How to make a jigsaw with your own hands

What to do when you need a jigsaw, but there is no need to buy it? You can make a jigsaw with your own hands. There are many ways to manufacture or repair such a tool. Consider the most simple and affordable ones.

Figure scheme homemade jigsaw

Drawing scheme homemade jigsaw.

Manual jigsaw - simple, fast and affordable

How to make a jigsaw quickly from affordable and inexpensive materials? Here is the easiest way.

Jigsaw cutting scheme

The scheme sawing jigsaw.

List of tools and materials:

  • plywood sheet (10 mm);
  • plywood sheet (4 mm);
  • steel sheet (2 mm);
  • bolts and nuts;
  • drill;
  • chisel;
  • sanding paper;
  • file.

The base of the manual jigsaw is a bracket, it should be prepared from plywood sheet (10 mm). Next, it is recommended to make thickenings for the tool handle from thinner plywood (4 mm). These thickening need to stick on the handle on both sides, which will provide in the future more comfortable jigsaw. Handle and handle well with sanding paper and a file. It is necessary to cut out the steel plate with a chisel and then file a clamping jaw with a file. After that, drill the holes in the jaws with a drill, and then cut the notches inside the jaws with a sharp chisel. In the left clamping sponge to modify the slot for the bolt, for this you need to make a thread. Attach the sponges to the bracket, then screw the bolts into the left clamp, securing them with nuts.

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Desktop jigsaw: two production options

Jigsaw Cutting Machine

Scheme jigsaw.

Desktop fixture can be made both new and with the help of completion or repair of improvised means.

Making a new table-top mechanical jigsaw will require the availability of such tools and materials:

  • the pipe is dural;
  • plastic base;
  • clamps;
  • screws;
  • copper sheet;
  • drill.

First you need to prepare the frame, for this purpose it is better to use duralumin tube. In the manufacture of the frame, it is necessary to provide a passage through which the power supply cord will be laid. Copper sheet should be taken for the manufacture of U-shaped frame, which later will need to be attached to the frame itself. At the junction of the frame with the jigsaw handle, fasten the frame with screws. In a plastic base, drill a hole for the file with a drill, as well as a slot for fasteners. On the prepared plastic, fix the jigsaw so that the file passes through the hole. Using clamps, attach the finished tool to a flat surface, for example, to a table.

Standard electric jigsaw file

Standard saw set for electric jigsaw.

A hand-made device made on the basis of a sewing machine is ideal if repairing a sewing machine is not as important as making such a tool. List of tools and materials:

  • sewing machine (you can use both foot and manual model);
  • file;
  • file;
  • drill.

Unscrewing the bolts at the bottom of the sewing machine, remove the entire thread handling system. Next, knock out a metal mounting rod and remove the drive shaft of the thread-weaving system. The panel covering the parts of the sewing machine is easy to remove if you remove another 2 bolts. Carefully remove the needle. The slot for the needle requires a little repair - it should be expanded so that the file can be placed into it. To do this, it is better to cut the hole using a needle file, focusing on the size of the file itself. After that, adjust its size to the maximum possible needle size, cutting off the upper part of the file. After grinding the upper teeth with a file, and the bottom of the tip you can proceed to the next step. The prepared file should be put in place of the former needle - into the needle holder. After that, turn the wheel and check:

  • so that the saw does not come into contact with the panel and with the presser foot;
  • so that in the upper position the plywood freely passes under the saw;
  • to stretch the material smoothly.

Such a jigsaw is suitable for working with materials from plywood, balsa wood and plastic, and if you use an electric machine, you get an electric jigsaw.

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If repair jigsaw impossible

When the manual jigsaw is not suitable, and the electric can not be repaired, you can use any of the proposed ways to manufacture a jigsaw.

Earring manufacturing scheme

The scheme of making earrings.

Desktop jigsaw. List of tools and materials:

  • manual jigsaw;
  • plywood sheet;
  • clamps;
  • screws;
  • drill.

Make a cut in plywood sheet. Disable pendulum motion, if there is one in this model. Having placed a file in an opening, to attach a fret saw to a cut. Prepare in a plywood sheet, in the jigsaw sole of the jigsaw - they are easy to make if you drill several small holes and connect them with a drill. Place the screws in these slots. To fix the made tool it is possible on a flat surface, using clamps. The tool is ready.

The fret saw designed on the basis of an electric drill. List of tools and materials:

  • sheet steel (3 mm);
  • sheet steel (2 mm);
  • steel sheet (1.5 mm);
  • steel strip (2 mm);
  • spring bands (0.8 mm);
  • steel rod (diameter - 8 mm);
  • drill.

Steel sheet (3 mm) should be built C-shaped frame, it will become the basis of the future tool. Attach the frame to the drill. To do this, it will be necessary to make a 2 mm steel clamp from sheet steel, with the help of which fasteners will be provided. At the ends of the frame to secure the spring band. 1.5 mm steel sheet used for the manufacture of clamps, they will be fixed saw. These clamps need to be strengthened and at the ends of the C-shaped frame. Steel rod will be the basis for the manufacture of the crank, it is he who will set the saw in motion.

For the crank mechanism, the connecting rod must also be made, for which use a steel strip. The main work is over. Since such a tool will be quite heavy in order to hold it in your hands, it is recommended to clamp the drill while working in a vice. In this case, the material with which they work is best placed on a flat surface, for example, on a table.

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