How to pump the hydraulic jack correctly

Hydraulic jack - equipment that is designed to solve a wide range of tasks. How to pump a hydraulic jack, and why should it be done? The equipment allows you to lift the desired item to the desired height. It is hydraulic jacks are used most often for auto repair shops and service stations, for work in the home workshop. Repair consists in cleaning the tank, changing the fluid, pumping equipment.

Hydraulic jacks

The hydraulic jack is capable of performing many different tasks in the home workshop.

Why is the jack performance reduced?

Before proceeding to pumping hydraulic equipment, you need to figure out what this work is required for. Equipment whose principle of operation is based on hydraulics may be damaged due to pollution and air entering the working cavity. Corrosion may also limit the descent of the mechanism to the required level. Among the reasons that require pumping, it should be noted:

  1. The appearance of air bubbles.
  2. Corrosion mechanism that prevents the use of the device at its full capacity.
  3. Too much stress, due to which there is a bending of the hydraulic rod.
  4. The appearance of traces of contamination in the oil, which lead to damage to the whole mechanism.

To avoid such defects that do not allow to use the equipment, you should independently perform a number of works:

The device of the hydraulic jack

The device of the hydraulic jack.

  1. Fasteners should be completely unscrewed.
  2. Carefully remove the valve, which is necessary to bleed off the working oil.
  3. The primary piston is carefully removed, its surface must be carefully examined so that there is no damage.
  4. A complete inspection of the equipment is being carried out; all gaskets and balls on the valves should be checked. If their condition is unsatisfactory, you should make a preliminary replacement with new ones, and then carry out pumping.
  5. Mechanisms, if necessary, are washed from dirt, foreign elements that can get into them.
  6. After that, you can pour fresh oil, pump the system from the air.

Hydraulic oil should be used only special. Otherwise, the equipment will not operate at full capacity.

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In what cases repair of a hydraulic jack is required?

Bottle Hydraulic Jack

Bottle hydraulic jack can be repaired with your own hands.

Pumping hydraulics may be required in several cases, but it is recommended to carry out it regularly. The time for cleaning and refueling depends on how often the equipment will be used. If the device is used continuously, then such work must be done literally every month. If the jack is used rarely, it is possible to shorten this period to 2-3 times per year.

Rolling hydraulic jack requires additional pumping when its power begins to fall. For the work you need to buy a special oil and flushing liquid. Hydraulics has a high level of reliability, but even such a mechanism fails over time. Its prevention is necessary in such cases as:

  • reducing the power level of the equipment;
  • reducing the load capacity of the mechanism, the inability to perform work that was previously done without problems;
  • the appearance of a large number of air bubbles on the surface of the working fluid;
  • the appearance of dirt in the working fluid;
  • equipment ceases to perform its basic functions.

If all work is carried out clearly, in full accordance with the schedule of pumping, then such problems will not be felt soon. It is the regularly carried out pumping and removal of air bubbles with traces of pollution that allow the mechanism to return power to the proper level.

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Pumping technology

Rolling Jack

When the power of the rolling jack falls, it is necessary to pump it.

The pumping of the hydraulic jack begins with the fact that a special bypass valve should be opened, a plug from the oil tank. This is done so that you can drain the old oil and flush the device. This stage is very important, since during operation the container is gradually polluted, the debris can get onto other parts of the mechanism and cause serious damage to it. After the oil is drained, it is necessary to fill the tank with a special liquid, it can be purchased at a very reasonable price. Maximum efforts will lead to the fact that the air is completely out of the hydraulics. From the tank it is quickly pumped into the cavity for the oil, this work takes not so much time.

From the working cavity, when pumping is performed, all traces of air are completely removed. The work should be carried out strictly according to the instructions provided by the manufacturer, since different models of the hydraulic jack may require different actions. As a result of the actions performed, the power of the equipment should not change, during a test run it works in the same way as in the new state.

A situation may occur when the hydraulic jack starts to work with the wrong power. This means that the air is not completely removed from the working cavity. In this case, the procedure is repeated several times until the desired result is achieved. This method is universal, it is great for any model.

Hydraulic jack

The hydraulic jack is indispensable for carpentry work.

It happens that the hydraulic jack starts working not at 100% of its power, but at a lower value. Here, attention should first be paid to the position in which the locking needle is located. It is easy to find, it should open 2-3 turns. Finding the position of such a needle is not difficult if you look at the proposed instructions.. It always comes with equipment. After the needle is found, raise the screw to the most extreme position, then release. This ensures the correct location of the screw during the work.

After that, the jacking is performed, usually 2-3 times enough to fix the problem. If there is no result, then the process needs to be repeated, usually it is quite enough. In any case, you need to carefully monitor the oil level so that it is at the maximum mark. During pumping, it is topped up until its level is constant. The same method will completely remove dirt. The head of the housing is unscrewed, kerosene is poured into the cavity. The jack is pumped with a twisted needle, which makes it possible to immediately remove all traces of dirt.

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How to pour oil jack: step by step instructions

To pump the jack, you must prepare:

  • special oil;
  • washing liquid.
The location of the filler plug and oil level gauge

The location of the filler plug and oil level gauge.

It is necessary to begin refueling the equipment with the fact that the special priming plug is unscrewed, after which the old hydraulic oil is drained. The mechanism is gently rinsed with prepared liquid to remove all traces of contamination. Completely wash the jack yourself will not work, but you can remove pollution. The flushing fluid is poured into the tank several times, after each pouring the equipment should be pumped. Fluid is added, the jack is pumped again. After flushing is complete, all liquid must be completely drained.

Next, you need to fill the oil with a hydraulic jack, this is done to the maximum mark that is on the tank. The device during filling is in the lowest position so that you can fill it completely. It is not difficult to lower the rod; it is enough to turn the special screw to the “drain” position.

The cork tightly twists, pumping is performed about 5-6 times.

Packed Jack

Modern hydraulic jacks are sold fully stocked and packaged, which facilitates their use and storage.

It is necessary to add a little oil, tighten the cap, re-bleed. With each opening, you will notice that the hydraulic oil is not enough to the maximum level. This indicates that work should continue until bubbles begin to appear on the surface. Oil after this will not fall below the maximum mark. Pumping usually does not require a special load or any complex work. The mechanism can be used immediately, no preparatory period is no longer necessary to comply.

If pumping is planned, the correct oil should be selected. For example, in winter, it is necessary to use a special cold-resistant synthetic oil, which most closely meets all requirements for use in cold weather. Oil during the work will not freeze any more. In any case, the equipment should be stored only in a warm room, so that it is ready to work at any time. The jack in the cold should be used only for a limited time, for example, if you want to replace the punctured tire.

The pumping of the hydraulic jack is carried out about 2 times a year, less often it should not be done. If the equipment is used regularly, pumping is required more often, about 1 time every month. Full flush every time. Hydraulic equipment needs regular inspection, carrying out oil changes, pumping. In this case, it will be possible to extend its service life, improve the quality of use.

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