How to repair a construction stapler yourself

More recently, a variety of upholstery work carried out with nails and a hammer. Most of all it concerns furniture production. If you turn a soft sofa or chair, then there are no nail heads on the back surface, special screeds or braces are evident.

Scheme of the construction stapler

The scheme of the construction stapler.

These new devices have conquered the construction market. There are even staplers that can do the job using fine nails. A hammer with nails is gone. No broken fingers, no need for small nails. As a result, high performance. However, this construction sometimes fails, but it is a pity to part with such a device. The question is how to fix the construction stapler, can I do it myself?

Working with such a tool is much more convenient than hammering nails. The speed of work increases several times.

Before proceeding with the repair of the stapler, you need to familiarize yourself with its design, types and main criteria of work.

Main types of models

Hand stapler

Manual stapler does not require careful maintenance. You only need to periodically lubricate it.

  1. Hand staplers. This group includes mechanical staplers equipped with a manual drive. They are divided into several types, based on the task that needs to be performed.
  2. Staple hammer. This construction stapler with a strong blow clogs the bracket. The speed of this model is much higher than the manual counterparts, however, the accuracy of the staple closure leaves much to be desired. Such staple hammers are used in most cases for:
  • fixing insulation;
  • laying ruberoid.

In other words, the stapler is used where the speed of work comes first, and not its accuracy.

Cable construction stapler. This tool is specifically designed for installation of cables that can withstand a load of 50 V. The cable diameter for work must be no more than 7.5 mm. When choosing such a stapler, the diameter of the wire with which to work will be taken into account. Most often, cable devices are used with a large amount of work, when required:

  • fix the cable;
  • pave the electrical network;
  • mount communication lines.

The usual models. This tool has become a classic among such devices. It has a manual drive, which is pressed against the surface, and after pressing the trigger lever, the staple is driven into the material.

Electric stapler

Electric staplers are considered one of the most powerful, because have reinforced springs.

Combined models. This construction stapler at the same time combines operations which carry out various types of the staplers equipped with the manual drive.

In addition to the models presented above, there are also other varieties of this tool. They are divided into:

  • professional;
  • household.

Professional models are distinguished by their positive characteristics:

  • a great resource;
  • ergonomics;
  • no plastic parts.

The negative side can be attributed to the high cost of the stapler.

Electrostapler. This species is widely used for domestic needs. It is very easy to work with an electric stapler, simply connect the electricity. However, the cost of such a stapler is much more than a manual counterpart. To simply repair the furniture is not economical to buy such a model. A hand stapler is more suitable for this job. But if the conversation is about the constant repair of furniture, it is better to use the electrical option.

Pneumatic models. Basically, such tools are used in their work by professionals. For domestic needs such a construction stapler does not apply. Stapling is caused by pneumatic impact. This air method is used in production, where the air compressor works.

If necessary, you can install your own compressor, but it is better to purchase a compact model, the dimensions of which correspond to the size of a small suitcase. To perform the work will need only the electrical network.

The price of such devices is incredibly high. In connection with this device are professionals who repair furniture. This pneumostapler is also found in private manufacturers.

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Materials needed for stapler operation

Pneumatic stapler

The pneumatic stapler operates with a compressed air compressor.

Usually when using the term "type of staples", they mean its thickness. Has the different sizes and width of brackets. In European countries most often use brackets:

  • thickness - 0.75 mm;
  • width - 11.4 mm.

Mostly produced a lot of types of brackets with a variety of dimensions. The choice of consumables depends entirely on the task. For example, long staples are most suitable for creating high loads. For fastening of a not very strong material, for example, a polyethylene film, it is better to use brackets of large thickness. When the cable is fixed, the selection of the bracket depends on its diameter.

If you are working with a branded stapler, you must always purchase branded brackets. They are very different from their usual counterparts. They have many positive qualities, no corrosion.

These brackets are made of stainless steel material and have a galvanized surface. Besides:

  • perfectly sharpened;
  • they correspond to all drawing data;
  • the slipway is characterized by absolute precision;
  • have a warranty period.

The presence of a guarantee indicates the originality and quality of such material.

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Work and repair: recommendations

To use such a device is always nice. I installed the staples in the shop, pressed the stapler, pressed the lever, and all - the material is securely fixed. But there are cases when the brackets do not fly out because of the charger. Only a trace of the drummer remains. Conclusion one - it is necessary to repair it. To do this, you need to disassemble the stapler in a certain sequence:

  • remove the adjusting screw;
  • remove the spring;
  • remove the protective cover.
  • remove pins;
  • remove the lock washers.
Types of staples construction stapler

Types of staples construction stapler.

To perform repair work will be required:

  • pliers;
  • screwdriver;
  • hammer;
  • vice;
  • file.

After this work, it will be possible to consider a drummer. The main tool failure is the development of the thrust of the body of the drummer. With its help, the joint operation of the trigger lever and the percussion mechanism is ensured.

The drummer is the main executive part of the stapler. A powerful spring presses it, the force of which can be adjusted by a special screw.

At an angle of 90 ° relative to the percussion device, the charging carbine is fixed. In it are staples, constantly perceive the impact of the spring. Inoperative brackets are closed with a special plate attached to the body.

For the joint work of the drummer, combined with a charging device, the trigger system is responsible. She has in its composition:

  • cocking lever;
  • powerful spring;
  • yoke

To score a bracket, you must press the lever. Bracket rocker lift drummer. The spring will cease to be compressed when the bracket enters the mechanism of the striker. With great force, the drummer will hit the staple, it hits the base.

In fact, the main criterion for the normal operation of a construction stapler is the compliance of several operations:

  • squad drummer;
  • staple feed.

Work drummer should be synchronized with the beam. If this did not happen, it means that the shot was made “empty”. In other words, there was a platoon of the trigger device and its operation, however, the drummer at that time could not capture the clevis. This is exactly what happens when the thrust pad of the firing pin protrudes heavily.

It will take a little time to repair. You need to hold the drummer in a vice. Use a regular file to sharpen the protrusion and give it the original shape.

Similar actions can significantly extend the life of the stapler. You just need to do such a repair operation immediately after the gun starts to work "idle." When repairing the drummer plate will be shortened, as it will need to be eroded all the time.

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Conclusion and debriefing

From the above, you can make a simple conclusion: every person can easily repair this device, so you shouldn’t immediately run to the store for a new gun, you just have to disassemble it, grind it and reassemble it. He will work after that for a very long time.

When works are performed by a construction stapler, it is desirable to have a pair of pliers so that you can remove the staples that have not entered the material. Having finished the work, you need to fold the stapler, fix the handle with a special bracket to prevent accidental operation.

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