How to make a homemade concrete mixer forced action

Now many people are concerned about what a self-made forced-mixer is and how it can be done with your own hands. After all, most people prefer their own homes, where clean air, playgrounds for children, water bodies, rather than live in urban "dusty" apartments. But to build your own house you need a lot of manpower and resources. Many are trying to spend less money, saving on construction.

The device is a homemade concrete mixer from the barrel

The device is a homemade concrete mixer from the barrel.

And there is nothing bad in it, because not everyone has a big income. Some people, thanks to their quick wits and wit, save by assembling various home-made tools and building materials. After all, you can not only save money, but also gain experience in making this or that tool by yourself. Then you can share with friends and acquaintances such a useful experience.

Tools and materials required for the manufacture of concrete mixers

To make such a necessary and useful thing with your own hands, we need:

  1. Capacity with the required volume.
  2. Drill.
  3. Electrical engine.
  4. Screws.
  5. Bulgarian.
  6. Welding machine.
  7. Iron arcs.
  8. Gear wheel.
  9. Gearbox.

Homemade concrete mixer forced action

Diagram of a homemade concrete mixer

Diagram of a homemade concrete mixer.

In order to invent the mortar mixer itself, you need an electric motor, it is not cheap, but you will be much cheaper to make a home-made concrete mixer than you will get a mortar mixer in the store. Of course, not everyone will be able to make concrete mixers with their own hands, but anyone can try. Then you need to find some capacity for concrete (most likely, you have it in the garage), which you can find at your place or ask your friends. You will also need a gearbox (from any mechanism) that suits you, look for a steel frame, gear and electric motor. Choose the size yourself.

Such a unit needs to be fixed to the frame (the frame can be made from the corners of the old bed), the corners are joined by welding. On the lower part of the resulting frame are attached 2 axles with wheels of the desired diameter. Then the mixer axis with several brackets attached by the welding machine to the gearbox is attached. Homemade will move in any direction relative to the frame.

The tank is mounted on the upper pulley, and the motor is connected to the bracket, which is located on the base of the gearbox. The engine is best connected with bolts, because if you need to remove it, it will not be difficult.

In order to make the working tank at an angle, you need to make a hook and connect it to the bracket.

And the bracket must be attached down to the gearbox housing. The other end of the hook should be very close to the frame, then it will be removed when the concrete mixer is unloaded.

So, to make your own hands such a useful and necessary thing in the household, it is not necessary to be an expert, you just need to try. To make such a concrete mixer will not make you a lot of work and plus you will save your money and time.

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