How to make the choice of wall chaser

During repair and construction work, saws and hammers, shovels and axes are needed. In order to hide any pipes or electrical wiring in the wall, it is necessary to make so-called grooves on its surface. These are grooves, grooves in the wall. For their manufacture you need to work with a hammer drill or grinder, chisel and hammer. But to facilitate this work is designed a special tool - wall chaser. How to make the right choice of the wall chaser from hundreds of various devices?

Device wall chaser

Device wall chaser.

Stroborez and its benefits

  1. This tool is similar to both the grinder and the hand-held circular saw. It differs from the saw in that instead of the saw blade, diamond discs are inserted into the tool. In contrast to the grinder, they are usually inserted in pairs, at some distance from each other. It depends on the width of the future shtroby. The body of the wall chaser is a bit like a grinder, but it has a small frame that allows you to firmly press the tool to the wall surface. The result is a recess with ideally smooth walls. No other tool can achieve this result.
  2. Another advantage of the wall chaser is the speed of work at least twice as high as when using the grinder. Indeed, at the same time both walls are cut through the roadway. Choosing a quality tool saves time spent on work.
  3. During operation, a household or industrial vacuum cleaner can be attached to the wall chaser to remove dust and crumbs from under working discs. The instructions for use of the tool usually provide recommendations on the choice of model of vacuum cleaner.
  4. The wall chaser can work with disks with a diameter of 115-230 mm. The choice of the desired diameter depends on the depth of the groove.
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Different types and tool selection

Wall chaser

When choosing a wall chaser you need to pay attention to its power, which is selected based on the amount of work and material that will have to be stitched.

Wall chasers are designed for professionals and for amateur masters. They differ from each other in many parameters, including cost. The household appliance can be purchased for 3 thousand rubles, and professional - for 35 thousand. For use in personal household it is enough to make the choice of an inexpensive household wall chaser, which can serve for many years.

To perform daily large amounts of work you need a professional tool. The main distinguishing feature of the wall chaser is the engine power. By this parameter, all such tools can be divided into groups:

  1. Power 0.9-1.3 kW. Adaptations with such motors can be attributed to low-power apparatuses. They are used only in everyday life. Such a tool can not work for a long time: the wall chaser can overheat and fail.
  2. More serious products are equipped with an engine capacity of 1.3-2 kW. With this wall chaser you can perform a significant amount of work.
  3. The most powerful electric motors from 2 kW have professional devices. They use discs that allow to cut grooves in the wall to a depth of 100 mm. Due to the high cost of this tool is impractical to purchase for home use.
Stroborez HITACHI

The HITACHI wall chaser is great for home use when the workload is large but far from industrial scale.

For the installation of pipes for water supply and heating, pens more than 25 mm wide are required. To perform this kind of work, you need to select a wall chaser, designed to install working discs at a distance of up to 50-60 mm. The optimal speed of rotation of the disc is 5-10 thousand revolutions. It should be well remembered that it is forbidden to wall pipes of the gas supply system and metal water pipes in the wall.

For the house, it is recommended to choose a tool that can perform the functions of an ordinary grinder, since it is not every day that you have to cut the grooves. The choice of such a device will save money on the purchase of a grinder.

The weight of wall chasers of different models ranges from 3-9 kg. It depends mainly on engine power. It is recommended to choose a lighter tool with other things being equal. Its body should be made using durable materials. Especially this requirement applies to the protective casing, which is needed to protect the internal organs of the apparatus from the dust generated during operation. In addition, it protects the operator from fragments of the scattered disk. This can happen in an accident.

The body should allow the tool to rest comfortably in your hands. So, hands are less tired during work. Attention should be paid to the additional devices with which some product models are equipped:

Work as a wall chaser

It will greatly facilitate the work of a wall chaser with a vacuum cleaner, with which you can significantly reduce the amount of dust.

  1. Slip clutch. It allows the engine to operate in different modes with constant load. This optional feature extends tool life.
  2. Rarely, but there is a system that can adjust the speed of rotation of the working disks. This device allows you to choose the optimal mode of processing of various surfaces.
  3. Automatic protection against overload and overheating of the electric motor. The engine shuts down when these faults occur.
  4. The system that controls the condition of carbon brushes.
  5. Protection against unintentional engine start.
  6. Connection system of industrial and household vacuum cleaner.
  7. The system provides smooth start-up of the engine and prevents power surges in the network.
  8. Protective system called "anticline". When jamming working disks in the material of the wall, they stop. The motor continues to work.
  9. Spindle fixing makes it easier to replace discs.

Based on the listed parameters and additional functions, you can choose a wall chaser for use in everyday life and at work.

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Safety measures at work

Protection when working wall chaser

A very important function that must be present in the wall chaser is overload protection, which will prevent the engine from overheating by shutting it down during an overload.

When working with a wall chaser you need to follow certain security measures:

  • you need to check the completeness of the tool and the reliability of the mounting of working disks before work
  • It is forbidden to process materials that emit harmful substances;
  • personal protective equipment in the form of glasses and a P2 mask is recommended;
  • ear plugs and special headphones are used to protect the ears from excessive noise;
  • use only discs provided by the instructions for use of the unit;
  • Do not brake the working disk after turning off the engine.
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Wall chaser of some well-known companies

Leading global manufacturers produce various types of tools. Which company product to give preference in the selection process?

Shtroborez of Makita firm

The advantages of Makita wall chaser are: improved dust protection, anti-vibration system, accidental start safety device, rubberized handles.

  1. Makita. Japanese company known since 1915. Firmly takes place among the leaders in the production of power tools. To date, produces more than a thousand items of products. Wall chasers are equipped with a unique protection of the motor and bearings from dust. There is a vibration damping system, rubber handles, protection against accidental engine start. The kit includes a set of keys, spare disks. All this is packed in a corporate case.
  2. Hitachi. Corporation from Japan. Since 1948 produces a power tool. The wall chaser of this corporation has a light, but very durable housing. A great choice for home use.
  3. Bosch manufactures products from the late 19th century. The unrivaled leader in providing quality, safety and product comfort. Worldwide has a wide network of service centers where you can buy or order individual parts, as well as repair the instrument. All products are constantly being improved.
  4. Hilti. Corporation from Liechtenstein. It has offices in 120 countries. May produce products for individual orders. All tools from this manufacturer are of high quality. Each copy is tested. For domestic use is used very rarely because of the extremely high cost.
  5. Metabo MFE 65 has insulated switches, high-quality sealing parts, protection of motor windings.

On the best side, the products Metabo MFE 30, produced by Sparky, Fiolent, Interskol, have proven themselves. For professionals, more suitable tools are branded firms Makita, Bosch, Hitachi, AEG, Kress, Hilti, Prorab. All these products are of excellent quality.

Properly selected tools purchased in a specialty store will save time, effort and health.

The longer the electrical cable with which the wall chaser is equipped, the more convenient it is to work. The kit of a good product should include a special chisel, with the help of which the material of the partitions between the saws is removed. A plastic or metal case for storing and carrying tools and accessories is a big plus in addition to the other advantages of the device.

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