How to repair a construction stapler

Not so long ago, the upholstery work was performed exclusively with the use of a hammer and nails. This mainly concerned the production of furniture. But recently, a special device has been developed that helps fasteners in a more convenient way - this is a construction stapler.

Scheme of the construction stapler

The scheme of the construction stapler.

If the chair with a soft upholstery or a sofa to turn over, you can see that the upholstery is attached to the special tightening elements, that is, brackets. Both the hammer and the nails are gone, now you can build upholstery without injuring your fingers and much faster than it was before. The design is more convenient for work, but it can also fail, as any tool. Then the owner of the stapler is faced with the question of fixing the device.

How to start repair stapler

Before you start repairing a building stapler, you should familiarize yourself with its design, principle of operation. This will help to better perform the necessary actions and quickly bring the stapler into working condition. In addition to staplers for securing upholstery on furniture, there are other devices of similar purpose.

Basically you can find these types of staplers:

Hand stapler

Manual stapler is easy to use and does not require careful maintenance - you only need to periodically lubricate it.

  1. Manual - this group includes mechanical devices with manual transmission. They, in turn, are divided into several varieties, which must be selected depending on what the working task.
  2. Staple hammer - these are staplers that hammer the staple with a strong punch. In this model, the speed of operation is higher than that of hand-made analogs, but the accuracy of driving is not very high. Most often, hammers for driving staples are used in cases when the roofing material is fixed or the insulation is fixed during repair. Here, special attention is paid not to the accuracy of work, but to its speed.
  3. Cable staplers are designed for installation of cables that must withstand a load of 50 V. The diameter of the cable with which to work should not exceed 7.5 mm. Choosing a stapler to perform such a task, you must take into account the diameter of the wire with which to work. Such a device is most often used in cases where a large amount of work is needed and it is necessary to fix the cable in place or to lay the electrical network. It can also be used during the installation or repair of communications.
  4. The usual model of the stapler, that is, the classic, is equipped with a manual drive pressed to the tool surface. Staples are driven into the material by pressing the release lever.
  5. Combined model - this device combines the ability to perform operations that are usually performed using different models of staplers equipped with a manual drive.

In addition to the models described, there are other varieties of such a tool. Staplers can be professional and household. Professional distinguished features such as ergonomics, extensive resources, the lack of parts made of plastic. But there are also disadvantages - such a wonderful device costs a lot.

Electric stapler

For regular repairs, it is better to purchase an electric stapler - its performance is much higher than that of a manual stapler.

Electric staplers - this variety is widely distributed for domestic use, performing minor repairs. Working with him is easy - just connect the electricity. But for the price of such a device will cost a bit more expensive than the manual counterpart. If, for example, you only need to change the upholstery on furniture, it is not economically viable to purchase such a stapler. It is much easier to do everything with a manual stapler - this does not require significant application of forces, and there is a saving. If it is a question of using such a device regularly and often, it is better to purchase an electrical variant.

There are also professional pneumatic models. Staples are hammered using pneumatic shocks. They should not be used for domestic needs. Apply this method in production conditions, but if absolutely necessary it is possible to install your own compressor. It is better to buy a small compact model, whose dimensions are approximately as in a not very large suitcase. To do the work, you need to organize a connection to the mains. In such devices, the price is rather big, so for the most part, this device is only used by professionals involved in furniture repair at a professional level. In private manufacturers can also find such a device.

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Materials for the operation of the stapler

Expendable material for the stapler - brackets. When talking about their size most often imply thickness. But the width is different. Sizes such as 0.75 mm (thickness) and 11.4 mm (width) are mainly used. But many more varieties are available that have other sizes. It is necessary to choose a consumable depending on what is the work task. In order to create a good load, in the case of repair, for example, one should choose sharper ones. To fix a not very dense material like a film of polyethylene, use staples with good thickness. The choice of brackets when installing the cable is determined depending on what is its diameter.

Pneumatic stapler

Pneumatic stapler has a high price and is mainly used in furniture factories.

Working with a proprietary device, it is necessary and consumables to him to acquire the same brand. They are somewhat different from the usual ones with similar size, have good working qualities, are made of stainless alloy and are not subject to corrosion. Their surface is galvanized.

They are well sharpened and correspond to all the necessary drawing data, they also have a warranty period. The presence of a guarantee confirms the good quality and originality of the material.

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Recommendations for repairing the device

It is convenient and pleasant to use the stapler. Staples are installed in a special shop, the device is pressed to the right place and the lever is pressed. Now the bracket is fixed. But sometimes trouble happens - the stapler breaks down. Staple from the charger does not crash, on the place where they tried to install it, only a dent from the drummer remains. This means that the stapler needs to be inspected, most often followed by repairs. To repair, disassemble the device in a specific sequence:

  • remove the adjusting screw;
  • remove the spring;
  • remove the protective cover;
  • remove the pins and lock washers.

To bring the stapler into working condition, you will need the following tools:

  • screwdriver;
  • pliers;
  • hammer;
  • file;
  • vice.

When all the excess is removed, you can see what happened to the drummer. The most common cause of failure is the fact that the impactor has developed a stubborn element. It provides interaction between the percussion mechanism and the trigger lever.

Drummer is the main working part of this device. A special spring exerts a powerful pressure on it; if necessary, its force can be adjusted using a special screw.

Types of staples construction stapler

Types of staples construction stapler.

The element called the charging carbine is fixed in relation to the percussion device at an angle of 90 degrees. There are staples on which the action of the spring applies. When not operating, the brackets are closed attached to the body plate.

The correct operation of the charger, coupled with the percussion element depends on the health of the trigger system. It consists of the following parts:

  • lever cocking mechanism;
  • strong spring;
  • detail called "rocker".

In order to drive a bracket, it is necessary to press the lever with force. Drummer rises under the action of the arm of the rocker. The bracket goes into the mechanism of the striker, and the compression of the spring stops. Drummer with a force hits the bracket, it goes to the base.

Looking carefully at the workflow of the construction stapler, it can be concluded that the main criterion for his good work will be several interacting operations: this is the cocking of the impactor and the unhindered exit of the staples.

The drummer should work with the rocker in synchrony mode. If this is not the case, the person working with the stapler will uselessly press the lever. Something like a single shot happens. The descent is cocked, then it is triggered, but the drummer does not capture the clevis. This is how the device works in the case when the stop element is wearing out at the projection of the striker.

Repair of the device is not particularly complicated and does not take much time. Drummer clamped in a vice. Then, using a simple file, the protrusion is sharpened, it is given the original shape. Such actions help to significantly increase the tool life. Regular implementation of this operation will be required - it must be carried out immediately as soon as the gun starts to work at random. It should be borne in mind that since the drummer plate will need to be constantly slightly eroded, it gradually shortens.

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Instead of conclusion

The conclusion from all that has been said is quite simple: you can repair the device yourself, and it is not necessary to do this with the assistance of professional help. You do not have to buy a new device to replace a broken one: you just need to carefully disassemble it, sharpen it in the right place and reassemble it, after which the device can work for a long time.

When working with a construction stapler, it is good to have pliers nearby, so that with their help you can quickly remove bad brackets that have entered the material.

After finishing the work, fold the stapler, fasten the handle on the bracket, this will prevent the device from accidentally triggering.

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