How to make a winch of improvised means with your own hands

In the arsenal of each motorist should be a device, which is called a winch. This device does not belong to the category of frequently used, but consists of a list of necessary tools that every motorist should have.

Scheme homemade winch

Scheme homemade winch.

And since the cost of such a device is quite high, many people wonder how to make a winch with your own hands.

The winch will be a great helper in such a seemingly hopeless situation when, while driving on an off-road, muddy or rough road, the car suddenly gets stuck.

With the help of a winch it can be removed.

Main types of winches

All winches are divided into 3 main types: with a manual drive, electric and hydraulic.

The basis of the electric winch is the engine. You can use both specially purchased and old, for example, from any technology. It must have a sufficiently powerful torque, while consuming as little current as possible so that the car battery lasts longer.

The design of the hydraulic winch is based on the drive of the pump, the oil pump and the oil tank. It is more complicated, but its traction effort is much greater.

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Independent winch construction

Device of the internal mechanism of the winch

The device is an internal winch mechanism.

If this situation caught you by surprise, you can build such a winch independently and from improvised means.

For the emergency rescue of your car you will be helped by the available tools: two pieces of an ordinary pipe or a pipe section and a strong stick and cable, as well as the rule known to us from the school bench, the rule of the lever.

Based on this rule, according to which the balance of forces in the lever is absolutely equal to the ratio of the lengths of the shoulders of a particular lever, our simple but effective winch works.

The design of such a winch consists in fitting a pipe section onto an axis using a cable. It is necessary to make a loop from the cable, which is wrapped around the pipe in several turns, and then placed on another piece or stick, which in this case will play the role of a handle.

At the moment of rotation of the handle, the pipe section will also rotate, thereby winding the cable on itself.

In the role of the axis can be a normal stake, which will need to be driven into the ground.

It is worth remembering that the ratio of the forces of this process will be completely natural to the ratio of the length of the handle and the radius of the pipe segment.

Drawing homemade winch

Drawing homemade winch.

If there is a welding machine on hand, then a hook can be welded to the pipe, so that the cable can be more conveniently and firmly attached. And also to build an eye in which it will be more convenient to insert the handle.

The only drawback of such a winch is that it cannot lift heavy loads, since it is not equipped with a stopper.

Another option for the construction of the winch in haste is a winch, built of scrap parts. It can be assembled from a shaft and bearings that distributes brake pads.

The shaft in diameter from 38 cm at both ends is eroded by several mm so that you can put bearings on it. Then two washers are welded to it.

The finished design is a so-called ram, at the end of which there are slots. These slots need to wear a ratchet. After that, by turning the worm gear, a thrust is created.

The ratchet must be with a removable fastener so that you can unwind and reel the cable.

A winch made of a starter can be more complex in terms of construction.

For it, you will need a steel sheet on which a platform is created, where you can fix the nodes.

Further, with the help of a welding machine, the seats for the drum shaft are attached. After that, the shaft itself can be installed.

The gearbox is welded so that it is located on top. An adapter made in advance, to which the starter is attached, is attached to it.

Gear teeth should be mounted on the shaft, which can be used as a flywheel ring.

Everything is ready to fix the starter and install the wiring. The self-made winch can be operated.

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