacement of the cartridge on the drill

The screw for fastening the cartridge unscrews in a clockwise direction.

To replace the clamp on the drill you may need the following tools:

  • Phillips screwdriver;
  • pipe wrench;
  • hammer;
  • new cartridge.

Considering how to replace the cartridge on the punch, you need to know that the clip with a threaded attachment is installed on the punch by screwing it onto the threaded pin located on the tool. First you need to unscrew the old product counterclockwise. In some cases, the fastening mechanism is additionally equipped with a screw located in the center.

This screw has a left-side thread, so it is loosened clockwise.

If the bolt sits very deeply, knock it on the head with a hammer. After the screw is unscrewed, you can dismantle the old cartridge and install a new one. If you can’t do this with your bare hands, you can use a pipe wrench. Next, take a new holder, put it on the spindle and tighten the key well. Twist the screw rod. Your drill is ready to go.

Cone products are installed on the drill by simple fitting. Dismantling works are carried out by knocking out the chuck from the drill with a hammer.

To replace the cartridge on the drill with your own hands, you do not need to have any special knowledge and skills. The main thing - to deal with the type of holder and follow the instructions.

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