How to pour a foundation using a concrete mixer with your

When building the foundation, the main task is pouring concrete; this can be done on its own or using a concrete mixer.

Foundation construction

At construction of the base there is a need for filling of the base. For these purposes, you can use a concrete mixer.

Before starting the arrangement of the trench for the foundation, excavation work is carried out, after formwork is installed and reinforcement is carried out.

Tools and materials

  • polyethylene film;
  • cement;
  • sand;
  • concrete pump;
  • concrete mixer;
  • boards for formwork;
  • vibrator;
  • fittings.
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Features of pouring the foundation using a concrete mixer

Concrete mixer

For thorough mixing of the mixture to fill the foundation, you need a concrete mixer.

If you use a concrete mixer to prepare a solution, you can choose a suitable model, the minimum volume of such equipment is 50 liters. In order for the work to be carried out quickly and productively, it will be necessary to involve at least 3 people, taking into account the use of the largest mixer. This will allow for fewer cycles, and the fill process will go faster.

In order to get a portion of the mixture, it takes about 5-10 minutes, the interval will depend on the performance of the device.

It is necessary to have a concrete mixer close to the work site. The foundation can be poured in parts, which is true when a concrete mix is ​​needed for work that exceeds 1 m.3. However, the duration of the fill should not exceed 2 days. If the foundation is still filled for 2 days, then after the first layer of the base has been arranged, it is better to cover it with plastic wrap. When installing the second layer of work, you should start with washing the concrete milk, only after that it is permissible to continue. This technology has the name - hot seam. You can use the technique of the so-called cold joint, this implies the beginning of the arrangement of the second layer after the complete solidification of the first.

Filling of the base has to be made and taking into account plyness It is preferable to do in the base no more than two layers.

Each layer must be carefully rammed.

The scheme of pouring the foundation and mortgages

The scheme of filling the foundation and mortgages.

This will eliminate the formation of cavities, usually formed around the reinforcement ligaments. You can use for this vibrator depth type, which is not necessary to buy, such equipment is available for rent. This will provide higher productivity and lower labor intensity, and compaction will become more efficient. As an alternative, it is permissible to use a reinforcing rod, which should spike the filled mixture.

Filling the foundation with your own hands using a concrete mixer can be done with the additional use of the pump, this will not only speed up the process of preparing the mixture, but also pouring it. One worker will hold the pump hose, and the other two will be able to distribute it over the formwork.

Concreting must be completed by protecting the surface with a film that can be replaced with roofing paper. This will eliminate the impact on the mixture of external adverse factors, including ultraviolet and precipitation.

Fill the base should be planned for warm weather, but should not be too hot. As an optimal variant, the temperature will be about + 20 ° С. The moisture index is also important, it should be about 90% if the base is protected by a film.

After completing the casting process for 3 days every 4 hours, the surface is to be moistened. All subsequent days of hydration should be carried out at intervals of 8 hours. Load the foundation, producing further construction work, it is possible after 4 weeks.

Truck Mixer Truck

The truck mixer allows you to pour the foundation faster and in large volumes.

For even faster work, you can use the services of concrete mixers. This, though, will entail additional cash costs, but the foundation will be able to be poured in just a few hours. The truck mixer can deliver concrete, the volume of which can vary from 5-8 m3. With a sufficiently impressive base size for a house, you can order several more cars. But the installation of several special gutters, intended for the arrangement of the foundation, will allow to make the filling and in the most inaccessible places of the formwork elements.

Before you start pouring a mixture of concrete mixers, you must consider the observance of several rules. Thus, the concrete must come simultaneously from several grooves located at different points in the formwork. The concrete mixture is to be distributed, since it is itself unable to spread evenly over the space of the formwork. If you do not distribute the mixture, it will stratify, it will cause a difference in the composition of concrete in different parts of the foundation for the house. Receipt of concrete from one point also inconvenience in the distribution of the mixture over the entire space of the formwork, which would be more laborious.

The use of a concrete pump is justified if it is impossible to drive a car or a concrete mixer to the place of work. The cost of the fill will increase by an average of 20,000 rubles. As an additional benefit from the use of concrete pump, you can select a uniform distribution of concrete over the area of ​​the formwork.

When pouring concrete into the foundation formwork, it is preferable to use a concrete mixer, this will allow you to prepare the mortar itself with better quality, which cannot be fully achieved using the method with a spade and your own strength.

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