How to make a simple airbrush do it yourself

Airbrushing makes you feel like an artist. However, a professional device is expensive. How to make an airbrush with your own hands? Is it difficult? No, the proposed instruction is under the power of any high school student. True, with the help of a simple device it is unlikely that it will be possible to draw thin, complex details of drawings, but it is quite suitable for mastering the basics of the art of airbrushing.

Airbrush design

Airbrush device layout.

The airbrush (or airbrush) is constructed by analogy with a conventional spray gun and operates according to the same principle: the liquid from the container under pressure of air enters the tube to a very narrow opening and is sprayed with tiny droplets. The only difference is that the spray jet has a large diameter, and the jet of the airbrush is very narrow.

This is very significant, because, thanks to a narrow stream of paint, the images are more voluminous and thinly traced. But if you want to apply paint on a large surface, then its width can be adjusted.

In addition, the lines formed with an airbrush are much more accurate than brush strokes, and the time it takes is much less.

For work you will need:

  • ballpoint pen with a rod;
  • wine cork;
  • 10-20 ml³ medical syringe;
  • lighter;
  • felt-tip pen and ruler;
  • stationery knife;
  • drill;
  • hot melt glue;
  • awl;
  • glass bottle with a cap.

Operating procedure

The assembly scheme homemade airgrfa

The assembly scheme homemade airgrfa.

So how to make an airbrush? First of all, you need to unscrew the usual plastic pen and remove the rod from it. Then it is necessary to remove the ink paste from the rod. Before this, remove the tip with the ball from the rod. Then you need to soften (with a lighter) the tip of a large syringe, on which the needle is put on, and flare with an awl so that the rod can enter it. After that, it remains to squeeze the paste out of the rod and several times wash its cavity with warm water, solvent or alcohol.

Then in the wine cork you need to make a notch with a depth of 1.5 cm. The horizontal and vertical planes should make a right angle. The width of the notch is about 2 cm, and the height is 1.5 cm.

Making a markup with a felt-tip pen, you should cut unwanted pieces with a stationery knife. The height of the cork must be reduced by cutting off a part of its bottom so that the distance from it to the horizontal plane of the notch is about 1 cm.

Now in a traffic jam it is necessary to make two holes of different diameters at right angles. A rod will be threaded through a vertical hole, and a ballpoint pen will be threaded through a horizontal opening in the side. First, you can mark and make holes with an awl, and then drill them with a drill.

The hole in the lower part of the body of the pen is too narrow, so it is necessary to slightly expand it by rubbing sandpaper so that the diameter is about 3 mm. Then you should pass the handle through the horizontal hole, its tip should peek out slightly from the cork. A rod must be passed through a vertical hole, bringing its upper end to the hole of the pen - so that it slightly overlaps it.

Work with homemade airgrf

Work with homemade airgrf.

Work node is ready. Now you need to bring the length of the rod in accordance with the height of the tank for paint. In no case should he rest against its bottom. If the rod is longer than the paint bottle, it should be shortened.

Then, in the plastic cap of the bottle, you need to drill a hole corresponding to the diameter of the rod, lead it into this hole and firmly fix with water-repellent glue. It is better not to take the “Moment”, but rather a hot-melt glue that will firmly glue the parts together and will ensure the tightness of the connection in the best possible way. That's all. Making an airbrush with your own hands is really not difficult.

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How to use the device?

Paints are usually diluted before refilling the container. Since they are of different consistency, there can be no clear indication of the proportions, this is done "by eye", by experience. In this case, it is only necessary to take into account that any paint poured into the bottle should be slightly thicker than ordinary water.

In order for the airbrush to work, it is enough just to blow air into the back of the ballpoint pen case. The intensity and range of the jet of paint is regulated by the force of the air.

You can make the airbrush more convenient in the work, if you provide a container with paint handles. The device, although light, usually has to draw long enough, and the hands gradually get tired of keeping it at the required height.

In addition, it is advisable to choose a pen with a body made of durable plastic, which is indestructible under the influence of solvents. In this case, it will not be necessary to replace this part too often in the working unit of the airbrush.

It can be made more advanced by connecting a compressor to it. Often for this purpose use the unit from the refrigerator. In this case, you can add a valve to the working unit; touching it with your hand will allow you to turn the airbrush on and off. It is enough to drill a hole in the body of the fountain pen with a diameter of approximately 3 mm.

If you cover it with your finger, a stream of air will flow through the system, a vacuum effect will appear in the rod, and the paint will begin to spray. And when the valve is open, air freely comes out through it, and there comes a break in work.

The self-made airbrush is unpretentious in design and cannot compete with a professional device, however, it fits its purpose and is reliable in operation.

For a novice artist or designer, this is just a godsend.

The method of air spraying of paints can be applied to drawings, ornaments, inscriptions on any surface: cars, motorcycles, walls, signs, banners, ceramics. Especially tempting airbrushing for young people who are fond of graffiti.

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